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"I didn't chose this life Collin! I don't want this life anymore! I just want to be left alone! WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!?" I yelled. The Definition of Hopeless is: feeling or causing despair about something. You would think after having a baby your life would just get better. Tessa thought so too. Until her parents told her they were filing for child custody not even 12 hours she was into the world. The drama only continues when the story goes on. *This book is completed but is currently in editing stage*

Drama / Romance
Audrey Croe
4.8 8 reviews
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This book will be back shortly

At this time I have decided to rewrite/edit this book only based on comments, my progress, and the lack of proper grammar/story skill.

For which I don’t want to leave this book open for other people to read and get confused, etc.

I am sorry for those who were and still are eager to read this book and found that this, and the warning chapter are just up.

But what’s not to love about an upgrade? This won’t be like a regular book where I post a chapter once a week or what not. This will be a “Post when I’m done with it” kind of thing.

Now; being that this book a continuation to the first one I also have to unpublish this. Please forgive me for that I have to do this.

Until I publish again,



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