Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 4

Leah’s POV:
I am sweating. I am nervous. I am dying. I am all but fine!

Sebastian is throwing a party for me. Although I had begged him a lot that I don’t need one and he should cancel, he didn’t listen to me and now I have to be a host for the night.

I mean... I just don’t get it. Why! Why Trevor Hunt? Why not Noah James, or Charles Potter or literally any other human other than THE TREVOR HUNT.

He has been going crazy since yesterday about the mystery girl who had the nerve to hit him. He was beyond ANGRY. Almost about to explode. His words from earlier at school kept on circling my innocent mind. I will cut the person in half, and then feed her to the hungry dogs out there.

I was never a fan of violence, even when bros used to watch some action movie, I just excused myself and used to hide behind my books, lost in my own world of fantasies. I’d rather watch all the Cinderella stories again than watch fighting scenes and the after effects. It was pretty scary.

Sweat trickles down my face as I stare at myself in the mirror. My maroon silk dress wraps me in all the right places perfectly. I have the barest makeup on my skin while my hair are styled in a low bun. Thanks to mommy. With a rub of my sweaty palms against my dress, I march to the bathroom for a final look at the lone shoe. Yes, it’s hidden perfectly under the sink. Nobody would use my bathroom. Yay! But the knot still remains in my stomach.

I descend downstairs, and into the kitchen where the people that got invited are finishing off my food. I am glad Sebby just invited the ones I know, and the ones I’ve wanted to come. Well, except for Trevor.

He catches my eye, and smirks widely with a hint of amusement on his face.

“Can you stop eating my food?” I bellow, snatching it out of his hand, and placing the jar of peanut butter on the counter with a thud.

He pushes off the fridge and marches to me in sweatpants, paired with a plain black shirt. The blue of his eyes reminds me of oceans and clear sky with no hint of clouds, a view that calms me down. His chocolate brown hair always styled perfectly as if he just came from a photoshoot.

“Happy Birthdayyyy!” He sings as the whole room goes pin drop silent. They all know it’s not my birthday. There’s just Bilkees, Ryan and a few other girls from our school. I remember correctly that Trevor Hunt never made it to my list of invites.

I elbow him in the stomach, and he fake groans. “Oww! Stop harassing me!” Although I’m greeting other people like who I actually invited, I still hear the smirk in his voice.

“He’s pouting,” Bilkees chuckles, giving me a half hug. I roll my eyes and scoff.

“When is he not? He’s either pouting or angry. There’s no other emotion he feels.” She chuckles again with her hand over her pink painted mouth. She looks fabulous in her black long chiffon gown and a dull coloured scarf.

“Firstly, I heard that. Secondly, I feel other emotions too, like making my lost Cinderellas life 10x more annoying and hard, and trust me, that’s a very, very powerful feeling right now.”

My eyes widen in shock, while Ryan and Bilkees double over in laughter. The sledgehammer in my chest is hammering against my chest so hard that I think I might collapse any second.

“Why do you look so pale?” How did he come right next to me and I didn’t even realise?!

“Err-umm-I-I didn’t eat anything today,” I stutter like a total idiot. Seriously, I couldn’t come with a good reason?

He shakes his head as he grasps my arm and pulls me near the fridge.

“What are you doing?!” I shout, yanking my arm away, surprised. Oh my god! He found out about me! He knows I am cinderella and now he will kill me!

But much to my surprise, he places a pack of strawberries on the counter, picks one, dips it in Nutella, and presents it to me.

“Here, eat.”

I push his hand away and scrunch my nose. “I don’t like Strawberries.”

He looks up to the heavens and blows out through his mouth. The meeting my eyes, he mutters, “And you couldn’t tell me this before I worked so hard?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, my Lord. What price do I have to pay now?” I fake hurt by placing my hand on my chest.

He rolls his eyes and storms off. Why is he so moody!

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