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Idol to No One

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Joo Won Cho was a K-Pop idol for several years. When his band disbands, how will he handle his daily life? With fans and a troubling past nagging him. Flashing lights... Screaming fans... music blasting in my ears... My voice rung through the stadium. A concert. Just like any other, except it wasn’t. It was our last. By our i mean our group. Kpop Idols known as the Demon Kings. As part of Korean law, many of our members had to leave to join the military, so we decided to disband. We thought it would be best. But how can a national pop sensation walk around without being noticed? Or followed by a billion people asking for autographs or a picture? Impossible, i say at least. When fans find out they would be sad, mad, angry and i dont want to know what will happen. After singing our last Song, our most popular, ‘Teenage Heartthrob,’ I pant and wave to the crowd with a smile. Many fans scream wildly as we walk off. I take a big breath in and as soon as i sit down in our dressing room, our manager walks in. “(Fantastic! Absolutely Amazing! So much talent in this group!!)” He spews, smiling his big, wide, toothy smile. He was an older man, and we all called him Mr. Kim, or just Kim. A couple of us glance at each other nervously. We havent told him yet. Note: Text in parenthesis () is them talking in Korean

Drama / Humor
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Note: The words in parenthesis () are the characters speaking in Korean.

Knowing out manager doesn’t understand english very well, we start to speak amongst ourselves.

“Joo Won. Your the leader, you tell him.”” MinJin suggests. I stand, shaking my head in disagreement.

“Chung-Hee should tell him, he’s the little angel of the group. No one can get mad at him.” They all nod and think about it. But i was right! Chung-Hee was 5’5 with a baby face and usually had pastel or lighter hair colors. He always followed the rules and had impeccable grades as a student. He was the literal definition of perfect. Chung-Hee rushed over, jumping into the conversation.

“No! JJ should tell him! He can convince anyone!” Right again. JJ, our rapper. He had black hair most of the time and brown eyes like everyone, but wore silver contacts. He could freestyle rap anytime, and always had a sort of smirk on his face, like he was cooking up an evil plan. I heard a chuckle come from behind me and whirled around to see Tae Ba stretched onto the couch. He was our charmer, often the girls favorite in the group for his looks. He was about 5’7, but died his hair crazy colors and had it pulled to one side with pomade, his eyes natural blue which was because he was part American. His smile could charm any girl and make them fall to his feet. He gave us his charming smile and Seo Jin stood up abruptly.

“Your cheesy smile doesn’t work on us anymore!” He proclaimed, feeling triumphant. Seo Jin was our joker. Playful and mischievous. He had an incredible jawline and hair that was shaved on the sides, but sorta spiked on the side. Seo Jins hair was dyed purple color, his skin a lighter peach/pale. His younger brother was MinJin, who didn’t look too much like him. MinJin had peachy skin, with a lighter brown hair that was a bit long for a guys style, but still reasonably short. He didn’t have crazy colored eyes, and didn’t wear contacts. He was out optimist. Usually happy and optimistic in every situation. But he’s the youngest in the group, and treated like a child some times. Last but not least, our Japanese member, Yamada. He... Well, he was a good mix of everything, but he was our songwriter. He had pale skin as well with hair the color of strained peaches, and eyes that were always smiling. He didn’t like to argue with us and often didn’t talk too much, but loved to belt it out when he sings. Yamada Hitoshi had been in many J-Dramas and was a star on many levels, his dad being a world famous Psychologist and his mom being a model. And then theres me. I have a bad temper, but im a goofball. My skin is a darker color, sort of a natural tan, and i have dyed ash blonde hair. My eyes are dark brown, but i often wear contact that make my iris white. Sometimes i dye my hair a deep or bright red, but havent recently. Anyway, We continue to bicker in english and eventually i get tired of it.

“Alright!” I say. “I will tell him.” I take a big breath and a step forward towards our very confused Manager.

“(Mr. Kim... We have decided as a group to disband. Many of us have to serve our time in the military, and we dont think it will work with just a few of us left.)” i explain. His expression doesn’t change, but he lets out a loud, booming chuckle.

“Oh Joo Won.. i already know this!” He says with a smile, still chuckling a little bit. We all stare at him astonished.

“(W... How...? Who...?)” JJ questions, unable to speak properly.

“(Chung-Hee told me!)” Mr. Kim explained. We all turn to look at the boy sitting on a Stool behind us, his angelic smile, turning our anger and rage into laughter, JJ pouting unamused.

“(My smiles better..)” JJ mumbled, crossing his arms.

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