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What do you do when you're so deeply in love with your best friend, but things start going terribly wrong? ❤︎ The story of Kai & Izzy from TFFL & TFFR You read Anastasia & Ryder's story from the first 2 books in The Fight Series and now, it's time for you to read about their siblings that you love, Kai & Izzy!

Drama / Romance
Trinity Sunalee
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The story of Kai and Izzy from “The Fight For Love” begins here...


HAVE YOU EVER had one of those moments? The ones where you just look back and wonder how it all came to this?

I’m having one of those moments, right now.

I’m in love, I’ve fallen so hard that if I hit the ground I’d never be able to get back up. I don’t think I could anyway, even if I wanted to.

Sometimes people fight and sometimes people get hurt. Both of those just happened with Kai and me…

Let’s go back to the beginning… of everything.


“Aw, are you sad? Why don’t you go crying to your daddy.” Said Kenneth, the boy in the grade ahead of me who finds joy in picking on me every day. “Oh wait, you don’t have one.”

Laughing at their own mean jokes, I begin to feel the tears coming as my lip quivers. It’s the first day of second grade and I’m already getting made fun of.

Shoving me back a bit, Kenneth asks, “What, too scared to say anything, crybaby?” Why does he have to be so mean? Did I hurt his feelings or something?

I was getting ready for the next shove when all of a sudden, someone stood right in front of me and it wasn’t Kenneth. Who is he?

“Stop pushing her.” Said the mystery boy and all I could do was wonder what he looked like since the only thing I could see was the back of his dark brown hair.

“Or what?” He seemed to freeze for a moment, I don’t think he really thought this through… “cmon, tell me? What are you going to do about it?” Shoving mystery boy back caused me to get shoved slightly too since we were so close.

Then, he turned his head, looked back at me, and smiled, showing off some of his missing teeth before facing Kenneth again. Whoever he is, he’s kinda cute…

Mystery boy still hasn’t said a word and I’m starting to wonder what he’s really trying to do?

“Are you going to go be a stupid little tattle tale?”


“Are you going to go crying to your mommy?”


“Are you going to be a little wimp, like always?”


“What are you going to do? No, wait… what can you possibly do? Punch me?” Kenneth laughed like it’s the funniest thing in the world.


In the blink of an eye, the mystery boy put his hand into a fist and punched Kenneth right in the face, causing him to fall back onto the floor. Coincidentally, along the way, he knocked his two friends down too since they were directly behind him.

They looked afraid.

Quickly, they scrambled to get up. “Don’t pick on her ever again!” Mystery boy yelled… He’s so sweet.

Nodding his head, Kenneth backed away some more, just like his friends before running off with a bruise already starting to form.

Once Kenneth was out of sight, my mystery hero turned around and gave me yet another bright smile that only made me want to smile too.

“Are you okay?” He asks and all that I can do is nod my head, leaning it down enough for my light brown hair to fall in front of my face.

“What’s your name?”

I’m really curious as to who he is since I don’t recognize him at all. “I’m Kai. What’s your name?” Kai. That’s a cool name, I’ve never heard it before. “Izzy.”

“Want to be friends?” He asks and I smile because I haven’t really had a real friend yet since Kenneth has always been mean to me and anyone whom I interact with. “How about best friends?”

“Sure!” Kai says excitedly and I can’t help but smile. But then, it slowly falls as I realize that Kenneth probably won’t leave me alone even though he said that he would. “Wait, Kenneth will…”

Surprising me, he pulled me into a tight hug before saying, “Don’t worry, Izzy. I’ll protect you. Always.”

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