The Healer

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Chapter 19

The power rippled through the city, mending all it touched. King Leone watched it from his study window with wide eyes. When the green power reached him, he felt aches disappear, and the exhaustion that consumed him since the plague hit fade.

After a few minutes, Armo, the physician that had caught the plague, came stumbling into his study. Which was a surprise to King Leone as the last time he’d seen Armo the physician had been one of the bedridden. “I apologize for the intrusion, your majesty, but the plague victims are all recovering. Whatever that green light was seemed to have cured us all completely. In fact, it healed everything. Not just the plague.”

Leone spun around and hurried out of the room. Pushing the door to his son’s room open, he saw Dante sitting up on his bed. The young prince’s color was completely normal, and he could draw in breath without coughing. Every sore that had once covered his body had vanished.

“Lord Father?” Dante said almost hesitantly.

Leone ran over and wrapped his arms around his son. “Thank the Gods.”


Leone looked over at the door.

Captain Cilmion leaned on the frame with his arms crossed over his chest. “It’s ‘thank the Goddess.’ Goddess Chesed more specifically. Sorry if I’m intruding but I saw the commotion and came to check it out.”

Leone ignored the last bit in favor of his explanation. “Chesed did this?”

“In a way. That green light we all saw is her magical signature. She would have acted through someone. One of those Healers I told you about earlier. Like the one that saved our city from plague.” Cilmion looked out the window towards the city. “Healers are blessed by Chesed and that green glow is the hallmark of their power. Using that much means that Chesed gave them more power to heal everyone.”

“Did you not say that doing so killed the one from your country?”

Cilmion nodded solemnly. “Yes.”

Standing, Leone moved to the window, eyes going to the temple where the power originated. Turning he left his son’s room shouting orders for his personal guard to follow him as he went with Captain Cilmion behind him. When they reached Chesed’s Temple, they saw Rae kneeling on the floor crying as Luca Ramberti held her close. Next to them lay a dock worker.

“Luca, what happened?” Leone demanded with concern.

Before he could respond, Rae spoke around her sobs. “Mirko saved everyone. He drained himself to save us all.”

“He was a healer?” Captain Cilmion asked her. When she nodded, he gave a sad sigh. “Just like the Healer from my home country sacrificed herself to save everyone else.”

“He saved us with magic?” Leone asked.

Rae nodded again. “The Lady Chesed helped him.”

“I see.” Leone looked at Mirko then let out a long breath. “Let us get you someplace to rest, Rae.”

“I’ll take her.” Luca’s tone did not leave room for argument as he lifted her in his arms.

Rae let out a surprised yelp as she grabbed hold of him for balance.

King Leone nodded in agreement. “Very well.” With a gesture, he had some of the men with him gathering Mirko’s body. “We will bury him with honors. It is because of him that so many survived this, making it the least we can do for him.”

“You could do more, King Leone,” Rae spoke softly. “You could use what he did to save the other magi of Vitali.”

He considered her before nodding.

Without another word, Luca carried Rae out. Once outside, he said, “You didn’t tell him that Mirko was the one who started the plague.”

“That wouldn’t help anyone,” she answered resting her forehead against his shoulder. “At least this way, I can save the others. King Leone can and will use this to change everything. I couldn’t save Mirko, but I can save everyone else.”

Luca nodded, tightening his grip on her when he felt the tremors run through her as she cried herself to sleep.

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