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Chapter Ten

Honey - Chapter Ten - F*ucking Oddity

I get it.

I fucking get it.

I am an oddity.

My battle up hill is harder,

Only because I go against the norm.


I don’t get it.

Why do you hurt me,

For being different,

Than tell me to be me?

Its confusing.



Tell me what makes me different.

Is it how I think?

How I dress?

How I talk?

Because you only ever answer with,

“Because you just are...”


Tell me why,

To my fucking face.

Because it hurts more not knowing,

Why you dislike me so.


So to those of you,

That think me odd,

And despise me so,

That think I’m not ok with it,

For this something I can’t control,

I have one thing to say;



Because I quite like me,


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