The Healer

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Chapter 17

Rae started with Ada and Santo. The husband and wife were working in her clinic within The Slums. With luck, she found Tino and Bertha there with them.

“Rae, welcome back,” Ada greeted with a tired smile.

The four of them had been working as hard as she, tending to everyone while she bounced between the sick here and in the castle. Rae took a moment to memorize each face as she smiled. Soon they would all get some rest.

“How is everything?”

“As good as can be expected.”

“Well, I brought more medicine courtesy of a Cavosian sea captain. They wish to help us.”

“At what cost?” Santo asked skeptically.

“Don’t be so cynical, Santo,” Ada admonished her husband as she took the medicine case from Rae.

“They gave us the medicine without a cost. He did however ask if King Leone would consider changing the laws regarding magi. The Captain said that the Rulers of Cavos ask that instead of execution, if he would consider deportation as the punishment.” Rae crossed her arms. “I hope he agrees.”

Ada placed the medicine case on the table and opened it. “Well, they’re making good on the helping us part. Many of these are the herbs that work the best.”

“I’ll take some of these medicines back to the castle with me, unless you left some there?” Berta asked, her hands pausing over the medicine as she looked up at Rae.

Rae shook her head. “I honestly didn’t think about it.”

Berta gathered some of the medicines. “Are you coming back with us?”

Rae shook her head. “I have something to take care of first.” Turning to, Ada, she asked, “And saying that, Ada, you and Santo have things under control here for the moment, right?”

As Santo nodded, Ada said, “Yes, we’ll be alright while you run your errand. Well, as alright as anyone is right now.”

“Good. I’ll leave the clinic in your very capable hands.” Turning to Berta, she added, “And the castle in yours.” Rae waved with a warm smile. Once the door was shut behind her, she whispered, “Good-bye and may the Gods bless you.”

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