A Knock From The Past

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“You know” Antalia said to her mother “we have to face them sometime this week” who is lying upside down on the couch.

“I know that” Lucy muttered from her place from the chair “and you keep on forgetting that we are invited for dinner tomorrow evening”

“Oh yeah” Antalia mumbled unsure “when did that happen?”

“When you were on you hurricane spree?” called out Jedrck from the kitchen, in few seconds he rounded the corner with some snacks in his hand “so ma are you excited about tomorrow.”

“Excited” Lucy mumbled “more like terrified would be right term” she told her kids, “why are you excited?” she asked them in return.

“Oh hell yeah” Antalia said now seating right way “I’m super pumped to see their reactions when you introduce us to them?” said with the wicked smile.

“Huh” Lucy said “what about you boy?” directed the question to her son.

“Well I’m pumped up too but, not letting my guard down whether family or not. Logically speaking we don’t know them at all and as for you it’s been twenty years since you have met them so, it’s safe to say lots of hostility will be there, so let’s see how it’s go” Jedrck spoke his mind.

“When did you get so mature?” Antalia said in amazement to her twin.

“Well I was always this awesome” Jedrck responded

“So modest” Antalia mocked

“One of the traits” Jedrck said in snooty accent.

“well think of it if you find your mate in here” Antalia mused “American mate, how wonderful would that be?”

“well we see” Jedrck said “if I find her or him here that would be awesome, if not that’s ok too. I’m not here to find my mate, I’m here to support ma” threw a smile to his mother who is listening to her children with the fascination?

“we will see” Lucy interrupted the siblings heart to heart “ now you both better be in bed it’s already midnight, we have interesting day tomorrow”

“oh ma” they both groaned in unison.

“what? Up you both go” Lucy said to her pouting children, and went ahead to her temporary room with anticipation already building up in her stomach.

Lucy is scared even terrified and her mind couldn’t comprehend what would tomorrow hold for her and her children but, nevertheless she still has night and a day to think or not to think of that, right now all she wants is to sleep and rest her mind before it explodes.


The morning came and went, so does the noon and before Lucy could prepare herself more, it is the time to get ready for the diner they, Lucy mean she is invited to, because they still don’t know that she has kids, twins to be exact, well a warm welcome is out of order that she knew but, she has learned a lot past these years, so does her kids they are though she knew that but, the mother in her still care and fear for the known going to happen in few hours.

“ma” Antalia startled Lucy “it’s time to get ready. What are you doing here standing staring to the oblivion?”

“I’m going, I’m going” Lucy muttered to her daughter and entered her room to get finally dressed in something casual yet formal for the evening.

After few minutes she is ready for the dinner. Lucy is wearing the black dress, with boat neckline , full sleeved reach past her knees not too bold yet sophisticated for the dinner, her hair is done in half up do, no makeup just a little balm on the lips and mascara, she is ready to go. Uncle George called her few hours ago and informed her that a warrior would be there to pick them up at sharp 6:30, its 6:10 so they have plenty of time to kill before the big night of her life.

Lucy soon left her room taking all the essentials with her and descended the stairs to find her kids their sitting talking to themselves quietly. “well aren’t you guys looking beautiful” Lucy complimented her kids, Jedrck is wearing the black fitted jeans with white button up, sleeves rolled up to elbows, Antalia I wearing the black jeans and off white top with fancy work on it with the black blazer, hairs in ponytail no make up with her black boots on.

“Well you look good to ma” both said at the same time.

“Thank you” Lucy said “you guys still freak me out when you do that” they both shrugged at the same time and smiled naughtily at her “you guys better behave and no tricks ok” she reminded her kids.

“Tricks never” Antalia said

“We always behave ma” Jedrck said, both at the same time.

“wow, you both are in two much sync tonight” Lucy told them, before twins could say something the door bell rang, for a werewolves they have to pay much more attention to their surroundings, which clearly they are lacking right now.

Lucy saw the clock, which sows 6:30 exact and move forward to open the front door for the warrior who happen to pick them up, who happen to be none other than “Randall? Randall Bronze” Lucy is stunned to see her childhood best friend mate standing on her door step, looking the still the same Randall from all these years ago.

“Lucy” Randall “Lucy is that really you?” he is so flabbergasted right now, just wow, that’s the only word he could think off.

“Hi” Lucy breathed “I can’t believe”

“Neither can I” Randall “hi, oh god so it’s you who had returned?” he asked unsure “whole pack has been buzzing about this unknown guest”

Fear gripped Lucy “they know about me, I mean the whole pack” she asked him unsure how to react to the news.

“no one knows it’s you” Randall said nod saw Lucy visibly relaxed “it’s just some anonymous guest is here and all that buzz, you know pack gossip”

Lucy was unable to reply back because her impatient kids called out to her “ma, what’s taking you so long? It’s that our ride to hell” that was Antalia always the goofy one on two.

“Yeah that’s our ride” Lucy called back and when she turned back Randall was visibly shaken and mumbled quietly to himself “kids...She has kids”

“Yes Randall” Lucy confirmed “twins to be specific”

“Twins” Randall cracked the unsure smile at her “oh god Lucy, Rosie will be ecstatic to hear about you” he exclaimed “it’s so good to see you.”

“Yeah me too I’m happy it’s you they send to pick us up” Lucy said “I would love to meet Rosie too, it’s been a while” and soon her kids joined them and both just even more blown Randall away with their resemblance to each other, and when they spoke in unison “hi”

“Hi” Randall replied back surprised

“I’m Antalia and this is my brother Jedrck” Antalia introduced herself

“I’m Randall, you mothers friend I guess” Randall introduced himself back unsure on friends part.

Soon they were all seated in the car travelling on the same route that Lucy has done so many times before, each route and path still is engraved in her memory like yesterday.

“You still remember that hiding spot” Randall said to Lucy

“Yeah how can I forget?” Lucy replied with the smile “that was our ultimate spot to hangout when everything got too much? I still remember theses paths, I told Uncle George I could drive us but, he insisted to have someone escorted us there. He thinks I forget theses roads but, I still remember each nook and canny to this very date”

They fell into the comfortable silence and soon they found their car parked in front of the pack house, few people were lingering here and their, warriors patrolling, few of them eyeing the car in suspicion and high interest no doubt that she and her kids will be the new hot topic in the pack gossip train. They soon move out of the car thanking Randall first her both children left the car, Lucy eyed the pack house where she grew and turned towards Randall “thank you Randall, it is so nice to see the friendly face in so long time”

“Well I’m here and so does Rosie. You don’t have to worry” Randall assured her, with the quick greeting she joined her kids and together they moved in front of the door and all the jitters and anticipation, good and bad thoughts attacked her at the same time but, with the support of her kids she rang the door bell, with only one thought in her mind.

It’s time to face the music.


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