His Departure

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You weren't meant to leave us so soon Based on a true event

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His Departure

It wasn't really a special day. Just an ordinary day where I practically did nothing but lie around.

It was Saturday night. Well more precisely it was past 12, nearing to 2 a.m so I guess it's Sunday?

Don't care.

I was watching the Shannara Chronicles in Netflix. Season two wasn't much of an Interest to me compared to season one, but I loved how Wil Omsford looked in the new season so I continued watching the series.

I was more excited about what's to happen two days after. My friends and I had planned to meet up at one of us girl's house bright and early even before the sun was to be out. We decided it to be around 5:30, in our pajamas to go over to her place and sleep over all together and then cook lunch together and spend the day.

It's no big deal of course. I've hung over at friends places a million times. But never cooked together, so this was going to be a new experience not to mention fun day to us girls.

While watching the fourth episode I got a call from my BFF, Maryam. It's her house we decided to hang out on Tuesday. It's normal getting calls from her at this time of the night. I thought she was calling me to talk about something regarding Tuesday.

I quickly paused the episode and picked up the call.

Before I could excitedly say Hi to her, I heard her weeping. I stopped and stared at my screen wondering if it's the right person calling me. Sure was. The caller ID had "Marii bae❤️" on it. I placed the phone on my ear again. Awaiting for her to say me something.

"Shafraz is dead" was all she said before she started weeping once more.

I chuckled at her and scolded her for teasing me.

Shafraz was one of the guys in our group of friends. We had four girls and seven guys in our group. Shafraz was the funny yet gentle and kind one. Loved by every single one of us. He was a treasure.

So duhhhh I'm going to chuckle and laugh when she says something stupid like that.

Just a couple of minutes ago I even messaged him.

Who's she to joke around like that?

​​​​​"Not funny Mari. I'm not buying that." I teased her waiting for her to start laughing. I mean it's not even April's fool, so what gives?

The line got cut off. Then the call returned, this time it was a group WhatsApp call with both my BFFs, Illu and Mari.

Once again I answered the call and illu's tears stopped me from saying anything, let along swallow.

What the fuck?

"Girls. Not funny. Stop it"

"Stella. He's dead. Shafraz is dead" and Illu burst out in tears.

I shook my head chuckling and denying it. But by now the tears had started streaming down my face.

I didn't believe it. It was most definitely a like.

But the tears wouldn't listen to me.

"He was in his night shift. He came out in his vehicle to grab something to eat. Another vehicle crashed into him as soon as he got out. By the time the ambulance arrived he's already passed away." Mari explained.

This was still a lie.

I cut the line, gasping for air. I hadn't realized I'd been crying so loud. My sister who was beside me switched the light on and stared at me afraid and confused. I couldn't talk. I couldn't say her anything. I continued to weep.

This is not happening. I checked my WhatsApp message with Shafraz. My last message to him not seen yet.

This doesn't mean anything. He's just busy.

Mari and Illu are just jokingng around.

Shafraz had confessed to me and I rejected him, so they're trying to see if I'd care if something happened to him. Yeah that's what's going on.

Then why am I still crying?

Whatsapp status was starting to fill up with status on some accident.

My teacher put something about contacting Shafraz parents for further information.

I still didn't believe it.

I started getting more calls from the guys and girls. Messages bombarded my inbox.

~What the fuck happened? Is it true about shafraz?~

~Stella... Shafraz met with an accident. He's gone. I'm at the hospital~

~There's so much blood. I can't Stella...~

​​​​​Yeah. I can't too.

This is all a group prank by my friends.

My sister continued staring at me. She asked me if to go wake mom. I couldn't reply.

I burst out crying. The pillow wasn't enough comfort. I wailed out so loud.

Someone. Just tell me this is all a lie.

My throat was dry. My eyes hurt.

I called Mari . She was on the call with Zee, Shafraz's best friend. He kept saying me about how much blood the guy had lost. He was crying so hard my tears meant nothing. In the back ground I could hear doctors, or nurses saying something about a stretcher and more assistance. I could hear more crying. Guys voices.

"I'm begging you. Is this all a prank?"

"Stella... It's true. " Mari said in between tears.

My teacher called me . I rejected the call.

A couple of classmates called. I rejected the call.

I switched off the phone and curled up crying. By then my sister had fled to call Mom. She came back with a sleepy eyed mom who began to question me on what's wrong.

I clung on to her, the tears over flowing. She didn't know how to comfort me. Console me.

My girls and I decided to get to the funeral around 7 in the morning. It was 4 now. They asked me to get some rest. Some sleep.

I was awake the whole time. I was ready by 5 and sitting by the clock. Praying for the time to run. My eyes hurt so much from sleep deprivation and the constant tears. I was still crying.

I'm already chubby. But now, I was looking chubbier.

I didn't care. No one would.

At 7:30 still no calls from my girls. I lost my patience.

I had to see. To believe.

Even now I still prayed they were all faking it.

I'd seen the news polls and reports already about the accident. But I couldn't recognize the victim. He was blurred. And so my belief of Shafraz still alive and breathing increased.

He has to be alive.

Ready to throw some jokes at me and annoy me.

At 8 we left home, going straight to Shafraz's.

Even before we reached, the street was full of people.

I still held on to my belief.

We stopped in front of his house. People,relatives and friends spilled out from all over.

I still held on to my belief.

He's alright. He has to be. He mostly definitely is.

We walked in.

We stopped

He was there.

Lying on the table covered in white. A sheet of cloth covering his body. His swollen face open to us.

My belief shattered.

To my right the boys were screaming in pain of losing their friend. My guy best friend was slamming his fist on the wall, his broken bandaged arm tied to his neck. The rest we're either on the floor or leaning on the wall.

His mom was beside him crying her life out. His brothers leaning on the wall. All around people I couldn't recognize.

We walked closer. I stood right above his face.

I kept staring at his closed eye lids.

His face swollen badly.

I looked at his chest begging for it to rise to his breathing. It was still. No movement.

He wasn't breathing.

Finally. It hit me.

Shafraz is dead

I cried. I wept . I couldn't stop.

There he was lying. The guy who had confessed to me two times. And whom I rejected both times. He was a good friend. Best friend. But nothing beyond the limit of a friend.

The guilt gnawed at me. But more importantly the thought that he wasn't going to talk to me anymore made me choke.

I went to a corner and hugged my friend crying and cursing.

It wasn't fair.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Life is never going to be the same.

He will forever be in our hearts and minds.

He will forever live on within us.

We love you Shafraz. We always will.

Hey everyone... Sorry if this wasn't what you had expected. This story is based on a true event.

December - 09 - 2018 my best friend and good friend Shafraz died in a bloody accident at 1:35 a.m

I'm still trying to get over that fact. I still continue to drop him messages in Facebook even though he would never ever reply to them.

May his soul rest in peace .

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