Love Happens

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love doesn’t come to you in crashing waves or thunder bolts. it appears as a song on the radio or a particular blue in the sky. it dawns on you slowly like a warm winter sunrise – where the promise of summer shines out from within.

— Lang Leav

And it’s a wrap!

Leah and Axel’s story is over. Done. That’s all I knew about there life and what they do now is their personal business (Though I might give you some sneak peeks here and there later. Maybe.)


THANK YOU to all my beautiful readers who stuck to this story.

Honestly, when I started this book, it was purely based for fun and a little non-cliche plot that I wanted to show. When I started writing, however, I realized this story has so much to teach. I’m not talking about stupid philosophies but really, I personally learned so much from Leah’s story that I’m like “Wah, did I really write that? Then why am I not like her in real life?”

I know this isn’t the best book out there but for me it has come to mean so much. Boy, I love Leah and Axel. And to those who love them like me, I love you guys too!

About the epilogue, I didn’t want to write the ten-years-later-we’re-married-with-three-kids kinda thing, you know? That is not the essence of this story. It’s not just about two romancing teenagers but of two people who lean each other to grow into a better person. I think what I wrote for the epilogue suits the story the best.

I don’t know if you have learned anything from their story but if you have, mind telling me here?

My dearest readers, voters and commenters - you guys are the best people out there. Thanks to the haters too - you guys read the book to point out your hatred but ended up giving me reads - you guys are better - giving me free reads even if you hate my work (lmao). Thank you to the beautiful co-passengers on the train of Leah and Axel’s journey (damn, I need a ship name!)

So now here I have a goodbye present for all of you lovely people :

1. I’m going to do request bonus chapters. So if you have any scenes in mind that you’d want me to write about from Leah and Axel’s future or a sneak peak from any other character’s life (Grant, Tracy, Maggie - anyone.) then tell me here and tell me what you want me to write about. I’ll dedicate the chapter to you when I write and upload about it.

2. If you guys want any chapter in Axel’s POV, tell me in inline comments the chapter’s name and I’ll write it for you. Do not describe scenes like “where they first kissed” or “their first date”. I won’t go back searching for those scenes. Tell me the chapter name or atleast the number so I can go back, see what happened and write our main guy’s POV.

3. I'm thinking of writing extra bonus chapter series (five chapters, maximum, to show their long distance while Leah is in college. If you wanna read that, then co

Now that that has been said, I guess this is it now. A goodbye.

Heh, Nah! Imma gonna write another book for those who are interested but later. I’m gonna rest for some time now.

So see you again!

Love, Ren.

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