The Vampire's Mate

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Vampire mate is a story where Lucian kidnapped a girl to make her his mate and become the king of the whole vampire council but fall in love with her. Lucian Mcknight wants to become the king of the whole vampire council after his big brother but his brother kept a condition in front of him that if he wants to become king he has to find himself a mate first because the vampire council needs queens to with their king. So to full fill the condition of his brother he goes to find a mate for himself where he meets a girl and decided to kidnapped her and make her his mate without knowing that she really is his mate. Anita Dawson is a normal human being living her life happily with her family until Lucian kidnapped her. Will she accept him and become his mate or will she try to get escaped from him? Or will they fall in love with each other? If they will, will the vampire council let the couple stays together?

Drama / Romance
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In the time where human lived fears that the most powerful predators took over the world. Pale ice cold skin, blood red eyes, and the fangs the most powerful vampire's clans.......

The first and the most powerful the Mcknight clan.
The second most powerful Anderson clan.
The third most powerful Raichands clan.
Each clan has its own leader and its time to for new generation to take the throne, but to take a throne there is one rule to be followed and that should have mate to become king.
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