Love Happens

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So that's it huh? The last chapter you read, it was the last chapter. sure, an epilogue is coming (on Jan 16, first year anniversary of this book), but the main story of Leah and Axel'slife is told. It's over.

Now, there are some things I have to say.

First, I love reading all your comments. It makes me see how you all feel the emotions my characters feel as well. Some of those comments made me realize that Leah comes off a little bit as 'woe is me' to quote a particular one. The thing is, every human is different and they deal with hings differently.

Let's take cheating for example. Some people confront their cheating partners head on while some pretend nothing's wrong and go on living their sad life.

Leah, is in the middle. She ran away from confrontation but didn't pretend her fairytale was perfect. She felt her hurt and then let herself get out of it, with the help of her family and friends of course.

Now let me remind you - this story is the pov of that girl in teen fictions you've read that is the bitch, slut, queen type of girl - the villain who keeps the main characters away. I was tired of reading slut shaming comments about those side characters, the "mean girls". That is why I started writing this book, to show the queen b's side that how, in most cases, it's the queen b that has been wronged.

Veronica is the nerd, Sean is the golden boy and Leah is the cheerleader popular girl who's involved with the golden boy util the nerd comes along. I just HAD to show all of Leah's hurt and what she has learnt from it.

Now Leah and Ronnie's relationship : I just finished reading "Ellie is Cool Now" on wattpad and if anyone has read that book, Leah is Ellie and Ronnie is like Roxy (just the dynamic of these two characters, not their personailty as a whole).

I get you, I totally do. I hate Roxy from Ellie is Cool Now and I hate Ronnie from Love Happens. But what Leah meant by keeping her door open is that if in ten or twenty years, Veronica comes crying to her, Leah would let her in because she knows what it's like to be hurt. It does not mean they're best friends and will meet every sunday for brunch. Leah deserves more than that. But she also won't be the small person and close the door on Ronnie's face in far future.

As for Sean, Leah doesn't plan on keeping up with him, ever. Not just because of what he did but because Axel's insecurity which she feels is her priority to minimize. Axel is the only man for Leah, will always be. Sean and Leah had a good time but they're done.

As for Ronnie, Leah feels kinda bad for not reaching out for Ronnie when she got popular which keeps her mind from completely shutting the door. I mean, it's shut, but not locked. But it's also not that Veronica is allowed to push it open and come in. She can only knock and it's upto Leah to open or not. And I believe that in 10 or 20 years, Leah wouldn't feel obligated to do it because of her guilt bu because of pure kindness of her heart and she;l see Veronica as just another person in need of her help and not her long lost friend Ronnie.

I hope I make sense.

Mark your calenders for the epilogue. Jan 16.

Love, Ren. (sorry for all the typos and hurried grammar mistakes. and thanks for bearing with me through this loooong story.)

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