The Falling Star

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A young girl afflicted with horrific premonitions comes to terms with her family’s unjust exile.

Drama / Fantasy
Christopher Allen
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Chapter 1

“Adalia, come quick!” Loke yelled. The youth shook with boyish excitement, belying the fledgling beard which should have marked him a man. “Come, come! It’s wonderful!”

“What is it, Loke?” she mumbled. Adalia squinted at the light, while an agitated groan escaped her lips. She wasn’t awoken by her brother’s brashness very often, but it still greatly vexed her. Loke must have perceived Adalia’s lack of amusement, for his grin fell at her ruffled expression.

“Oh come now, little one, don’t give me that,” he said. “Just look: the stars are falling, all around us!” As he said this, Loke raised Adalia high enough to place her elbows on the window sill. “Quickly now, before they pass!”

The girl simply rolled her eyes and glanced at what Loke was so earnestly pointing. To her surprise, the dusty blue of Dawn was joined by a barrage of dark orange lights. These lights cut through the canopy of clouds, rushing across the night sky like a herd of stampeding cattle. It was amazing; the stars really were falling! Adalia wanted to shout with glee, to revel with her brother in the sheer wonder of the moment.

Suddenly, something within Adalia grew cold. The girl’s eyes were fixed upon the falling stars, yet she could no longer partake of their beauty. She saw only a deep blackness; she felt nothing but a powerful chill rush down her spine.

Beware! The voice was both harsh and unyielding, coursing through Adalia’s mind so as to seize hold of her very being. Just then, a raging inferno of golden flames erupted from the Blackness, revealing a silhouette of terrifying aspect in the center. The Silhouette thundered towards Adalia’s petrified form, heralded by its terrible voice:

Beware the Falling Star!

It brings Death, imposes Despair,

Cradles Destruction, and sires Pain.

Born of Light, of Scorching Air,

To herald Darkness and drive out Rain!

The silhouette dispersed into nothing, but the golden flames remained, closing around Adalia like a burning prison. As if that were not terrifying enough, new nightmarish figures crept from out of the Blackness: men and women on fire, wailing children, panicked livestock bleating and screaming as they all ran madly through the cracked, scorched earth. The girl tried to turn to her older brother, to cry out for his protection with what remained of her strength. But her voice, nay her entire body would not obey in the slightest.

Just when Adalia could bear the flames no longer, the Silhouette returned, this time larger, more defined. It moved ever closer, its horrid voice constricting Adalia’s mind.

Beware! Beware! The skies burn like chaff!

Adalia struggled to tear herself away from the Silhouette’s gaze, silently screaming for help. But her brother was nowhere to be found.

“That’s enough, Loke!” A firm voice, full of undeniable gruffness, boomed through the Blackness.

“But Papa, the stars—”

“I said enough!” Strong hands breached the Blackness; Adalia felt them tug on her forcefully, like she was being pulled from a thick mire. Within seconds the Blackness was gone, replaced by a vast expanse of white.

Though she could scarcely see or hear anymore, the girl felt a palm softly caress her head. By that alone, Adalia knew she was back in the cozy cottage she called home, held in a tight embrace by the same hands that set her free. Finally rid of the horrid vison, the girl collapsed in her father’s arms, and sobbed uncontrollably. Despite a flood of salty tears, the girl shut her eyes tightly—as to never see again.

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