A Knock From The Past

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It sounds beautiful right, magical even but, is it? Is it what you envisioned yours to be? i know i didn’t envisioned mine, definitely not like this . So, out of bounds I never knew you can change this much yet I did. I had everything what others envied. Yet it wasn’t enough. It’s never is; you want more but, what did I wanted? I didn’t know. Not this new I knew maybe the old me did but, this version is full of regrets, anger and resentment.

Will this change?

Will I be able to willingly open the doors and let someone in, anyone? Let them unlock what I doesn’t have courage too?



Chapter-1 is updated on my profile do check out the new work.

share your thoughts with me. please do love this story as you loved this one and i have much more planned for you guys. (stay tuned)

this work will be uploaded both here and on wattpad.

update schedule: every monday @ 7 pm IST.

p.s. I'll be writing sequel of this story.(who wants it)

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