My Convict

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The love we had for each other was the type, to confuse the hell out of everyone. But in the end, I would always be his stripper and he, my convict. Just when I'm about to cum, he pulls his fingers out, causing me to whimper. "Why'd you stop?" I whine. Elijah smirks. "Because I want you to beg for it." "You can't be serious?" I ask, in disbelief. "Oh, I'm serious." He says, putting a finger in me. "Now beg perle." And just like that, I was begging for him to continue. He gladly complies, finger fucking me till I cum. Elijah pulls away for a minute, slipping on a condom. I look down at his junk and my eyes widen. It's bigger than Samuel's. It's been months since I had sex. Eighteen to be exact. I needed this. Elijah slams himself inside of me, causing a scream like moan to escape my lips. He places kisses all over my face while plunging inside in me. I'm never forgetting this night.

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1- How It Started


1 year ago

Tears fall from my eyes as I stare into the eyes of my dying mother. I make sure to look at her deeply, remembering all her features. Tears start to stream down her face, which causes me to cry even more. She was in pain, and couldn’t take living on this earth anymore. Her final moments in this hospital bed meant a lot to her. I listen to her, while she’s making her final wishes.

“Brandy, please quit that stupid ass job at that damn club, and start a new life.” My mother says. “I know that you hate me bringing up what happened between you and Isaac, but you have to move on. You’ll find someone when the time is right. And even though you can’t have children, I know that you’ll be a good mother.”

She was right, I hated her bringing up what happened between me and Isaac. I’ve regretted a lot of things in my twenty-four years of living, and dating Isaac is definitely one of them.

I hate him for all the hell he put me through for the past five years. “Okay, mama,” I whisper, trying my best not to let out a sob. My mother wipes the tears off her face and tries to form a glare.

Keyword tries.

“Stop crying, crying is not going to erase this from happening. It’s not going to change anything, I’m going to die. Yes, it’s going to hurt, and yes you’re going to cry a lot but it’s up to you to change that.” Mama says wisely. I can hear the tremble in her voice, she was getting weaker by the seconds. At the age of forty-five, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. When the doctors found the cancer it was already too late, it had already spread.

Now at the age of forty-seven, my mother is giving up the fight for her life. “I love you baby girl.” She says closing her eyes.

“I love you too, mama.” My crying continues as her body becomes lifeless.

A few weeks later.

I walk into the club with a plain black dress on. The dress stops at my mid-thigh, showing off my nice toned legs. It’s been about five weeks since my mother passed away and I still hadn’t let what she said to me sink in. My stubbornness was getting in the way of me quitting this job.

Walking to the back of the bar, a breath escapes my lips as I begin to work. There is much to do tonight because the club is so full. We have people from all around the city here today and they definitely wanted to party, seeing as everyone gets in free until midnight.

Hours go by and it’s finally my break. Sitting in the employee section of the club, Shanelle comes up and talks to me. Shanelle wasn’t really a friend but mainly an associate. I couldn’t have friends for shit in this world, and it’s not because I’m picky or anything, it’s just because I don’t trust people.

Shanelle is a very pretty girl, she’s light-skinned and has big honey brown eyes. Her button nose is slightly crooked, but her full lips make up for it. From the time that I’ve seen her, she’s only had her real hair out once. Other than that time, it’s always been weave. Peruvian hair is her favorite. She once said that she couldn’t imagine putting any other weave in her hair

Her job at the club is being a stripper, but she does other things on the side. (If you know what I mean.) I’m not one to judge, she can do what she wants. Just as long as she’s safe. “How are you holding up with your mom dying and all?” She asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I bite down on the inside of my cheeks. “Handling it.” I simply say, not wanting to talk about it.

“Don’t you think you should be at home... Mourning.” Shanelle suggests, looking at me worriedly.

“Nope, I just want everything to go back to being normal,” I respond, blandly. “Plus if I don’t come to work, who’s going to pay my bills.”

Shanelle nods her head, “I feel you on that.”

“Brandy, go serve these drinks to the men in the closed room.” My boss says interrupting us. He was rude and sometimes annoying, note how he didn’t even say please. He knows I’m on my break.

Taking the bottle of Hennessy and Elite from his hand, I nod my head. “Sure thing boss man.” Trap music plays over the dance floor as a row of people dances. Walking out of the employee section, my eyes land on the closed room section. Only rich important people are allowed to rent out the room. I don’t get why though. In my eyes it was just a room, with a door that had strippers inside, dancing. The only time I would go in there is when it was my time to serve. Other than that, the stage was my dancing place.

Stopping at the door that I’m supposed to deliver the drinks at, I can hear men shouting.‘Don’t go in there.’ The voice in my head says. Shaking my head, I ignore the voice in my head. This is my job and I need to do it.

Opening the door to the room, I gasp in shock and drop the drinks.

Everyone on the right side of the room had their guns pointed at everyone who was on the left side of the room, who did the same thing. They must’ve heard the sound of glass breaking because they turn towards me. Everyone on the left side had their eyes trained on me, looking confused, but everyone on the right side looks away and starts shooting.

I wanted to move so badly, but my feet wouldn’t let me. The sounds of gunshots had me frozen. Everyone on the left side of the room drops to the ground, dead. The smell of blood lingers all around the room.

Next thing I know, all eyes are on me.

My eyes drift from the men in the room, then back at the door. 'Run Girl! Girl run!′ The voice in my head says. This time I actually listen to the voice and take off running. Just when I thought I made it far, my hair was snatched by a very rough hand.

Whoever snatched my hair, pulls me back into the room and shuts the door. Tears instantly start to fall from eyes, when my scalp starts hurting. Looking up to see who it was that grabbed my hair, a pair of beautiful bright blue eyes, stares down at me.

‘I’m definitely in trouble.’

"Look what we have here, boys.” The blue eye stranger says. He has an accent, which makes it kinda hard to understand him. He pulls my hair a little more, letting all his men look at me.

Before the man can say anything else, my mouth opens.“Please let me go I won’t say anything, I swear.”

A cold smirk plays on his lips. “Why would I want to let you go perle?” He questions. “You swearing on your life means nothing to me.”

“Because you don’t need me?” It comes out more like a question.

He lets out a chuckle, sending chills down my back. If it were under different circumstances, my heart would’ve swoon “You don’t know that I just might need you.”

“Hey, boss can we keep her?” One of his men ask. My body shivers in disgust.

The blue eye stranger looks me up and down, before letting my hair go. “I don’t know boys. Gehen finden mich Shanelle." He says to them. I didn’t understand a word he said, but I do know that it involves Shanelle.

How the fuck did that bitch know him?

The stranger stares at me, while he sits down. His long dirty blond hair stops just past his shoulders, while his beard is as long as it can be. His blue eyes shine like the sun, and his body is toned.

He is a god.

After a few minutes of waiting, Shanelle comes walking through the door. She looks at the stranger, then her eyes fall on me. A panic expression marks her features. “Shanelle do you know, her?” The stranger asks.

“Yeah, I know her Elijah.” Shanelle answers.

So that’s what his name is.

“Tell me what you know about her.” He orders.

Shanelle looks at me for a minute then back at Elijah. “I only know that she started working here a few years back. She’s really good at her job.”

“She has any family?”

Really dude, why don’t you just ask me that

“None that I know about. Her mother just recently died.” Thoughts of my mother start to come back.

She would beat the crap out of me right now

“That’s all Shanelle, you can go,” Elijah says, dismissing her. Shanelle seems hesitant at first, but leaves. “Everyone out!” Elijah yells, making all his men leave the room. It was only me and him. “Sit.” He orders, patting on the seat beside him.

“I’m fine right here.” He raises his eyebrow at me and I quickly get up and sit down.

“What’s your name, Schatz?” He asks.

“Br... Brandy.” I mutter. He nods his head and places a hand on my thigh and slowly starts to rub it. Moving his hand off me, he places it right back on my thigh.

This feels so good


Elijah leans in and whispers, “I’ll let you go. No harm will ever come your way. But first I’m going to need you to do three things for me.

My mouth opens and the word, “Okay.” Comes out.

“I don’t know when but, I’m going to prison one day.” He says, causing me to frown. What does this have to do with me? “Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything dangerous. But when I come to you, I will need your help.”

“Alright.” His arms wrap around my back and in one gentle pull our skin touches. I feel his hands in my hair, then my cheek and finally my lips.

This was wrong in so many ways, but right now I really didn’t care.

A soft moan escapes my lips and Elijah groans. Undoing my jeans, Elijah pulls them right off. Kissing from my toes and upwards, slowly he moves his hands to my legs. Pushing him off me, I sit up. “Wait, we can’t do this.” He frowns at me. “There are dead bodies on the floor for goodness sakes. ”

“They don’t mind. If anything they’re enjoying the show.” He says with a smirk. He kisses, pulling me back down. I feel my back arch in anticipation, knowing where his fingers will soon reach. Before I can even get a chance to think, we are both naked and our skin is moving softly together, like the finest of silk. I feel his hand enter from below moving fast, our tongues entwined in a kiss, and then he’s inside, changing my breathing with every thrust, hearing my moans timed to his body.

Just when I’m about to cum, he pulls his fingers out, causing me to whimper. “Why’d you stop?” I whine.

Elijah smirks. “Because I want you to beg for it.”

“You can’t be serious?” I ask, in disbelief.

“Oh, I’m serious.” He says, putting a finger in me. “Now beg perle.” And just like that, I was begging for him to continue. He gladly complies, finger fucking me till I cum. Elijah pulls away for a minute, slipping on a condom. I look down at his junk and my eyes widen. It’s bigger than Samuel’s.

It’s been months since I had sex. Eighteen to be exact.

I needed this.

Elijah slams himself inside of me, causing a scream like moan to escape my lips. He places kisses all over my face while plunging inside in me.

I’m never forgetting this night...

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