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Haven [BxB]

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Within Haven's Walls

The walls seem to be vibrating at each thump in the music, and they might even be moving - or that might just be his mind playing tricks on him. After all, a rolling pin to the head will knock a few screws loose for anyone no matter how hard their head.

With his back against the bar, drink in hand, and elbows resting on the bar, Alex surveys the club full of people bathed neon purple purple light. There’s an air of lust and wanton desire around them all; an untameable electricity.

His eyes follow the people as they move, undeniably sensual and hypnotising, drawing in anyone and everyone. The way their hips roll and their bodies sway tells of pure sexuality; alive and consuming, animalistic beyond anything.

If he was more partial to those with barely-clothed, curvaceous bodies, he may well be out on the floor. Instead, his eyes are drawn to firm, chiseled bodies with rolling hips, minimal clothes and sweat covered bodies.

Lustful eyes are taking in his body every few seconds, some making him feel chills down his spine. Alex sips his drink and sends the few he likes a wink, smirking at them.

Despite his original reasons for not being on the floor, he’s soon pressed between several bodies; hands, both rough and smooth, skimming over his body and under his clothes. His shirt is soon abandoned and lost, bruised and scarred body covered in flashes of light.

People around him are singing along with the thumping music, the consumed alcohol driving them to relinquish inhibitions. There’s no care as their bodies move to the beat, dancing with strangers without fear.

Hands land on Alex’s waist, pulling him back against a firm body that very much ignites his desires. His own hands move to the back of the taller man’s neck, allowing his body to sway and roll to the beat of the bass-backed music playing.

He doesn’t argue when burning kisses are placed on his throat, instead baring the flesh as his fingers tangle in the taller man’s dark hair, tugging lightly. Delighted hums pass through his open lips, his body pressing back against the strangers’.

The music changes tempo, turning dirtier and more sexualised, changing the atmosphere of the entire club. Movements become more pronounced and desire-fueled, the music seeping into their pores. It’s highlighting the darkest desires, and no one can complain.

Alex’s hips roll back into the man’s behind him, rewarding himself with a deep groan that sets his body alight. A responding sound resonates from his chest, feeling the way his companion’s body presses harder and his hands squeeze tighter, a welcome promise of what could be.

He's not one to say “no” to such an enticing idea. Turning to face his prize for coming out tonight, he's in no way disappointed. In fact, just looking at the taller male makes him feel as though he's been doused in gasoline and set alight.

Dark hair and sea-green eyes. Tan skin and definition. Adonis. Pure sexuality and magnetism. Confidence and self-assurance. Warmth and comfort. Symmetry and beauty. Firm hold turning him to putty.

Alex knows it's not in the blink of an eye, but, consumed with desire and lust, his perception of time is altered drastically. He's soon on a soft bed, something he hasn't had for a while now, with the stranger from Haven leaving marks all over his body, making breathless sounds leave his lips.

"What do you say, baby boy?" the stranger growls. "Want to know the name you'll be screaming?"

Alex moans, the pet name having more of an effect than he thought it would. "Yes."

"Jaxon, baby boy."


"No need for that. You can tell me later, baby boy."

This one is for the beautiful reviews a few wonderful people have given me on this story. Thank you so much, loves!

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