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Hi friends!

It’s been a long journey, huh? Anyway, I’m back here again with some interesting facts and stories that made LOVE HAPPENS happen. Every chapter and incident has a longer story hidden beneath the surface that I wanted the readers to figure out themselves but now that I’m done with the whole story, I thought why not reveal the fun-facts for everyone. Make sure to tell me what you already knew and what you didn’t.

1. The first part of the book “Heartbreaks and .....” is basically an extended prologue. I could have shown Sean’s cheating on Leah and the girl’s reaction to it and everything that followed in just one prologue chapter but the main purpose of the book is to show the QUEEN B’s side of story - the girl leftover by the popular boy for the nerd girl. I had to show Leah’s emotions and how or why popular girls turns into an ice queen - at least one justified reason for their behavior that we all seem to hate. I didn’t think it’d be fair to her feelings to be packed in a small chapter.

2. The time period between which Leah and Axel fall for each other is short. I wanted to show the readers that it doesn’t necessarily take long to move on or find love somewhere else.

3. If you will notice, Leah slowly makes up with everyone. She joins her Dad back in the kitchen in the chapter Merry Christmas. She hangs out with her Mother in the chapter Refusal and so one, she hangs out with all of them as a family.

4. In most teen fictions, it’s shown that the popular girl is still hung up on the golden boy. I wanted to show why or how it’s pictured as that. Sean and Leah didn’t break up until very later. They just drifted apart after Leah catches him kissing Ronnie. So basically, Sean kept on cheating with Ronnie for a long time but Leah was made the slut and attention whore at the school when in real - she was still the girlfriend while Ronnie was the other woman.

5. I mention in the first part of the book how some people pranked Ronnie and put the blame on Leah who didn’t deny it. I wanted to show that it’s not always the Queen B being bitchy. Maybe someone else did the deed and blamed the popular girl. And she didn’t deny to look powerful and intimidating - if it makes sense to you?

6. Every part of the book has it’s own epilogue like Heartbreaks and Myself, Mending and Myself etc. It shows Leah’s progress step by step. In first, she tells how her heartbreak turned her into the so called bitch. In second, she allows herself a change to heal. In third, she lets go of the barriers she still kept to prevent her from moving on. In fourth, she learns to love herself and let herself in before loving anyone else.

7. I will be writing Ronnie and Sean’s story too, to show you both sides of the story and maybe then you’ll see what I mean. It will be a cliche teen fiction but with so much modification, seeing as I have to write it keeping in mind, Leah’s story too. You’ll love it, I promise so make sure to check it out. I’ll let you know.

8. The anagram for Leah’s name is Heal. Who saw that coming?

9. Leah and Axel’s relationship development may seem too underdeveloped or fast approaching to you guys but remember, Axel is just a pillar or a staircase that helps Leah’s ascend to the ground when she falls into a pit named heartbreak. This story is more about Leah’s character development. It’s Leah’s story. But Axel plays a very important role. Their story together (which is a side story to Leah’s personal development story) will give you your dose of romance and zoo-y scenes but please keep an open mind about this not being about their relationship.

10. Remember how Leah kept mentioning that she drifted apart from Ronnie when Sean came along into her life? And remember how in Chapter 23, Leah ends her time with Axel abruptly as soon as Tracy calls? That was me trying to metaphorize or represent the difference between the kind of guy you should be with and the kind you should ignore. Axel’s presence in Leah’s life didn’t stray her away from her friends and family while Sean’s did. Know what I mean?

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