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"Well, daddy, you're wrong. I can do it and you know it." Coming back from Juvie was not how she expected it to go. Caroline Delta Grant spent the last eight years in juvie for something she never did. Her town and peers won't let her live it down until one event that takes place in their small town in southern Mississippi. Can she overcome her obstacles or will she retreat back to her old ways?

Drama / Romance
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Mississippi heat ain’t nothing to play with. Beads of sweat drip down my face as I drag my bags down the long gravel driveway. The taxi driver wouldn’t bring me any further so I got out and started my walk. It’s been eight years since I have been back here. A long eight years if I may add. I was only thirteen when my parents decided to ship me off to Northern Mississippi.

I made bad decisions for a thirteen-year-old. From riding in cars with older boys to getting arrested more than one time. What sent my parents over the edge was getting in a car accident and almost dying along with two other people. The night I left, I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone. My stuff was packed when I got home from the hospital and off I went.

A red and black four-seater Polaris SXS pulls up in front of me. I stop walking as a guy about a foot taller than I gets out of the vehicle. Light brown hair lingers above his brows as his blue eyes stare into my green ones. His sharp jawline and big ears, with his diamond earrings, give his head character. His plump chubby lips are begging to be kissed but I’m not that way. I don’t go around kisses every man I see.

His muscles bulge out everywhere. They would make an old woman drool especially with how tan he is. Grease spots are scattered all over his bare torso. I’m probably drooling right now but I honestly don't care. The scar above his belly button compliments his tattoo as well as his abs.

“Ma’am, are you Caroline Grant?” His sexy deep southern voice rings through my ears making me snap out of my daze and look at him.

“I am. Who are you?” I ask.

He smiles widely. “Knox. Knox Lancaster,” he replies and I nod. “I am here to bring you down to the house.”

I walk to the vehicle and put my bags in the back seat. I climb in the front seat as Knox gets in on the driver’s side. We turn around and start heading back to the house. My long blonde hair flows through the air as he speeds down the gravel driveway. My white house with the green shudders come into our view as the gravel turns into the red brick pavement. The house has plenty of windows to let natural light into the house. Columns stand tall holding up the roof over the balcony. I basically live in an old plantation house.

The house gets repainted every year. I think it’s a waste of money, honestly. My parents have people over twice a year, the founder’s ball and the New Year’s party.

Knox pulls up to the front of the house and I quickly get out and grab my bags. Knox gets out and walks to me. “I can help you, ma’am,” Knox politely says.

I shake my head. “I’m gonna need the strength after coming back to this place,” I murmur.

He nods and hops back into the vehicle and speeds off. I drag my bags to the concrete front steps. I take a deep breath and the front door opens. My high and mighty mom walks out onto the porch and looks down at me. Her long blonde hair now has many streaks of grey in it. Her perfect figure is still intact at her age. It's like she never even had me. Her green eyes are now dull and fit right in with the wrinkles on her forehead and the crows feet beside her eyes. I gave her a stressful life.

“Caroline,” my mom says as she stares down criticizing me.

I was a skinny, skinny child back then but now I have curves and on the chubbier side. She disapproves of my curves and always had. She wanted me to be skinny and pretty like her but I was never meant to be skinny.

“Mother,” I respond.

Jokes on her ’cause I am sexy. My dad walks out and stands beside my mother. I am a spitting image of my dad to an extent. The blonde hair, green eyes, freckles, and chubbiness is what I got from him. My mother was not pleased about me taking after him and she probably won't ever be.

“Delta Dawn! I am so glad you’ve come home!” My dad excitedly says. My dad runs down the stare and hugs me and I hug him back. “God, you have grown so much since I last saw you!”

“I know, daddy. My selfies don’t do justice,” I reply He chuckles and pulls away from me.

“Welcome home, Delta,” my dad says.

"It's somewhat good to be back."

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