The Healer

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Chapter 9

Mirko watched Rae walk down the docks back towards her home. It was a small world after all. To think he’d run into the only child of his old mentor here in Corthira. Of course, Master Tore’s daughter would have what it takes to become a healer. If circumstances had been right, Mirko was sure Master Tore himself would have been.

Still, the girl was so naïve. Mirko had almost forgotten what it was like to still believe the world a wonderful and beautiful place to be. His mood darkened. That is, until it killed him. Until the humans killed him. There was nothing worth saving in them. Rae would learn this soon.

He watched as she stopped next to a man suffering from aging joints. One touch and the man was able to walk better. Judging from the old man’s smile for Rae, he had no idea Rae had used magic to help him. She reached into the satchel she always carried with her and pulled out a small jar to give to the old man. The old man nearly fell over in his attempts to bow in gratitude to her.

“She’s being careless,” Mirko muttered, eyes narrowed with concern. “What if someone saw that glow?”

Did she think they wouldn’t turn her in? Or that the humans who she helped would protect her, risking their lives? That went beyond foolish.

As if fate had decided to validate his thoughts, someone screamed. Turning he saw soldiers marching a young woman between them. She struggled to pull away from them, tears streaming down her face. Mirko saw the solid black eyes of the two soldiers and realized they were both darnots. The only time darnots arrested anyone was if they weren’t human. Their natural ability to suppress any magic made them ideal for such situations.

Mirko’s hands clenched around the railing of the ship he stood on until his knuckles turned white.

His eyes darted to where Rae still stood with the old man. Her eyes held no anger. Only pity and helplessness.

“I have to keep her safe,” he told himself again. His rage filled eyes moved back to the woman being dragged to her death. “I have to keep them all safe.” “It’s time.”

He held out his arms and released his power. “I will sacrifice mind, body, and even my very soul if that’s what it takes to save them from the humans.”

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