The Healer

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Chapter 5

He watched the humans below through the window of his room. They scurried along the docks like rats. Moving back and forth, unaware that their crimes had already been judged and the punishment was about to be dealt out by his hand.

Sighing, he felt a momentary pang for the ones he had already killed in his efforts to protect others. Eight total and each one weighed heavy on his heart. Despite their crimes, killing was not something he enjoyed. But it was necessary in order to protect the rest of his kind. He had to save the magi no matter what it cost.

He had tried other ways. Smuggling magi out of the country on various ships. He’d even given his life for one of his own once. However, none of it had been enough. His people were still being executed, and the last one had been one too many. He couldn’t stand it. No matter what it took, he would protect them all. Even if it meant killing the humans. All of them. They deserved it really, after all the blood on their hands. Innocent blood.

Their punishment was almost ready. He just had to figure out what happened with the one man who survived.

He wasn’t sure how it happened. He had carefully created and modified this disease to perfection. So far, as expected, it had been completely effective. There was just one glaring exception, the man from the docks who had been taken to the new herbalist in The Slums.

What had that woman done that the physicians couldn’t or didn’t?

He had to figure it out before going through with his plan.

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