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An academy with both witches and werewolves? Impossible... they are enemies to one another, aren't they? W.I.A. Academy stands for Witches and Werewolves In Action, this is a place witches learn new magic skills while wolves learn how to bond with the wolf spirit inside them. Following the lives of a new junior witch girl, a senior witch and a sophomore wolf that soon adds up to the fight that can risk all their lives, the battle with the famous moon demon, a demon who takes the spirits of wolves. Will they survive the vicious moon demon or will their beautiful academy fall like the current wolf population?

Drama / Fantasy
Hayley Denis
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Walking up the steps of the beautiful, most elegant academy, sixteen year old witch, Erica Winters looked up to the doors, feeling a little anxious she stepped through the doors, holding her transcript in her hand and her phone in the other she made her way to the main office where she met up with the lovely principle, Cynthia Madison. “You must be her!” she cheered smiling as Erica nods slowly, “Hello,” Her voice quiet but still able to be heard. Cynthia smiled to her and then made a gesture to her office where they would discuss more.

“You moved here from… Lake Shore? Is that right?” Cynthia asked looking up from her transcript. Erica nods looking to her, “Yes.” she answered starting to look around her office. “Ravenswood is quite different from it huh?” The principal smiled to the curious girl, watching her eyes stare at her family photos.

“My daughter and my husband. They do look alike, don’t they?”

Erica’s head shot back up, her ears felt hot, “I didn’t mean to stare.” Cynthia smiled looking to her, shaking to head, “Oh no, sweetie. You’re fine,” she said to ease her, “You’re a curious young lady. You want to understand what the person is like, their personality, their interest. Things like that.” Erica nods looking down to her shoes, black converse. “I am like that too. Being the first witch, I was always curious about whether I should trust people around me or not.” Erica looks back up to her, “I didn’t know about that. About you being the first witch.”

“Now you do,” Cynthia said smiling leaning back.

“It’s all about listening and observing, even with someone speaking about anything that’s casual… they could be revealing something about themselves that they’ve been trying to hide. Don’t forget about how they react to something.” Erica looks to her, “It seems like you have much experience with it.” She said, “But then again you said you’re the first witch… and the first coven of witches formed thousands of years ago so of course, you have practice.” She crossed her legs,

“You have done research, and yet you didn’t know about me being the first witch.” Cynthia said looking to her raising an eyebrow.

“When I did a research project… I only had learned about the covens not who was in them. But how they searched far and wide to find the best ones to lead. However, it was hard. Because there was only a few to be born with the abilities. So it first started off with two sisters. Sybil and… Cynthia Addington.” Erica looked to the family photo again, “Then you got married and your last name became Maddison.”

Cynthia smiled to her, “What did I say? Listen to what others say.”

Erica smiled to her new principal, liking her, which was something she found hard as a child. “We’re happy to welcome you to W.I.A. Academy.” Cynthia said standing up, Erica nods standing up as well. A knock was heard on the door as a young women opened the door walking in, “Cynthia.” She said and then looked to Erica, “Oh she’s here.” Cynthia smiled and made her way around the desk stepping towards the door, “Erica, meet Vice Principal Rogers.” She said smiling. Erica nods and then smiled lightly to her, “Hello,” “Call me Cassandra.” Erica looks to her and then to Cynthia. “Cass… here we are formal with the students.” Cynthia looks to Cassandra with a slight glare.

‘Seems like they’ve had this conversation before… by the looks and the tone. Cynthia Madison likes things fornal while Cassandra Rogers like things to be not formal. Interesting.’ Erica thought as she watches the two bicker, “Fine! Call me Ms. Cassandra okay?” Cassandra looks to Erica who stood their nodding. “Now… Cynthia. You have that assembly now. It’s time.” Cynthia nods to her friend, “Of course, Erica. I can have someone show you around after the assembly unless… you want to figure things out on your own?” She asked raising a brow to her.

“I’ll be better with someone… good to make friends here right?” Erica smiled looking to the both of them, “Right, I’ll have Ms. April get ready with your schedule.”

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