His Woman to Claim: Book 1: Sammy

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He accused me of helping to hurt his sister. He looked at me with hate in his eyes. He turned and left me standing there. Then I was kidnapped. My love, my brothers best friend left me after accusing me of helping to hurt his sister my best friend. I was kidnapped, raped, beaten and had my rapist name carved into my back. My love became the president of the Wild Rider MC and goes by Wolf. He hides his face from everyone but his club members. I didn't know Gene was called wolf. I still love him but my heart his shattered. I turned to riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. I do the most dangerous jumps, and flips hoping to make that one mistake. The mistake that ends my life. My brother moved us to a new town and he is to become the new VP of the Wild Riders. What will happen when I see my love again? Will he look at me with hate or love? Will I run or will I jump Devils Run that my brothers forbid me to try.

Drama / Romance
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chapter 1: Wolf see's his love again

My name is Samantha. I live with my five older brothers who are very protective of me. Especially after what happened to me a year ago. It has been one year I was kidnapped by The Red Devil’s President. He raped, beat, and carved his name into my back. I was able to escape a month after I was captured. It happened after the love of my life my brother’s best friend accused me of helping to hurt his sister. My best friend. I didn’t do it.

As we arrived at the new house my brother’s told me that the basement was mine. I had my own apartment down there. Nice living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This is great and it was furnished. Outback the field is set up for trail bikes and trick riding. I was pumped to try it out. Norman looked up and spoke.

"We have to attend church will you be alright alone?"

" Yes, I said. I told them that I planned to go into town and look for a good gym to join."

" All right but be careful."

" I will" I said looking at him smiling.

As I was working out on the punching bag in the backyard. I noticed that I was being watched. A girl walked up and spoke.

“My name is Tammy”.

"I told her that my name is Sammy."

Tammy looked at me and said, "you know what you are doing."

“I should I’ve have been boxing for over a year now I said.”

"Do you box professionally?"

I laughed and spoke.

“I sure do. I go by the name Viper.”

"Shit," she said. "I knew I recognized you from somewhere."

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