Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 1

Leah POV
“Leahhh! Go get me a tin of coke!” my fathers second wife shouts from downstairs. This woman is always shouting. She doesn’t have a button to lower her high pitched annoying voice.

I put the last of my books in the cardboard box, and sprint out of my tiny room I was given in this one big mansion.

“Okay!” I shout back, and with a loud groan, make my way to the kitchen.

Even though I was frowning, my heart is smiling. Why, you may ask? Well, I can finally get out of this one creep of a house. Finally! Phew! It’s such a good feeling! I knew I could leave it anytime, but Cassandra evil stepmother was paying me enough money that I could save for college.

It isn’t like we, as in my twin brothers, and mom can’t afford to send me to college, but rather I wanted to pay on my own.

Julian, and Sebastian are my twin brothers, 2 years older than me, who love me like crazy. They have dark blonde hair, and forest green eyes which they got from Dad. Even though I am 5′6, they make me look shorter than 5 feet.

I, on the other hand am a coloured photocopy of Mom. Chocolate brown hair that fall down my waist, gray eyes that are always hidden behind my big ridiculous nerd glasses, attitude like a spoiled brat (only around mom and bros), and adore books like the cheerleaders adore the bad boys.

I yank open the fridge door and fish for a tin of coke from the zillions of different flavoured juices, and what not. But I keep telling myself it’s my last day here, just so I remain sane.

“There’s laundry to do.”

Oh, great. The Twin Sisters.

I spin around and shake the tin in the air. “I’ve got to get this bad boy to your always hungry mother,” I mock drily. Seriously, Cassandra’s mouth is never empty.

The twins have black hair, black eyes, and a black soul. Always passing orders like chewing gums, whining about their Jimmy Choo bag, and never keeping their mouth shut. Like my brothers, even though they don’t even know about the twins existence (okay maybe they do) as they are from the popular group in the school. Long story short, I hate them.

The taller one, named Bethany passes me a scowl. “Don’t think that if you’re gone we still won’t bother you.”

I roll my eyes. “You both don’t cross my mind, so I don’t think anything about you,” I reply with lack of interest. What can I do, they’re annoyingly annoying.

The shorter one, called Britt opens her mouth but I leave the kitchen just on time. I am too young to be arrested for murdering two spoiled rude girls.

Sebastian places the last box of my stuff in his car, and blows out a breath. I lean against the car and smile upon seeing my brother do all the work for me.

“How many books do you have? 3 million?” he asks, mirroring my position with his front to me. He crosses his arm over his chest, and eyes me with brows touching his hairline.

I shrug with a grin. “Don’t know. I’ve been buying books for 6 years now, so of course I’m gonna have a ton.”

He shakes his head in disbelief and walks around the car. We both slide in the car, and he cruises the car along the road.

My heart swells with happiness. Excitement bubbles inside me when I think about never going to that house again. I am free. I am finally free and I have enough money for college and stuff. Sure, the job was one tough thing, but the pay was good.

“Mom is really happy you’re finally coming to live with us,” Sebastian speaks, breaking the silence. He glances over and smiles softly with a twinkle in his eyes. Then his gaze returns to the road ahead.

I shift in the seat to get a better view of my brother. “Me too. I missed you all so much,” I whisper in a low voice.

“We missed you too, Lee.”

Throughout the whole journey, we remain silent, save for the low music playing in the background. The silence between us siblings is never awkward, rather peaceful and comfortable.

But there was one thing I wasn’t too excited about.

School tomorrow. Ugh.

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