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When ethical behaviour is now unknown how many teenagers know not to sleep with their parents? It is not wise to sleep with your children and to have In this series of hush there are too likely events one is to bother you with facts which some say should stay hidden the other is to expose the myths and the urban legends that we all know each others business and do we do the wise? One it is most important to think when one is doing this and two we must always not sleep with relatives. It is not wise and can lead to complications. No not them they did nothing of the sort and it is odd they threw me out for not being like them and now they have been and told me what they did in fact they drew some interesting insights. The thing is owing no loyalty to them and their thinking me a nuisance I am now obliged to them for their stories and think it is the better that I was not involved.

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Chapter 1

We were all hushed and shut up as we were told the secrets and the scandals which were the modern Muslim family living in Britain and making out with this and that. We lived and worked in that part and did our bit in the taxing work but when we went to do something like leisure, we were deemed unfit. I am sorry to speak so bluntly there is too much of me inside these stories inside them the whole family have begun to stink. It is a wayward child they say I am in that child here there and everywhere they speak to me these past monsters. In the lasting days of the past when the sun used to shine all the time and we were busking in the limelight. In the days when we were so lost for words and made it worst there seemed to be a wind blowing a tidal wave which made us stick to each other as if we were bereft of the other dimensions to the world. Words were lost in anguished sighs as the devils in our family became the monsters who stained the virgins of ours. We were told murder will out and stepped out not at all. Here we go and there was nothing to give our husbands so the family made arrangements because then the violence would have happened, they had to protect their own.

There was not much to speak about other than to say what does it matter what they did to each other when that meant they did give us the wrong experience for life? We are the foolish we were the fooled and then we became the lawyers and the law breaks the white-collar crooks.

“We lived and earned and you did not.”

“You are a cleaner and a cook what does it do to me when I am near you but to make me look odd, I am a woman of some means,”

“It is absurd is it not when one does not sleep with one’s father, they give me out and speak ill about me.”

“The family is there and they need your blood.”

“My blood is contaminated.”

“With what?”

“Poisons and there are a viper inside me growing.”

“You must grovel to us.” says a half-sister.

I will do not worry there are ways she seems to be saying when we can lock you up and throw away the key there.

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