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A collection of short stories and experimenting with characters.

Drama / Romance
Lindsey Del
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Driver and Leaves

“This spot okay?”

“Don’t care.”

“Come on Lou, let’s get some food in you before you get any bitchier.”

Luella rolled her eyes and slammed the heavy passenger side door.

“This place doesn’t seem too bad,” Clem offered optimistically.

“Just another hole-in-the-wall dive. How much do we have left?”

Clem smirked and rolled her eyes, “Stop worrying.” She flashed a wanton smile at the gray-bearded man behind the bar, “One gin and ginger and whatever she wants to eat.”

“Got a menu?” Luella had lost the enthusiasm that she started this trip with. Gray Beard tossed a water-stained, paper menu onto the bar. Luella inspected the scant list of choices.

“Know what you want?” Gray Beard asked, returning with Clem’s drink. The liquid sloshed over the edges of the glass and created a pool of gin on the bar around it.

“Let me just get two orders of onion rings with a side of fries.” Gray Beard retreated to the kitchen in the back of the bar.

“Not worried about you’re figure, huh?” Clem teased as she chewed on her straw.

“Least of our worries,” Luella mumbled, chewing on her thumb nail.

Clem felt the blame exuding from her girlfriends’ minimal conversing and lack of eye contact. “You wanted to do this, too, remember?” She whispered.

“Don’t remind me,” Luella moved her stool a few inches farther away from Clem.

“We’re gonna get there, Lou. You and I? We have so much going for us, we just need to get there,” Clem meandered into her usual justifications for dragging Luella into her hijinks.

“Clem, this isn’t just one of your crazy antics. This time you did something. We could really get in trouble.”

“You mean I could really get in trouble?”

“We’re both on the run, in the middle of no where, aren’t we?” Gray Beard tossed two plastic baskets filled in front of Luella, along with a bottle of ketchup. “What meal is this anyway?” Luella mumbled as she inspected her onion rings, lifting them up like a bear looking for bugs under a rock.

Clem pressed the home button on her heavily cracked iPhone 4. “2:45 meal….Lupper?”

“Shut up.”

“Oh my God, just eat. I wont talk to you anymore until you have had a few bites.”

Gray Beard cleared the plastic baskets once Luella finished her meal. “Thanks for the food, Clem.”

“Ah, there she is. The Lou I know and love. I swear you are where they came up with the idea for those Snickers commercials.” Clem stroked her girlfriends hair in an almost maternal touch.

“I just don’t want to get caught. We took a big risk. And I’m starting to realize you didn’t really think this through. I don’t even know what the name of this town is. I don’t know where we’re going. And I don’t believe you know either.”

“Lou, I’m 23, I can take care of us.”

“23…That’s just it. You forget that I’m still 17.”

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