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The Second Time

I don’t know why I went for the auditions a second time. Maybe it was because I really had enjoyed doing the drama last year, really had felt special doing it. So I went, and nothing happened.

But a few days later, I happened to run into our house captain, and he happened to mention that I was cast as Puck.

Puck. A dream, a dream come true.

Puck was the character I had wanted ever since I heard that we were doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I had already watched the drama before, and had always wanted to play Puck, to be that mischievous sprite that sets the entire plot into action.

I suspected that it was my short hair that got me the role(I'm a girl, by the way), and have never been so grateful for my short hair.

The practices started, and everything was going perfectly. I remembered all my lines after a day or two and managed to memorize everybody else’s lines as well, which got some surprised looks. I was not the funniest person, but I managed to act Puck’s part okay.

Drama day. I was a mass of nerves all morning, but during our final practice I managed to act it fine, and I felt as light as air as I skipped and twirled my way across the stage. Then I went with my friend to her house to get dressed. It was my first time in her house- I am not the type to have sleepovers- and it just made me even more nervous. Her mum seemed to think that I was too thin and simply heaped my plate with food which I had to force in while my friend ate her own food, smirking. And then when I was finally making some headway, who should come along but her grandmother and serve a double helping onto my plate. Either she didn’t see my attempts to hide the plate under the table or she was ignoring them.

Mealtime finally over, I dressed in a green t-shirt and jeans and slung this garland of leaves across my front. My friend was acting as Hermia and looked quite high-and-mighty in a dark velvet dress. Her mother did her makeup but didn’t try to do mine and I was too shy to ask, but my friend told her to do my makeup as well, and her mum blushed and admitted that she thought I was acting as a tree.

Like, wow. I sure hoped the judges wouldn’t see it that way.

We went over to the school, I fixed myself a wreath of flowers and leaves, and then boom- we were onstage. We’d already seen the Cetus and Ursa house dramas, and Cetus’s superb production of Macbeth did not help our morale.

Well, action!

That twenty minutes was a blur of lights and voices, but afterwards everyone told me that I had been astonishingly loud and quiet excellent. Well, that got me hoping. I so badly wanted to get the award for Best Supporting Actress- the Best Actress was already taken by our friend acting Lady Macbeth, without a doubt.

Well, after an agonizingly long time of waiting, they announced the results. But before that, they read out the nominees for the four main awards.

Best Supporting Actress nominees: Puck, Hecat and Gratiano.

I couldn’t help hoping, hoping so much.

But the Best Supporting Actress was tied between Hecat and Gratiano, and I had never been so disappointed.

But our Bottom got Best Actor, and Aquila house got second place is the Inter House Drama Competition 2019.

I was happy. Delighted, in fact. My name on that nominee list meant a lot to me. It told me that I could be good at this.

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