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(Sample) "I wish you were dead!" He shouts. "Then kill me!" I scream. He grabs my throat and slams me up against the wall. "I just might." He smirks. Evangeline has just lost her mother and has to live with her stepdad. Who has become a drunk and abusive towards her. Will she tell anyone about him or keep it a secret? Cody is Evangeline's neighbor, best friend, and he's in love with her. Of course she doesn't know this. Will Cody tell her how he really feels about her or will he keep his secret? When everyone is hiding secrets and trying to pretend that everything is okay then is it actually okay? Will these secrets get out? If they do what will be the outcome? When you are keeping everything bottles up inside of you it eventually slips out. The truth will always come out.

Drama / Romance
Mickey Myjak
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Eve's P.O.V

My name is Evangeline Rose I am sixteen. I have strawberry wavy blonde hair that stops at my butt. My eyes are emerald green. I'm 5'1 and slightly curvy but my best friend Cody says I'm very petite. Cody Sanders is eighteen and my absolute best friend. I've known him since I was five. He has curly, short blonde hair and bright blue eyes like the ocean. He's 6ft and has a very muscular body. I moved here to Maine in the small town of Bar Harbor when I was just five years old. I was living with my mom and dad in Manhattan NY, but when my dad died in a car accident my mom decided to move here. Her parents, my grandparents live here and we didn't have any family in New York. So my mom decided that us moving to Maine would be what's best. I don't remember much of my dad anymore, which is really sad to me. My mom has been my everything, she's always there for me and I love her so much. I was perfectly happy with it just being me and mom. Although she started dating this guy Sebastian when I was thirteen, a year later they got married and now I have a stepdad. Sebastian is okay and he makes my mom happy...well made her happy. My mom recently just died from breast cancer and I miss her so much everyday. My mom was full of life and always happy. Her name was Liz, she had short hair but it was strawberry blonde like mine. Her eyes were hazel and she was 5'3 and curvy. She died at the age of thirty-nine. Her and Cody's moms were best friends, and yes you heard me right I said moms. Cody's moms are Ella and Marie. Ella is forty-three and she has short brown hair. Her eyes are blue like Cody's. She is 5'5 and very skinny. Marie is forty with long straight blonde hair and brown eyes. She's 5'2 with an hourglass figure. They have always been so sweet to me and ever since mom died they have been there for me. I've been going over to their house a lot more ever since mom died. I just don't like to be alone with Sebastian. Sebastian is forty-two with black hair and brown eyes. He's 6'1 and has a muscular build. He's also been very angry lately and I'm writing this journal in case anything bad happens to me and I'm not here to tell it. If you find this then I'm probably dead and I know who killed me. Sebastian.

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