Love Happens

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Drama / Romance
Renesmee Stormer
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Leah Isabelle Carmen was the Queen B of Rosewood High, the typical rich, blonde and cliche princess of every high school except she wasn’t an airhead or a bitch. She was too sweet, helpful and approaching, friendly with everyone who talked to her.

She’s misunderstood, judged, ridiculed and hated when Sean Cooper, the boy she had loved all her life falls in love with her nerd ex best friend Ronnie Wilde. All her reputation of being the girl who’s loved and befriended by everybody is mixed into dust and all she remains now is the girl who comes in the way of two lovers.

Heartbreaks are often healed over tons of ice cream, chocolates, pizza and a hot mug of coffee. Add a cute counter boy slash sometimes waiter Axel Davis who gives completely cynical advises and opinions on love and relationships and the enjoyment he gets out of annoying the princess.

Will Axel be able to get Leah forget about Sean or better, make her fall and believe in love again?


“So what? We aren’t compatible because I’m just a coffee shop worker waiting tables and you’re a rich ass princess?” He scoffs. “I expected more from you, Leah.”

My eyes were already red from the tears I had been shedding but his comment burned those tears into anger. “You’re an ass, Axel. You think so low of me.” I gritted.

He scoffed again. “Then tell me I’m wrong.”

More tears flowed down but I managed to voice out my patheticness. “Yes, you’re wrong. We’re not good for each other not because of our social classes but because I’m still pathetically in love with the boy who broke my heart.”

Something flashed in his eyes and before I could register the emotion, I was pinned against the counter and his warm lips enveloped mine. And I just couldn’t think of Sean anymore.


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