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Mending and Latte Art

Leah's POV:

The most used phrase by misandrist women are “Men are dogs.”

Well, excuse me Miss, dogs are the most adorable creatures to grace this planet and I’d rather dogs live than people who don’t like them.

Anyway, I’d like to rephrase that above phrase - Most men are pigs. Most because there are limited number of men each woman can trust and pigs because well, they are generally dirty (though I still feel that using that sentence is animal abuse).

So according to my theory (sorry pigs) most men are pigs.

For example this asshole of a counter boy standing in front me in a stare down. Oh, I’m not backing down, mister.

“Great.” I hear him mumble to himself and then he finally sighs, backing down. I do a mental celebratory dance and hide the grin that threatening to break. “So, how about hazelnut Latte? It’s really amazing to have when you’re here for the first time.”

I quirk an eyebrow at him.

He sighs again. “Will you order already? You’ve wasted the whole seven minutes of my time just standing there and thinking what to order.” He snaps.

This guy is really annoying - that’s something I had decided as soon as he opened his mouth. If he’s not interested in working here then why is he wasting his and customer’s time? “Listen here buddy. I’m here for some really good coffee and not just something you randomly make me. I’ll pay for it so bring me the best. I’ll be sitting there in that corner booth.” I tell him pointing at some booth behind me where I sat the last time I visited here which I’m sure is not a corner one. “Oh and I’m not a first timer here.” I say as I turn around start walking towards my favorite booth meanwhile thinking that some boys are cute only until they don’t open their fucking mouths.

Unlike yesterday, the cafe holds a few customers, for example, the old lady who is having waffles with her husband and the sweet small family of three enjoying there Sunday morning breakfast. Or even the sweet couple sitting in the corner diagonal to mine, not speaking, just looking into each other’s eyes that makes me want to just go there and shake some sense into both of them to not walk on that dangerous road of love only to get there heart broken.

My cynical thoughts are interrupted by a loud bubbly voice and I look up only to smile widely. “Leah, you came!”

“Hey Emilia.”

Emilia jumps over the counter, pushing that annoying counter boy ( what was his name again?) unintentionally in her excitement, making him spill a few drops of milk on the counter and runs towards me. I stand up to accept her hug and make it easier for her.

“You really came.” She grins and jumps holding me.

“Well, I did say that I would.” I smile down at her.

She nods happily. “Yeah, but you were also asking about other cafes around here so I thought you might not return and were only saying.”

I laugh at that. “Oh, that. I was actually doing something fun with that, it’s nothing.”

Her eyes enlarge with curious excitement. She sits herself in the seat across from mine and gestures me to do the same. I abide. “What is this fun thing you’re talking about?”

I shrug. “Well, I was on this mini trip to find the best cafe in town. Luckily, I found what I was looking for.” I say and smirk in her direction.

She giggles. “Let me guess, it’s our cafe, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”

I laugh at her excitement. “Maybe.”

Before she can reply further, that annoying counter boy approaches our table with me coffee and a beautiful latte art that says ‘snob queen’. He leaves giving me a glare.

Emilia’s laughter dies as her eyes follow her brother getting back to work. “Are you sure that it’s not because of my brother?”

I look at her and frown. I nudge my coffee cup towards her so she could see the amazing art her brother did on my coffee. “Definitely not.”

She scrunches her nose to stifle her laugh. “Well, I’m glad.”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t even know where you got that idea from.”

Emilia sighed. “It’s just that all the girls who come in here only come because of Axel. They try their hardest to flirt with him while he wears a scowl, wishing them to go away. And when those girls realize he isn’t going to melt at their batting eye lashes, they leave without ordering anything and wasting his time.”

“So he wears that scowl and here I was thinking that’s his permanent douchebag face.” I sighed.

She laughed but sobered up immediately. “But seriously, it’s kinda annoying how desperate these girls are.”

I rolled my eyes. “You brother is annoying.”

She immediately sat back straight and said defensively, “He’s not that bad once you get to know him.”

“Sure.” I shrugged, not believing her.

She opened her mouth to argue further but an annoying voice cut through our conversation. “Emilia! Get back to work, now!”

I look up to glare at the owner of that annoying voice only to find him glaring back at me with equal intensity. Emilia sighed and got up from her seat. “I need to get back to work. It was nice seeing you again, Leah. I hope we can be good friends.”

I nod, smiling. “I’m sure.”

“So will you be visiting again tomorrow?” She asks hope filled in her eyes.

I chuckle. “I’m afraid you’re gonna get tired of me. I’m planning on becoming a regular customer.”

Emilia jumps and giggles excitedly. “I don’t mind at all. I’m sure I can take out a few minutes from my work to hang out with you sometimes. You don’t mind that, right?”

I smile at the girl’s enthusiasm. “Not at all.”

She smiles back warmly. “Okay! See you tomorrow then.” With that, she disappears into the kitchen.

My eyes again meet Axel’s (I hope I can remember it for a little longer this time.) and he’s shooting daggers at me through his eyes. What’s his problem? To retaliate, I do the most mature thing ever, stick my tongue out at him and get back to my AP US History assignment that was handed over to us during the last school week to be completed during the holidays.

When I look at the time after a while, I realize it’s been an hour and half since I’ve been reading and typing and my stomach growls, informing me that I’m tired as well as hungry. I look up to see the large menu painted above the main counter and decide to order chicken rolls and a Blue Lagoon drink. With that in mind, I walk over towards the counter.

“So, Mr. Scowls, I want some chicken rolls and a blue lagoon drink. Add it to my today’s bill.”

Mr. Scowls aka Axel scowls at me, hence, proving his name’s true meaning. “Well, Snob Princess, I’m afraid we don’t have whatever you want. Why don’t you go somewhere else?”

I quirk an eyebrow at him, giving him last chance to correct himself but when he doesn’t, I smirk. “Fine then. EMILIA!” I shout.

He looks at me with wide eyes for a second before going back to glaring as Emilia exits the kitchen. “Yeah?” She looks between us skeptically, as if we were hiding some secret from her.

I open my mouth to complain about her annoying ass brother when Axel cuts me off. “A plate of chicken rolls and a blue lagoon for her. Get Henry to make the rolls while you prepare the drink.”

Emilia looks at me for confirmation and I nod. With that, she disappears back into the kitchen. Axel glares at me and I just grin at him cheekily. “Also, after I’m done with my lunch, I’ll need a coffee with one your latte arts.”

I turn back to go to my seat and carry on my work but pause. “Oh, and keep ’em coming every hour.” I say over my shoulder and return to my booth.

As I sit back again and resume my work where I left, I can feel Axel’s glare burning hole in the side of my head but when I look up, he’s busy playing with his phone. I sigh and relax back in my seat and just think about things. Things that seem to occupy every idle second of my mind.

I’m surprised at how I behave whenever I’m in this cafe. With Emilia, and dare I say Axel around, I seem to forget whatever happened two months ago but those thoughts never fully leave my mind. I guess it was really the most intellectual idea of finding a cafe and making it my safe heaven throughout the senior year until I leave for college.

My thoughts are broken when Axel’s puts down the tray with my order a little too loudly and again, we are in a glaring contest. This time, I give up first because the smell of these delicious chicken rolls is mouth watering. he returns back to his position on the counter too.

When I’m done, I motion him to pick up the plates like the snob princess that I am and me keeps muttering incoherent things under his breath while he cleans the table. Once I’m immerse myself into my work, he leaves my cup of coffee that I ordered before on the table too, not silently though.

I look at the art to see a girl’s face wearing devil horns and pointing at me which causes me to chuckle. I look up and give him a thumbs up and take a sip while he glares at me.

I think I found my new way of fun - annoying Axel is what I’m gonna do for the rest of the year.

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