Truth of my hard life

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This is my life I am not understand as much as other kids... but I'm as powerful... I'm as intelligent.... and I'm un beatable!!!!

Drama / Poetry
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pain through a final stance

People treat me bad forcing me a path.

But take a wrong step no they have to show me wrath.

Like dis morning I was pushed

Over and over like a dog sled.. mush!

I can’t take it

It’s too much

I try to tell them

But I speak Dutch.

Don’t you see

I’m stressed afar

I’m human too

Your burning my scar

Fire burns but they spark it.

Ice is cold but They freeze it.

Storm surges but they make it

Don’t you see the that I can’t take it

Now I can’t stand………..

The knocking like before

Torcher’s at the door

Candle light small and dim

They beat it down at each small whim

Like a tiger hear me roar

Like an angel see me soar

I won’t give up I can make it

Even though that I can’t take it

Though they all put me down

They’ll be cheering all around

When I beat my greatest rival

When they see my last archival!!

The knocking like before...…...

Fan all at the door...…...

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