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When your dream becomes your obsession, that is when you achieve greatness and realizes your self worth This story was written as a part of Alphabet challenge. Other stories in the challenge could be found on my blog page http://nairdevis.wordpress.com

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Short Story

There was always a fascination for royalty with her. She wanted to be associated in some way to any royal family. During childhood, it was her grandmother who supplied her daily fix. From the forest of enchantments to creating a palace of illusions, she sailed through her childhood in a dream of being a princess.

As she grew up, she started researching her ancestors. There should someone in her long line of ancestry who would be (or even slightly related to) the royalty. After all she was born in Jaipur (India), the land of Prince and Princesses, of Kings and Queens. There should be some thread of connection, some golden line which will make her dream come true.

However, try as she may, she couldn’t find any connection either through her mother’s side or through her father’s side. Even her father’s attempt to console her by saying she is her daddy’s princess did nothing to placate her. She was desolate. All she wanted to be was a real princess. Why was it so difficult?

Gradually another idea cropped up her mind. She could get married to a royalty. That is in her power and could very well be done. But for that, since she didn’t have any family background to support her ambition, she needed to make her own destiny. She had to make enough money to be worthy of a royalty match.

Thinking this, she put her heart and soul into educating herself and getting a good job. Keeping a single track mind, she worked her way up the ladder and some time down the lane, she set up her own business. Using her management background, she drove her business to a major success and got herself posted in the list of successful entrepreneurs.
Soon after that, she started looking for marriage prospects. But then, she realized that she couldn’t find anyone worthy of her attention. None of the prospects that she was meeting with were driven enough in life as her.

That’s when her father took her hand and said, “don’t you see what has happened? In your drive to be related to a royalty, you created an empire for yourself and has become a royalty all by your own worth. You are a Queen now with your own empire. And it is all by your hard work and passion. You no longer need to be related to any royalty. You are a royalty now.”

The value for yourself is much more powerful when it is self made rather than when it is handed down.

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