Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 6

What does he mean by ‘got ya’! Oh—oh my god! He knows it was me! What should I do!

“Ww—what do—you mean?” I stutter, and he grins playfully. His face lights up with amusement, as he begins taking slow steps in my direction.

I hate what I am feeling right now. I can’t even point my finger at what exactly is happening to me. All of a sudden butterflies have grown in my stomach, or rather I’d say bats that have gone crazy.

Trevor Hunt is the least of all boys I should really fall for. He’s super duper rich, very arrogant, possessive (which I am not a big fan of), and sometimes annoying. Though, if he wants to be sweet, nobody can win from him. He’d buy you the most expensive chocolates, give you roses like a complete gentleman, and then he’d probably get pissed for no solid reason. He’s like crazy mad.

I am left with no choice than to look into those mesmerizing, breathtaking chocolate brown eyes with a touch of caramel. While I pretend not to melt all over the place when his grin reduces to just a dazzling smile.

“Got ya trapped,” he says, while I feel my heart mentally sighing with relief. There’s no way he can know about the shoe. Damn, boys and their ego.

I fake place two shaky hands on his rock hard chest, and shove him away. He chuckles softly while I storm past him into the bathroom.

The shoe is safe. Phew!

When I emerged from the bathroom, he had already fallen asleep on my bed. I had groaned, but then settled on the carpeted floor with a pillow and my fuzzy blanket.

“No! No! Don’t!”


My eyes fly open in pure and utter panic. It takes me moments to realise why I can hear Trevor screaming, because of the pitch black darkness in my room. I wince slightly, as sleeping on the floor was not the best thing I had decided to do.

“Trevor?” I call out his name, but he’s still screaming. I sprint to where he’s sleeping on my bed, and when his thrashing form, drenched clothes, and sweaty forehead comes in sight, my chest tightens.

I have never witnessed Trevor so weak, and vulnerable. He was always the most strongest man I’ve ever seen. Not only physically, but also mentally. Even though he can sometimes be a little goofy, his manly ways covered it up for him.

“Trevor!” My own voice is gripped with panic, as I shake his shoulders. “Trevor please wake up! You’re scaring me!”

“No! Please don’t hurt her! Please!” he chants over and over again. And suddenly he has my wrists in his grasp. If he hadn’t scared the crap out of me, I would’ve wondered who he’s talking about.

I scream, as he flips me over and pins me to the bed with him hovering over me. But no sooner is his hand wrapping around my neck, the other one holding my wrists together. Thank god, we have a whole lot of distance between us.

His frantic eyes scan every fibre of my face, his breathe coming in loud pants. There’s nothing dirty about his gaze, rather it’s edged with worry.

“I’m Leah,” I whisper soothingly. “Trevor, it’s me Leah.” His hand is still wrapped around my neck. But it’s not hurting me. He’s just keeping me in place.

“Leah?” My heart breaks a little to hear him so weak. Broken.

“Yeah, it’s me. It’s okay. Everything’s okay. You were just having a bad dream,” I remind him. Realisation dawns on his almost instantly, and he lets go of my wrists and throat.

“Oh—oh my god! I’m so so so so sorry!” he blurts, crawling away from me to the furthest end of the bed. My heart constricts. “I didn’t—I didn’t know I was hurting you. I—I swear!”

“Hey hey,” I scoot over to him. He flinches at first, but allows me to intertwine our fingers together. They’re so cold. And fit perfectly with mine. “You didn’t hurt me. You did not hurt me, Trevor. I’m okay.”

Eyes that hold such panic lock with mine, and suddenly it’s like nothing matters anymore. The sigh that came from him was a signal, not of relief, but of the level his worry had reached. Can this boy ever stop worrying over little things?

Because having nightmares is normal, right?

“Do you wanna talk about it?” I whisper, angling my head in such way so I can get a better look at him. Even though the night is making it difficult to make out his gorgeous face.

He shakes his head. “It’s nothing. Go back to sleep, Leah.”

“Are you sure, Trevor?” I worry for him, too. We’ve known each other for so long, and even though I act like I don’t like him, I do. “I’ll get you some water. It’ll help cool you down.”

But he grabs my arm when I make a move to go. Silence hung in the air between us. And now it was just two teenagers gazing at each other, communicating through some super powers.

He was pleading me through his gaze. About what, I wasn’t sure. All I could think about was him being humiliated by his friends. Yes, that’s it. He doesn’t want people knowing that the strong boy he is, has a whole other story for the world to know. A world, who would make fun of him.

“Promise me, Leah, that you won’t let a word get to anyone.” He wasn’t asking. He was commanding me. If it were any other situation, I would have bravely fire something at him.

But no. I couldn’t do it to him. Not when he looked at me like that. Like I was all that mattered to him. All that he cared for.

“I won’t, Hunt. I promise.”

His expression took a turn in milliseconds. Nobody has ever looked at me like that. He gazed at me like he. . . Loved me. Stupid. It’s so damn stupid.

His face broke into a half smile. The sledgehammer in my ribcage smashed harder.

But the next words from his mouth render me speechless. The butterflies in my stomach instantly disappear. Shivers rippled down my spine.

“I know you’re my Cinderella, Lee.”

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