The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 11

"Don't forget to be in the library after school," Cannon said before he walked out of the classroom.

"Wait! I hollered at him." He stopped and turned to look at me. "I'll need a ride home," I said to him. He nodded at me and walked off. I let Rosey know that I didn't need a ride home and I gave my mom a call.

"I don't know how I feel about that April." She said on the phone.

"Mom, I'll be fine. Cannon will take me home as soon as we're done." I said.

"Why can't Cannon just come here and work with you?" She asked.

"Because mom, he is already going out of his way to work with me. I don't want to push it." I said to her. "I promise you that I'm safe with Cannon," I said.

"Fine, but I want you to text me when you're on your way home." She said.

"Okay, I love you, mom," I said and hung up. After the last bell rang. I started to head off to the library where I knew Cannon was already there.

"Hey April, wait up." I heard Cody hollering down the hall. I stopped and waited for him. "Hey, where are you headed?" He asked me.

"To meet your brother in the library," I said. Cody looked at me funny.

"Cannon?" He asked.

"Yeah, he has really been a big help," I said.

"I'll bet he has," Cody said.

"What does that mean?" I asked Cody.

"Nothing, text me when you get home," Cody said and took off out of the school. I wonder what the hell he meant by that. Whatever, I got to the library and Cannon was waiting for me. We did our normal routine and then after about two hours, we were done. I followed Cannon out to his car and he wasn't saying much.

"Cannon?" I said as I buckled my seat belt. He turned and faced me. "Why are you so quiet all the time?" I asked him. He looked back out the window and started the car.

"Maybe I just don't have anything to say." He said.

"But why?" I asked him.

"I don't know April. Maybe because no one has anything interesting to say in return." He said. I took a deep breath.

"I'm not interesting?" I asked him. I got a hint of a smile out of him.

"I talk to you." He said.

"Not very much," I said.

"But I still talk to you." He said. Now he was frustrating me.

"Really Cannon?" I said as I crossed my arms.

"Why are you getting upset April. I talk to you." He said still staring out the window. I just kept my eyes on him and my arms crossed. "What is your problem?" He said.

"You," I said. He took a deep breath and pulled the car over. He put it in park and turned to look at me.

"What do you want from me?" He said. His words shocked me and I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

"I don't know Cannon. I guess I just want you to talk to me more." I said. He kept his eyes on me for a moment and then he undid his seat belt.

"Or maybe you want me to do this." He said as he reached over and took me by the back of my neck and pulled my lips to his. I was surprised and shocked at first. Then I lost myself in him. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled myself into his lap. He allowed me to do this. Then his hands gripped my thighs and he pulled me even closer to him. Our tounges danced perfectly together. I guess you could say I had been thinking about this with Cannon for a while. My body was on fire with the need for him.

His hands went in my shirt and up and down my back. While our lips never parted and we never came up for air. I ran my hands down his hard chest and back up to his face. Our lips parted long enough for him to kiss down my neck and I allowed a soft moan to escape my mouth. "You tasted like cherry's." I heard him say in my ear and I went back to his lips. He sucked on my tongue and he was driving me wild. "Do you want me April?" He asked me. All I could do was moan out yes. He grabbed a handful of my hair and tilted my head up. I felt his tongue run down my neck and then he kissed me again.

"Cannon," I said in his ear. He stopped long enough to look up at me.

"Yes, babe?" He said.

"Do you want me?" I asked him.

"Yes, since the first moment you bumped into me." He said. I smiled at him and he gave me a smile in return.

"Me too," I said.

"What about my brothers?" Cannon asked me. I took a deep breath and moved back to my seat. He looked over at me. He was beautiful to me. In a mysterious way. I could tell he was a man full of secrets and I wanted to know them. I wanted to be a part of them. I don't know why I was so much more attracted to him then I was to Cody and Connor? There was just something about Cannon and now that I have had his lips on mine. All I wanted was more.

"I really care about them. They are good friends." I said.

"Just good friends?" He said. I thought about it for a moment.

"Yes, Cannon just good friends. I haven't made a commitment to anyone." I said.

"Have you done anything with them?" He asked me and I knew he was expecting honesty from me. I only had that to give.

"I have kissed them both, but that's all. I have only kissed them." I said. He looked at me for a moment.

"Thank you for being honest with me." He said.

"It was before my accident and nothing has happened since," I said. I reached out and touched Cannon's face. He leaned into my hand and closed his eyes.

"And now how do you feel?" He asked me.

"I don't know. To be honest I thought you didn't like me." I said. "And now I have a lot to think about," I told him.

"Let me get you home." He said. I nodded at him and he put the car in drive and took off. We pulled up in front of my house and we sat there quietly for a moment.

"Cannon." I started to say, but he cut me off with a kiss. Every time our lips met. It was like fire. Both our bodies reacted and it was hot and passionate. Cannon pulled away catching his breath. I laid my head back with my eyes closed.

"It's hard to not keep kissing you," I said.

"I know." He said. I started to open my door. I felt his hand grab my wrist. I turned to look at him and then I closed the door and climbed into his lap again. Once again our lips were locked, but our hands were all over each other's body.

"I should go," I said trying to remember myself and not make a mistake.

"Okay." He said as he opened his side door and I stepped out. Once I was outside of the car. Cannon stepped out with me. He looked around for a moment and then the next thing I knew I was pressed against his car. His lips found mine, again and again, I felt the fire. Fuck, I could kiss him forever. I said to myself. I pulled back and then kissed him one more time and took off to the house. I was breathing hard as I stop at the front door and turned to look at him one last time. I smiled and he smiled back at me. Thank god my grams wasn't on the porch. I didn't want to explain this to anyone.

I walked into the living room and everyone was watching TV. "I thought I asked you to text me when you were on your way?" My mother said. Oh shit, I said to myself.

"I'm sorry, I must have forgotten," I said. She just shook her head at me. I took off to my bedroom. I closed the door behind me and fell back on my bed. Oh my god. I have been with guys before. Okay, two. Some mistakes I might add, but I'm no virgin by any means and I have kissed guys as well, but none of them have ever made me feel alive like Cannon. I really wanted to talk to someone about this. Maybe Rosey, but then I just wanted to keep it to myself. I felt giddy and full of energy. I kept looking at my window having the fantasy of Cannon sneaking in and taking me on my bed. But sadly he wasn't there.

I got out of the shower and had some dinner. I had forgotten to text Cody and when I looked at the clock. It was after nine. I mean I knew Cody was still awake, but I just wanted to go to bed. That's when I heard my phone go off. I knew it had to be Cody. I picked up my phone and the text was from an unknown number.

"Bitch, your lucky your still alive, but I'll get you next time. You should learn to stay out of other people's business."

I read the text over and over again. I wanted to run to my family and show them the text, but then more text came in.

"I miss your lips?"

"Who is this?" I asked.

"It's Cannon, why who else is kissing you tonight?"

"Is this your first text to me tonight?" I asked him.

"Yes, April what's going on?"

"I got a really bad text from an unknown number just before your text came in. Cannon, I'm scared." I hit send.

"I'm coming over." I got up off my bed and ran down to where my family was. By the time Cannon showed up the cops were there. Cannon didn't come alone. His brothers came with him. They came inside while we were talking to the police.

"What are you boys doing here?" The one officer asked the boys.

"We're her friends," Cody said. I smiled at them. Cannon sat there just keeping his eyes on me. Of course, Connor was following my dad around getting pissed off. His arms were crossed while the cops were telling us what we needed to do. In light of the fact that I was already hurt. They wanted to keep a twenty-four-hour watch on me.

"Is that really necessary?" I asked them.

"We can watch her," Connor spoke up. I looked at him. "There are three of us. One of us can be with her at all times." Cody stood up and said. My mother stood up.

"You boys are very kind but you can't devote your lives to watching her all the time. We will accept your help officers." She said.

"Okay, but we're still going to be watching her," Connor said. Cannon just stayed quiet. After the cops left we were all still in the living room.

"Does anyone have any idea who wants to hurt April?" My father stood up and said. We all looked at each other.

"April is pretty popular," Cody said.

"No, I'm not," I said. They all looked at me.

"April, everyone loves you," Cody said. I just looked at him funny.

"Layla doesn't," I said.

"I just don't think she is smart enough for this," Connor said.

"Yeah, she is kind of dumb," Cody said. We all talked for a little while longer and then the boys left. I watched Cannon most of the time and he kept his eyes on me. I went to bed and felt scared. Until I heard something on my bedroom window. I walked over to it and looked out. I could see someone standing outside of it. I opened it and looked down. It was Cannon. I walked down the stairs and opened the front door for him. He came in behind me and we quietly walked back up to my room. Where he crawled into the bed with me and held me all night long.

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