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The story is a part of Alphabet Challenge. It is the 22nd in the series on the letter V and hence the title starts with V The story is based on a conversation between an estranged couple. When their relationship did not work out, the man went on to make a significant decision in his life. Read on to find out what was the decision and how it became significant in their lives.

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Short Story

She – I never thought I would see you again

He – Why? You thought I would forget you just like that?

She – You were the one who left me all those years ago. You just vanished from my life without any contact one fine morning. You did not even stop to think how much it would devastate me

He – You do not realize a lot of things. I had some ideas about how my life should pan out. Your ideas were different. If we had gotten together, we wouldn’t have been happy. I loved you a lot. But certain things had to be done and I knew you would not have the strength to do it. So I had to do it. And I did. Leaving you was the only way you would have been happy. And I was right, wasn’t I?

She – Yes, I did find someone else and got married. He loves me and takes good care of me. He is always there for me. But you shall always be a part of me. A hidden part, but a part of my heart for sure. I could never speak about you to anyone, but I can never forget you.

He – I can see you are happy. I can see that he is taking good care of you. So I am proud of my decision.

She – That is something I could never understand. What made you make such a decision?

He – It was a logical decision. I wanted to do something significant and productive with my life. I wanted to contribute to the society and serve my fellow people. This was the logical next move for me.

She – But…

He – There was no doubt in my mind about the decision. I can happily spend my life serving my mother.

She – How do you expect any of us to go on after this? How could you do this to us?

He – I think it is time we stop being selfish and only think of ourselves. When I made the decision to serve, it was not about you or me that I was thinking of, it was about the job that I was honored to do. The task to defend my motherland is much higher than my feelings for you or for anyone else. It is a blessing to be able to wear this uniform and I am glad to be chosen to do so.

In a way, I am glad we didn’t work out. If I was with you then I would never have had the courage to make this decision. But not being with you helped me achieve a much bigger dream, a much higher honour.

What I did, what I am doing, is much higher than just being a son, a brother, a husband or a father. This has given a meaning to my life. This has made a reason for my existence. I could go beyond myself and devote to a larger cause, a better cause.

She – But… you just went… now you are returning like this…

He – If this is the way I could serve my Mother India, then I am glad for the way I returned, wrapped in tri-color.

A small way of dedicating something to those valorous men who lost their lives in Pulwama attack in India. More than 40 brave soldiers lost their lives in that attack. My prayers are with them and their families.

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