The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 19

"Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are assholes!" I yelled as I walk into my house. Cannon had dropped me off and told me he would come back later.

"April!" I heard my mom say.

"Well it's true, Mom you have no idea how bad they are to Cannon," I said as I took a seat next to my grams on the couch.

"How would you know?" She asked me.

"I was lucky enough to meet them tonight. By the way mom, nice restraint on not dating Mr. Taylor." I said. She looked in at me from the kitchen.

"What does that mean?" She asked me.

"You know what I mean. The man is gorgeous, mom." She just rolled her eyes and went back into the kitchen.

"He was good looking when they were in high school too." My grams whispered.

"I heard that." My mom said.

"Yeah to bad he is a dick," I said.

"April!" My mom hollered again.

"Sorry," I said and my grams just smiled at me. It was getting late and I went up to my bedroom. Cannon usually shows up right away, but I knew he had to go back home and I was worried about him. I looked over at the clock and it was already after midnight. I wanted to call him, but I chose to leave it alone. Finally, around one am and me falling asleep with a book. I heard him coming into my window. "Finally, I was getting worried," I said as he climbed inside.

"Sorry, but my mother... Never mind. I don't want to talk about them." He said and laid on my bed.

"She hates me. Whatever I don't care." I said. Cannon just smiled at me.

"Come on, I'm tired," Cannon said as I crawled into bed with him.

"I'm so sorry you have to live like that. I'm proud of you even if they are not." I said and he kissed my head.

"I hope that never changes." He said.

The next morning I woke up and Cannon was gone. It was Sunday and normally Cannon doesn't take off so early. I decided not to call him and maybe spend some time with Rosey instead. I gave her a call and asked if she wanted to hang out and have lunch maybe do a little shopping. The first thing she wanted to know was if Cannon would be there. I told her no and that it was just a girl's day.

She picked me up and we went into town for lunch. "So how are things with Cannon?" She asked me.

"Do you really want to talk about Cannon and me?" I asked her.

"Yeah, why not?"

"Well, It seems like you are tired of me and Cannon," I said.

"I'm sorry, It's just. You two are always together and we never hang anymore."

"You know what your right. Were going to start doing more. How about every Sunday we get together and do something. Just you and I?" I said.

"That sounds good." She said. We spend the rest of the afternoon shopping and doing all kinds of girl stuff. I was really enjoying myself. Until I realized I hadn't heard a word from Cannon all day. I pulled my phone out and sent him a text.

"Cannon, is everything alright?"

I waited and got nothing. "Come on let get back home," I said to Rosey. We walked back to the car and Rosey took me home. Once I was home I realized everyone was gone. What the hell? No one goes without saying something. I thought this felt weird.

"Cannon I just got home and no one is here. I haven't heard from you all day and now I'm starting to get worried." I hit send. Still, I wasnt getting a response. Okay, I said to myself. I pulled my phone out and tried to call my mother. I got a busy tone, the same with my father as well. I tried to call Cannon and still, I got a busy tone. What the hell was going on? It was starting to get dark and I was starting to get scared. I decided I was going to get in my car and just drive over to Cannon's. All of a sudden I could hear lighting hit outside. Great a storm? Not now. I said to myself. I grabbed my things and my car keys and ran outside to my car.

The rain was coming down good. I put my keys in the ignition, but my car wouldn't start. It wasn't even making a noise. "What in the fuck?" I said out loud. The thunder and lightning hit hard and scared the crap out of me. I got out of the car and started to make a run for the house. I got on the porch and looked around. How can everyone be gone and why is my phone not working? I turned to go inside the house. The power was out and the house was dark. I found where my grams kept the candles. My phone must be not working because of the storm.

I sat in the kitchen and waited. My family must have gone out and when they tried to call me they just couldn't get through because of the storm. Everything is fine. I said to myself. That's when I heard the front door open. I got up and I could see a figure standing by the door. "Hello?" I called out, but I got no answer. "I have a gun," I yelled out. I watched the figure leave the porch and I tried to find a place to hide. Now I was really freaking out. I heard the lightning strike again and it lite the whole house up. I looked around and there were three shadows of people around my house. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I tried to stay quiet. I have to get out of here. I said to myself. I didn't see anyone on the back porch. It was my only hope.

I moved away from my hiding spot and took off for the back door. It was locked and I was having a problem getting it unlocked. I then felt something hard hit the back of my head and then blackness.

Cannon's POV,

"I can't get ahold of her." I hollered out at Connor.

"It's the storm man, I'm sure she is just fine," Connor said.

"Yeah, but I haven't been able to get ahold of her all day," I said.

"If this is really bugging you so much go to her," Cody said.

"I will need your truck?" I asked.

"Come we will all go," Connor said. We all got dressed for the storm and ran out to Cody's truck. The drive was bad and it took us much longer than normal. Once we pulled up in front of her place. I knew right away that something was wrong. I ran up on the porch and the front door was wide open and so was the back door.

"This is not right," I said and I was starting to get upset. Cody ran thought the house calling out everyone's name. Connor was walking around outside. That's when we saw headlights pulling up. I ran over to the car and It was April's parents and her grandmother. "Is April with you?" I hollered out.

"No, she went out with Rosey today." Her mother said. I pulled my phone out and called Rosey. Cody and Connor were helping them inside. Rosey answered her phone.

"Rosey, this is Cannon. Is April with you?"

"No, she went home hours ago."

"She is missing."

"What do you mean missing?"

"I mean she is not home and she is not with her family. The house was wide open and her phone is not working. Her car is also here."

"I'll be over soon."

"No, the storm is to bad stay safe," I said and hung up the phone. April's father was already on the phone with the police. I grabbed Cody's keys and took off. I started to drive around seeing if I could see her anywhere. The rain was coming down so hard you would have thought we were in a hurricane. No one was out, the town was dead. "Where are you, baby?" I said trying my hardest to see anything. I tried to call her phone again, but it just went straight to voice mail.

I made my way back to April's house. Cody came running out to me. "Are you crazy man. A hurricane as been issued for our county. Were all stuck here. The police can't get to us." He yelled out over the storm.

"I can't just sit back and do nothing. Something is wrong." I said.

"We don't know that. She could be anywhere and she just can't let us know. We can't panic." Cody said. We got inside the house and we all got to work storm proofing the house. I went over to the back door and started to hammer up the bords on the outside of the door when I looked to the ground and saw blood. I hollered out for Cody and he came over to me.

"What is this?" I asked. Cody bent down and touched it.

"Oh my god, Cannon, It's blood," Cody said and I could feel the blood drain from my face.

"She is hurt," I said. Cody got up and left me standing there. Everyone came into the room and I looked out at the ocean.

"What if she hurt herself and headed out for help?" Connor said. I snapped back and took off out the back door. I started to holler her name, but I was seeing nothing and I couldn't hear anything. I felt someone grab my arm.

"It's to bad out here, You will never find her!" Cody was hollering.

"Cody damn it, It's April." I hollered back at him. Connor came running out to us.

"Anything?" He hollered.

"The storm is to bad," Cody yelled.

"If she is out here we can't just leave her," Connor yelled.

"What are we supposed to do? We can barely see each other." Cody yelled out. "Let's get back to the house!" He yelled. I took a deep breath and one last look at whatever I could see, but it was to bad out here. Please let her be okay. I said to myself.

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