Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 9

“Omg, did Hunter really ask you out?”

To say I am bursting with happiness would be the biggest understatement. I am delirious, and life’s treating me how I want it to he right now.

I sip my hot coffee, before glaring at Ryan. “Would it cost you to keep your voice low?” I whisper yell. “And no, for the hundredth time, Ryan. He just asked me if I was coming to the game."

The last thing I want is for the people to hear about my tiny. . . Okay. . . HUGE crush on Hunter. The typical mean girls already hate me for ‘stealing Trevor’ as they phrase is, but the truth is they don’t know a damn about my life.

“Oops, sorry!” he raises his hand, and fake zips up his lips. I fail pathetically in trying to hide my smile.

He leans in, bracing his arms on the table, and with a look around us, whispers, “He’s staring at you, Lee.”

With a frown, I follow his gaze, and regret making the move.

Trevor, although is sitting with the football team, and nodding his head after every 2 seconds to something his best friends says, his eyes are in my direction. Or more specifically on me.

Our eyes lock, the sledgehammer in my chest goes crazy. It’s funny how my heart wants to keep on gazing at him, while my mind has a whole other agenda.

I notice he has a football in his hands, that he’s absentmindedly rotating. He’s gazing like he sees through my soul, like I am the most interesting thing he has ever come across and now he wants to explore it. Sounds stupid, I know, but I guess the feeling’s mutual.

I do wanna know more about Trevor. He’s one of the closest people to me, who smoulders with anger whenever a guy hits on me, who tries to cheer me up whenever I am in a sour mood, who buys me food whenever I want it.

But, do I love him?

No. Of course I don’t love him. Why would I? He’s just a good friend to me. Nothing else.

“Lee? Where are you?” Ryan’s voice pulls me out of our little ‘moment’. I quickly shift my gaze back at my best friend sitting opposite to me.

I nervously tuck my hair behind my ear. “Um, what? Did you say something?”

He chews his food, and swallows loudly. Then fixes his eyes on me. “I was talking about Bilkees. Any idea why she didn’t come today?”

I shrug with a glance at my watch. The bell will go off any minute now. The thought of baring 4 more periods makes me nauseous. I am craving for my bed so much!

“I will call her when school ends. Maybe she slept in or something,” I tell him.

He nods, and we both hoist up from the chairs. What if I look over at his table? Would Trevor still be staring at me? Why do I actually want him to?

Ugh, what is happening to me! Stop it! This isn't right, Leah.

We walk out without a glance at the football team.

The whole class waits impatiently for our Biology teacher. Every student is whining in their own ways, and I seriously miss my lab partner so much.

Why did Bilkees had to to get absent today of all the days?

The door to the lab flies open just when Coach Charlie rushes in with a whistle in his mouth. He blows it out to get the attention of the class, and the noises slowly come to an halt.

“Okay class!” he claps his hands. He seems like was under the scorching sun for a very long time by his form. Clothes half drenched in sweat, dark hair sticking to the forehead.

“Your biology teacher is absent today.” The whole room cheered. I smiled to myself. Coach raised a palm to silence everyone. “As you all know the game is on friday, your team is working really hard for this school to win the trophy! You all would be boosting their motivation right now! C’mon! Get your yourselves in the ground right now! Cheer the boys!”

Some hummed in response, while others frowned in disapproval.

I raised my hand.

Aren’t the cheerleaders enough to boost up their motivation and other needs? Why do we have to sit under the burning sun and sweat ourselves to the point of stinking? I don’t even have a deodorant right now!

The Coach’s eyes moved to me. Along with the rest of the students. AND, I no longer wanted to utter anything.

“Yes?” Coach snapped, obviously annoyed.

“Uhh. . . Sir, isn’t that the duty of cheerleaders?” I spoke up. Very brave, I know.

I did want to go, but at the same time it seemed like a bad idea. The thought of seeing Hunter play was awesome, but I couldn’t let the fact slip away that something was changing between me and Trevor. There was more softness in his eyes than needed. It did kind of scared me, though I don’t know why.

“The Cheerleaders just don’t have one job, Leah. They also have to entertain the crowd. Now get up all of you before I get your marks deducted!”

I was a bit disappointed when I looked around for Ryan, in hope his teacher would also be absent, and walked into the filed with a sour mood.

As I step out into the bright light, my eyes squinted naturally, and I tried to block as much sun as possible with my arm.

The boys were warming up, some stretching their muscled, tan arms above their heads, some jogging around the field. I sat on the ground a few feet away from the class, glad for the shade provided by the huge tree.

“Hey, what’s up!”

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