Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 7

“I know you’re my Cinderella, Lee.”

My eyes widen in shock. My mouth drops open, and I am dead sure I resemble a zombie right now.

Trevor chuckles, snapping his fingers in front of me. “Did you really think you could get away with it?” His brow shoots to his hairline, while I remain silent. Or perhaps, speechless. How the hell am I supposed to answer him now?

The evil smirk he flashes me grows wider. “I would’ve needed to use the bathroom at some point during the night, darlin’ Lee. Are you literally that dumb?” And then he’s coming nearer. Nearer. Nearer. Until there’s an arms length distance between us. “Hmm, now what will I do with you?”

Come on, Leah! You stupid woman, say something! Don’t let him win this game!

I clear my throat, oh so bravely. “Nothing. You would do nothing with me.” Brothers! Yes, I have a valid point! “I have two crazy brothers that won’t mind beating you to death.”

His head falls back on a bark of laughter. My brows furrow in the middle.

“Um, what’s so funny?”

Once he has his amusement under control, his eyes fall on me and he grins playfully. “Do you seriously think they’re stronger than me?” he asks. I put on a bored expression. “Look, he says, slapping his biceps. “This is all muscles gained by hours spent in gym daily.”

“Show off,” I mutter.

“Jealousy’s got underneath you.”

“Oh, sure.”

At this, his brows raise in a challenge. “Did you really just agree with me, darlin’?”

I roll my eyes, twice, and throw myself off the bed. He tries to grab my arm, but I somehow manage to get some distance between us, or chances are that I might have killed him.

“Showing off is like a flat tire,” I begin, remembering this saying from one of the Dolan Twins videos. Yep, I watch them sometimes. “It won’t get you anywhere unless you change it.”
Although actually it was ‘Attitude’.

He bursts out laughing.

As I reach the door, he calls out, “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

I look over my shoulder, trying to make out his face in the darkness. “Last time I checked, I wasn’t 5.”

“And last time I checked, you threw a shoe at me!”

So, we’re fighting now? In the middle of the damn night? When there’s school tomorrow?Why! JUST WHY COULD’NT MY BROTHERS GET A NICE BEST FRIEND!

“I hadn’t aimed for you head! It was for that evil twin sister!”

Umm. . .

Oh. No.

I could literally see his a bit over the top extra white teeth that were being flashed at me from my bed. Ugh! I also want teeth like those!

“Well, that’s some spicy news!” he whistles, leaning back against the headboard.

I pull open the door angrily. “You sound like a total cheerleader.”

His laugh is animalistic. Though, it makes me slightly. . . Umm. . . dunno what.

“A shame you aren’t one of them.”

And then I storm off to the guest room, ignoring the hint of laughter behind me.


I managed to get to school before even half of the town woke up. Well, now exactly, but I was done showering, and the usual stuff at around 5 in the morning.

I couldn’t really sleep in the new bed, as mine was way more comfy, and at that time occupied with a stupid Trevor.

I usually don’t mind walking to school, and thank god the weather today was pleasant than most days. The Sun, sure was hoisted up in the sky with his usual morning orange shades, but I was enjoying it. Like a literal old woman.

There’s just like two students in total sitting on the school ground, as the doors haven’t been opened yet. By their glasses, I know they’re nerds. And boys. Also, the almost 2000 pages book on their legs.

Movement from side causes me to turn around and there stands the captain of the football team.

Meet Hunter Black. Captain of the football team as I just mentioned. Known for his kindness and good looks. Doesn’t do relationships because football is important to him and he hasn’t really found ‘the one’. Drives a black Bugatti Veyron (and omg when he gets out in a total hero way). Spends money A LOT, but doesn’t waste it.

And I’m all ears when there’s gossip about him.

Isn’t it obvious? He’s my crush.

Everything goes slow motion. When those lips curve into a beautiful, heart-melting smile, and when that hand runs through his dirty blonde hair, AND when he looks right into my eyes, I turn into a tomato. Like literally.

“Oh, hey Leah!” he chirps. “Long time no see.”

Yes. A very, very long time.

The black of his shirt really brings out the dark blue of his eyes. UGH! What’s this with the team’s captain? It’s like a total cliche thing. And sadly, my crush life is also cliche.

“Er. . . Hunt—Hunter! Hello!” Hello? What the hell? Who says hello? Hey sounds way more cool!

Does standing in front of your crush take your sensible side away?

“What are you doing here so early?”

My mind drifts back to an annoying Trevor. “Just. . . stuff.” I give off a nervous chuckle. Should I mention Trevor’s little episode to Hunter so I could take revenge? Hunter probably knows it, as they both are best friends.

“Lemme, guess,” he begins. “Trevor?”

Oo damn. How does he know that?

“Yes. God, he’s so annoying!” I groan loudly, and he laughs. A real butterflies-in-tummy worthy laugh.

A third figure appears out of nowhere. Both Hunter and I turn our heads.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” he says.

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