The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 14

The next morning I stood on my porch and waited for just a moment. Something told me Cannon was going to show up. Just as I thought his car pulled in. My heart skipped a beat as his sexy ass got out of the car and smiled at me. I ran into his arms and our lips met. "Did you miss me? He asked me when we both finally came up for air.

"More then you know," I said to him. He bent down and kissed me again. "Where are Cody and Connor?" I asked him.

"I don't know, but I told them I was coming to get you and they could keep eyes on you at school." He said.

"Are they upset with you?" I asked him. He took a deep breath.

"Cody seems cool, but Connor hasn't said a word to me." I felt bad, but I also felt what I had done was the right thing to do. I didn't want to lead any of them on and I didn't want to lose any of them. I did what was right and honest. "Connor will get over it April. Don't worry about him. Where there is one girl waiting to be with him. There are more behind that one. Trust me he will be fine." Cannon said. I didn't really care to hear that about Connor, but it wasn't like he belonged to me and I had chosen Cannon. I still didn't like it.

Cannon and I jumped into his car and headed off to school. The only people who knew about Cannon and I were my family and his brothers. I hadn't even told Rosey about it. Cannon and I parked and got out and held hands as we made our way into the school. I had noticed a lot of people were looking at us. "Cannon, What is everyone looking at?" I asked him softly in his ear. Cannon looked around and then he frowned at everyone.

"Who cares." He said and pulled me along with him. We found everyone hanging under the trees out in the quad. Connor looked up at us once and then looked away. Cody came over and grabbed his little brother and pulled him to the ground. Cody was acting like himself. Connor, not so much. As the two of them wrestled and Rosey yelled at them for knocking her water bottle over. I took a seat next to Connor.

"Morning," I said to him and lightly bumped into him.

"Morning." He said in return.

"Do you hate me?" I asked him. He shot his face up to mine.

"What? Of course not." He said and I gave him a small smile."I'm sorry April, this is just going to take me some time to get used to." He said.

"I understand, but your still my best friend Connor. I will always be here for you." I said to him and he smiled at me. Cannon was chewing Cody's head off for getting grass stains on his pants. I walked over to him and placed my hand on his shoulders.

"Jerk." He said to Cody. I giggled a little. Rosey looked up at Cannon and me.

"Wait a minute? Are you two?" She asked. I nodded my head at her.

"But what about, but wait, what?" She said.

"So, is English your second language?" Cody asked Rosey. She just gave him an eye roll and looked back at me.

"Bitch, why didn't you call me?' She asked me.

"It just happened last night," I said to her.

"I'm always the last to know everything." She said as Bradly showed up and took a seat with us.

"The last to know what?" Bradly asked. Rosey just pointed at me and Cannon. Bradly's eyes got big.

"You and Cannon?" He said. Cannon just rolled his eyes. I nodded at him. Bradly looked at Cody and Connor. "Sorry guys, I didn't even think Cannon even liked girls," Bradly said and Cody and Connor lost it. I didn't think it was funny and Cannon shot Bradly a heated look.

"Just because none of the girls in this school have half a brain. Doesn't mean I'm into boys Bradly." Cannon said. Bradly put his hands up at Cannon.

"Sorry man, I didn't mean anything by that. I just thought maybe I had a chance with you," Bradly said. Cannon rolled his eyes and Cody and Connor lost it again. Rosey was giving me heated looks and I knew I was in for it once we got alone. The bell rang and we all headed off to class. The whole rest of the day. Cannon and I were together as much as we could be. Everyone was still watching us. I guess Cannon had never had a girlfriend and everyone was really interested in Cannon and me. Cannon flipped a few people off and I told him to stop that they were just curious about us. He said people need to mind their own business. I mean I agreed with him, but we didn't need to cause problems.

After school was out I met Cannon by his car when Cody walked me out to him. On the way to Cannon, Cody was quiet. "Is everything okay Cody?" I asked him. He turned and looked at me.

"Can I ask you a question without upsetting you?" Cody asked.

"I guess that depends on the question," I said to him.

"Why Cannon?" He asked me. I bit my lips as I could see Cannon waiting in his car.

"I don't know Cody. I guess it's because he makes my heart skip a beat whenever I'm around him. Or because he gives me butterflies whenever he touches me." I was going to go on, but Cody stopped me.

"Okay, that's enough, I get it." He said with a smile.

"You asked," I said. "Can I ask you a question now?" I said. Cody nodded at me. "Why is everyone so interested in Cannon and me?"

"Cannon has never been interested in anyone April. He has always kept to himself and never shown anyone the slightest attention ever. That's just Cannon but in middle school. You know what. I'll just let Cannon tell you that story. It's not mine to tell." Cody said. Great now my mind is going to dwell on this and I going to end up asking Cannon about it myself. I had to give Cody respect for not telling Cannon's stories though. That was good of him. Cannon looked up to see us walking towards him. "I will say this April, I have known that kid all his life and I have never seen him smile as he does with you." He said and that just melted my heart. As we got closer to the car. Cody said goodbye and I went into Cannon's arms. Our lips melted together and we must have stood there and kissed for what felt like an hour.

"Come on let me get you home," Cannon said. I smiled at him and we headed back to my house. Over the next week, things between Cannon and myself got very interesting. School was going by normal. I didn't have any more threatening text messages. My friends were all getting along and Connor was even talking to a new girl. Her name is Sandy and he has her around us a lot lately. She is a little on the wild side, but she seems cool. Cannon and I are always together. If we're alone there is never much talking going on. Just kissing and touching and more kissing. We can never seem to get enough of each other.

My birthday was this weekend and my family was getting everything together for a big dinner with all my friends. I was excited to have everyone over. I was putting on some earrings and I could see Cannon watching me in the mirror. "What are you looking at?" I asked him smiling.

"You." He said.

"Why?" I asked him.

"Your just beautiful."

"So are you," I said to him. He got up and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Are you excited about your birthday tonight?" He asked me.

"Yes, and you and I are the same age now," I said to him.

"Seventeen, how does that make you feel? One more year until your an adult." He said.

"Well, you will be eighteen in three months. So how does that make you feel?"

"Grateful." He said. I turned and looked at him.

"Why?" I asked.

"Then I can get out of that house." He said. I knew he was talking about his family. I wasn't going to ask any questions. Unlike his brothers. Cannon hasn't yet shared anything about his home life and he still hasn't taken me there. I knew a little from what his brothers have shared with me, but I didn't know much. I felt it was better to let Cannon open up about that on his own. I gave him a squeeze and we headed outback. Everyone would be arriving soon and Cannon was helping my grams with bringing out the food. There was a ton of it and my father even got some fireworks to set off when it got dark. Everyone showed up and Connor even came with Sandy. Cody and Rosey seem to be getting along a lot better than normal and I thought maybe something might be going on with them, but when I asked Rosey about it. She told me they were just friends.

Everything was going great. We all had dinner and then we all sat back and watched as Connor and my dad let off fireworks. "I want to show you something tonight?" Cannon whispered into my ear.

"Okay," I said.

"After everyone leaves. Will you come with me?" He asked.

"Of course," I said to him. He smiled at me.

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