Finding His Cinderella

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Chapter 8

“Tell me something I don’t know,” he says.

For a second, I stand there shocked with my eyes widened. I could have sworn Trevor was asleep when I left the house, so how in the world is he right here?

“Yo, man!” Hunter grins, patting his best friends shoulder. My cheeks turn red for no possible reason. “The hell are you doing here so early?” he asks Trevor, who has his eyes fixed on me with a small crease on his forehead.

“I had gone out of my mind when I didn’t see you anywhere,” he growls, pinning me on the spot with his penetrating gaze. “Why the hell didn’t you tell anyone that you had planned on going earlier than necessary?”

I exchange a look with Hunter, who unlike me seems amused by the situation. He smiles to himself, whilst he shakes his head. Then, he takes a step back, and says, “Uh, you guys talk. I’ve gotta practice for the football game this Friday.” He looks at me, and suddenly there’s just him and me. With curved lips, he asks, “Are you coming to the game?”

I hadn’t really decided if I wanted to. That depends on Bilkees, and Ryan. Bilkees actually never shows up to football games, and Ryan is too nerd for any of it.

“Um, I haven’t really thought about it.”

Another dazzling smile. “You should, though. The after parties are a lot of fun,” he says.

Yeah, tell me about it.

I shrug casually, trying not to show my excited emotions as he just asked me to come. “I don’t trust the school boys. They kinda creep me out.”

“This man here,” he chirps, swinging his arm around Trevor who just rolls his eyes, “wouldn’t let anything happen to you. And trust me when I say that. Also, you don’t need to worry at all, because I’ll be there too.” He winks and saunters away, leaving me a bit confused.

Trevor has always been protective of me. But sometimes, when he looks at me like. . . that, I just don’t know what to think. I see so much softness in his eyes for me, but also, he never misses the chance of annoying me. He’s mean with me (sometimes), then all of a sudden sweet, then something else and it continues forever.

“Well?” Trevor takes the spot where Hunter was standing previously.

He hovers over me, something I don’t really like, or feel comfortable about. Yet, I am completely okay, because I know I can never be unsafe around him.

“Well what?” I mutter, pouting. I wanted to spend time with Hunter and he completely ruined it.

The sigh that escapes his lips is both tiring and annoyed. When his eyes land on me, my heart beats faster, and suddenly the blood in my face heats up at rapid speed. I immediately divert my attention elsewhere. For example the insect on the grass.

“I had 5 heart attacks in every 2 minutes!” he shouts, finally losing his temper. “How can you be so stupid to just leave?”

And all of a sudden I am boiling. “What else was I supposed to do? Huh? Write a letter to the president, saying ‘I, Leah Marcus, am going to school a little early because the boy sleeping in my bed currently pisses me off in all ways possible’!”

He runs a frantic hand through his mess of hair. He blows out a long breath, and replies, “No, Lee. You were supposed to just text me. How hard is that to do?” His eyes immediately soften.

See! That’s what bothers me the most. He is just full of surprises and can’t seem to behave sanely. I don’t think even Chemistry has confused me that much.

“I don’t have your number, Trevor,” I murmur calmly. That’s true, though. Most of the contacts in my phone were deleted, and I had no idea how that happened. I’ve got a few back, though, but keeping Trevor’s didn’t seem important to me.

“What do you mean you don’t have?” Here we go.

I sigh. Twice. “Can we just not do it right now? I have a WHOLE day ahead of me, Hunt. Annoy me later.” His anger replaces with calmness. He rolls his eyes at me, and I am sure he’s trying to hide a smile.

And when I pout, his face breaks into a beautiful smile.

“Oh, I sure will,” he chirps, and whistles.

We walk towards the school doors together.

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