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I tried not to conduct business in my mother’s home. I really, truly did. But sometimes, it was inevitable.

At least I had the decency to wait for everyone to fall asleep.

Sergio Ricci kneeled before me, his hands tied behind his back and his face bloodied and swollen beyond recognition. I never imagined my enemy’s son would be stupid enough to approach the border of my territory.

My men captured him the moment he crossed the security perimeter that surrounded my childhood home and protected my family. A stupid decision on his part.

My knuckles were sore despite the brass rings that did most of the damage to his face. I was quickly growing tired of his begging and refusal to rat his father out.

“This won’t end well for you, Sergio,” I said calmly, handing the brass knuckles off to one of my men and wiping my hands clean with a handkerchief. I squatted before him, bringing myself to his eye-level. “This will all be over the moment you tell me what Salvatore has planned.”

He began to sob again. “I told you, I d-don’t know!”

I sighed out my disappointment. “Wrong answer.” With a flick of my wrist, my men jumped into action – knowing exactly which method of torture I’d implement next.

One of them dragged a chair to the center of the large basement while the others approached with a towel and several buckets of hot water.

Sergio’s eyes widened in horror. “No! Please…”

I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, already having sweat through the fabric since I’d exerted myself so much earlier. I waited as my men dragged him to the chair and adjusted his restraints. The overhead light flickered a few times before shining steadily on my victim.

I circled the chair, watching Sergio struggle against the ropes that bound him – begging helplessly to be released. “I will ask you one more time, Sergio. What is your father planning? Why were you sneaking around my territory?”

“P-please,” he cried, his voice weakened now that he’d exhausted himself with his futile attempts to break free.

I snapped my fingers, watching the men toss the towel over his face and hold him down. Vince approached with the first bucket, the steam rising from the surface. He poured it over Sergio’s face, a steady stream that allowed no air to pass into his lungs. The more he screamed, the worse it was for him. His garbled cries were drowned by the water pouring over him. I waited patiently for the bucket to be emptied.

When they were done, they removed the towel and he gasped for air, coughing violently. Steam rose from his skin, his face blotchy and blistered from the severe burns he’d just acquired.

“What is he planning?” I asked again, my voice calm as the stillness of an undisturbed lake.

“I said I didn’t know,” he wailed, the words turning into a scream when the towel was thrown over his face again.

I watched him struggle, feeling no remorse as he choked and howled. It was a good thing we were in the basement, leaving two floors between my sleeping family and everyone here in the room with me. I fleetingly wondered how many times my father had conducted business this way – his children sleeping soundly in their beds.


Vince immediately stopped his actions and pulled the towel from Sergio’s face. He coughed weakly, his eyes rolling shut as he began to lose consciousness. He’d never be able to talk now.

“Clean him up and have Danny treat his injuries. We’ll begin again in the morning. Send word to Salvatore. Let him know we have something precious of his. Send pictures.”

I was exhausted, and Sergio held out much longer than I expected. He wouldn’t be able to hold off for long, though. Tomorrow would mark the start of a new day, a new method of torture. He might think himself strong now, but that was easy for a man who hadn’t felt a needle penetrate his eye, or a scalpel lift his nails from the bed.

It was only a matter of time before he broke.

They all did eventually.

After a hot shower, I threw on a pair of sweatpants and made my way to Calliope’s room. My mother had given her the nicest of the guestrooms per my request.

Normally, I’d be sleeping in my old room, but I was hard up and too wired to go to sleep. Plus, I wanted to feel her body next to mine after dealing with Sergio.

It was nearly 4:00 A.M., and I’d allowed Calliope to sit this one out. She had been through enough emotional turmoil with my sister earlier, but as a member of my team, participating in and bearing witness to the punishments of my enemies and traitors to the family was an eventuality that couldn’t be prolonged forever.

In a few more weeks she’d be cleared by my brother and ready to resume her training in full force. I fully intended to make good on my promise and have her work as my personal bounty hunter. I already knew she’d be incredible at it.

I let myself into her room, doing my best to keep silent as I approached the bed. She slept soundly on her belly, her face turned to the side and her right leg bent at the knee. Her long, thick hair fell over the pillow like a dark, silken sheet.

The bedsheets were bunched around her waist, giving me the perfect view of her body clad in a sheer, light-blue nightgown that I immediately recognized from my childhood as my mother’s. The difference was, Calliope made it look sexy.

Shoving my sweatpants down, I rolled a condom over my length and slipped into the bed buck naked beside her. She stirred when the mattress dipped from my weight, her green eyes fluttering open and closed again.

I watched her for a moment, waiting to see if she’d wake up. When the heavy sound of her breathing reached my ears, I knew she had fallen back asleep. That would never do.

Running my hand over her cheek, I traced her soft features, appreciating her beauty in a more intimate way. My dick was so hard, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Flipping her onto her back, I pushed her legs apart and nestled myself between them. She didn’t have any panties on, and my cock was greeted by her bare pussy, warm and ready for me.

Her eyes opened and I waited for her brain to register what was happening. If it weren’t for her fear of being held down, I would have already sunken myself into her depths. But, since I was a gentleman, I waited for her to recognize me before advancing any further.



I shoved myself inside her, pushing her knees to her shoulders and leaning forward so that our lips would touch.

“Ah,” she breathed into my mouth and her hands shot to the crooks of my arms, her short nails digging into my skin. “God…”

“Not quite.” I kissed her hard on the mouth, savoring the taste of her as I thrust in and out of her steadily.

She moaned into my mouth, her sexy legs locking around my waist as her hands trailed up my arms and into my hair. I loved the way she dug her fingers into my scalp and pulled hard. The way her lips quivered and her thighs trembled against my hips was a telltale sign that she was close to reaching her threshold.

I kept my hands on either side of her, always conscious of her fear despite my desire to pin her wrists over her head and possess her completely. Maybe she’d come around one day, once she trusted me enough to do the kinky shit I liked. But for now, this was good.

More than good.

“What time is it?” she moaned, her head falling back as I plunged deep, stroking her G-spot with my long dick.

“Early.” I was in no mood to converse – not unless we were talking dirty.

I slid my right hand beneath the hem of her night gown, pushing it up over her chest to reveal those perky tits. Her light brown nipples were erect, looking fucking delicious as they bounced up and down with the force of my thrusts.

I watched the sweat collect between her breasts, making her golden-brown skin shine. I couldn’t resist, so I craned my neck and sucked a pert nipple into my mouth. She shuddered, a shaky moan coming out and her fingers tugging at my hair.


“Yea, baby?”


That nearly did me in. “Fuck…” I increased the force of my thrusts, granting her request with enthusiasm.

She ran her hands down my back, her fingers digging into my ass and pulling me harder against her. Her zeal excited me, nearly driving me over the edge. She turned her face into my neck, moaning quietly and letting her warm breath wash over my skin.

I felt her start to convulse beneath me, her long legs gripping me like a vice as the pleasure washed over her. She muffled her cries against my skin, digging her nails harder into my ass as she found her release.

The performance was so sexy, my own release quickly climbed over the horizon. Try as I might to hold it back, it burst through me like a river, busting the dam open and rushing in.

“Shit…” I groaned, dumping my soul into that condom. I fucking wished there was no barrier between us, but until we were both medically cleared, and she was started on birth control, it wouldn’t be possible.

I collapsed on her slender frame, breathing hard through the pleasure that nearly broke me apart. She trailed the tips of her fingers over my back, caressing me like a lover.

I suppose that was what we were. Lovers.

It could never be anything more, of course. I wasn’t looking to settle down and Calliope had made her disinterest in that sort of relationship clear. She was every man’s dream girl; gorgeous, amazing in bed, and apathetic to any form of commitment.

I was one lucky man.

Rolling off her, I tied the condom off and tossed it in the bin beside the bed. I lay on my back, closed my eyes, and began to drift.

“Um, what are you doing?” she asked.

I cracked an eye open to look at her. “Sleeping.”

“Don’t you have your own room?”

I opened both eyes and turned my head to face her. “Yes, but I’m comfortable here.”

She scrunched up her nose the same way she always did when she was faced with something she didn’t like. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

I arched a brow, rolling onto my side to give her my full attention. “Oh? And why is that?”

“Sleeping together is something that couples do. We’re not a couple. I think you should go back to your room.”

I was at a loss for words. Was she actually kicking me out of her bed? Suddenly, I didn’t feel so lucky.

“You’re shitting me, right?”

She furrowed her brows. “I’m very serious.”

It took a second for the reality of her words to fully sink in. This was really happening. I, Luca Moretti, was actually getting kicked out of a beautiful woman’s bed. That was something that’d never happened before. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

Too shocked to form a response, I rose from the bed, pulled my sweatpants on and walked to the door.

“Good night,” she said.

I faced her, absorbing how beautiful she looked – especially after being fucked into completion. I had to respect her stoicism. She didn’t even seem bothered by the fact that she was kicking me out.

“Sweet dreams, Calliope.”

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