Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 10

“Hey, what’s up!”

With my hand shielding my eyes, I raise my head and my face breaks into a smile upon seeing the silhouette of a boy.

“Gunner?” I grin, tilting my head to get a better view of him in his jersey. He crouches beside me, the Sun no longer keeping me from admiring his features.

Despite sweat trickling down his forehead, he smells decent. “Who else could it be, princess!” he chirps. Damn, I had almost forgotten how amazing his cologne smells.

I’ve always had a thing for colognes. Trevor wears the most heavenly one, and probably that’s the reason why every girl follows him, and wants his attention. Well, apart from the package of good looks, and his charm.

What! Stop it!

“Wow, I am impressed you don’t stink,” I joke. He bursts out laughing, his hazel eyes twinkling with happiness.

Once he has himself in control, he says, “We haven’t started practicing yet. And besides, none of us Wolf Crew smells bad.” A huge grin. “You coming to our game, right? We could go to the after party together.”

Why am I suddenly needed at the game? First Hunter, and now Gunner. One things sure, none of them have any feelings for me. Hunter has his own rules, and Gunner is committed to one of the most gorgeous and sweet girl who also happens to be in my English literature class.

I raise my arm, and batt away some sort of dirt in my hair. He smiles at my gesture.

“Dunno,” I shrug, looking at him. “I still cannot move on from what happened last time I attended the party.” My chest tightens as memories of last year cloud my mind. I forcefully push them away, because I know I’ll end up sobbing. And me sobbing equals Trevor going crazy mad. Not that I care or anything.

Gunner’s full lips form an apologetic smile, something I am too familiar with. I got them a lot last year.

“Don’t let the past stop you from living your present, Lee. Tell me what you decide, and this time, I swear if that prick even comes near you, I will rip him into pieces.”

The pity in his eyes is too much. Before I can get hold of my emotions, tears are streaming down my cheeks.

Panic is evident on Gunner’s face. “Damn it! Princess, it’s fine! Everything’s fine! Aww, please stop crying!” He pulls himself up, and I sob like a pathetic person, probably ruining my mascara.

One heartbeat Gunner is comforting me, the next he’s gone. I wipe my eyes and frown when I see Trevor has Gunner pinned to the tree with a glare on his handsome face.

“What the hell did you do?” he roars, grabbing fistful of Gunner’s jersey and shoving him hard.

Panicked, I immediately get up, and sprint to the boys.

“Trevor! Stop it!” I shout loudly.

Gunner tries to get free from Trevor’s hold but I know that’s impossible. Trevor is already so muscled and strong and his anger multiplies it by 5.

“Ow man! Get off me! What the hell is your deal?” Sweat trickles down Gunners forehead. “I would never hurt her! You know that!”

A sigh of relief escapes from my lips when Hunter comes running along with Coach and some other boys.

“I will kill you! I will kill anyone who makes her cry!” Trevor growls.

Chills run down my spine upon hearing this from him. Although he has said this many times, but he was never this mad before. I couldn’t look away from those murderous eyes, not for me, but for the reason I had tears in my eyes. Am I being stupid to say that I can see the undying love behind this temporary madness? I don’t know.

“Hunt! Get to the principal’s office! Now!” Coach barks, and Trevor storms off, not missing the opportunity to shoot another glare at literally all the boys crowding us.

This has to stop. He just can’t do this every time I get emotional or a boy talks to me! I have a life! And it’s now that I get to live it. I didn’t have much freedom when I lived with my stepmother. And I know the difference between right and wrong, know what is sin and what not, and I try my best to do good deeds.

“Everyone back to practice!” Coach orders and soon the boys are jogging away. Instead Hunter decides to stay behind.

He walks over to me in his glory and worried eyes scan every inch of my face. I hope I don’t have mascara smudged around my eyes, because that would be the most unattractive thing ever for anyone to witness.

“You okay? What happened?” i literally melt.

I nod, suddenly nervous under his intent gaze. “Ye—yes. Just had flashbacks of last year.”

Realisation dawns on Hunter who sighs sadly and half smiles. “You will come to the game. As you just witnessed, Trevor would kill anyone who hurts you Lee. You can’t stop living just because of something that happened in the past. I will be by your side. Always.”

I kept on glancing at the clock every 5 minutes. It had been almost half an hour, and Trevor was still inside the office.

Thankfully, after another minute, the door opened and Trevor walked out with a sour expression plastered on his face.

He frowns as he notices me. “The hell you’re doing here?” Okay, so he’s still grumpy.

“This has to stop, Hunt! You can’t just scare off every guy that talks to me!” I practically yell, not caring that we’re just like some distance away from the principal.

“Every guy? Are you in your senses? Have I ever stopped you from talking to your brothers and Hunter?”

I stare at him in disbelief. “What are you? My father? You don’t control my life! When will you get that?”

He looks at me funny. “Say whatever the damn hell you want to! I will keep on protecting you from the dogs out there! Why? Wanna know why? Because I know what they think, and do, and their intentions! Because I have been through that phase!”

There’s just one thing I have left to win this fight. I feel so bad. But I have to do it.

“If you don’t stop with your neurotic behaviour, Trevor, I will tell your friends about the nightmares.”

Disgust. Pure disgust is written on his face. His eyes go wide, as if he never expected such words from me.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Say. That.” He’s taking slow steps towards me. I am backing away. “Leah. If you ever threaten me again, I will tell the twin sisters and the whole school that you’re the Cinderella. My Cinderella.”

What! No! The mean girls will kill me right away!

“I know you won’t do that.”

“Try me.”

“Trevor, I am serious. This has to stop. All this overprotective behaviour and controlling stuff. Stop it now.”

He smirks in a challenging way. “Feel free to spread the news. I doubt you’ll even succeed in making them believe you. And sweetheart, I won’t be backing off.” It’s a promise.

“You’ll lose me if this continues for longer,” I mumble sadly. With a final look at him, I walk away.

I feel like I am already losing him.

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