The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 2

The next day I was sitting on the porch. It was around noon and I wasn't sure when Rosey was going to show up. I sat there waiting in my summer dress and hair pulled to the side. I was ready to get out and have a good look around. I saw a little red Jetta pull into the driveway. Rosey stuck her head out the window. "Come on girl, let's get this day started." Rosey hollered from the car.

"I'll be back later mom!" I yelled out.

"Have a nice day sweetheart." I heard her say. I hoped in Rosey's car and we took off. She showed me most of the town. I didn't realize just how small this place was until Rosey drove me around. There was a Walmart and a theater, but the rest of the town shops were all family-owned. There were a ton of restaurants, most of them were seafood. There was a book store and a little clothing store. Then there was the normal places. A post office and a firehouse. A police station and a tiny hospital. A couple of schools and that was about it. There was also a ton of homes and beaches. Lot's of roads and some really big homes. You could tell right off the bat that a lot of rich families lived here.

Rosey was parking at one of the beaches. A beach she said was one of the more popular ones. I got out of the car and turned to see a very large home. Just off in the distance. It stood alone and had its own entrance to the beach. It was the biggest one I had seen so far. "It's nice, right?" I heard Rosey say. I looked over at her.

"It's really big," I said.

"Yeah, it's the Taylor mansion." She said. I just sort of shrugged my shoulders.

"Who is the Taylors?" I asked. Rosey just looked at me funny.

"Your grandma didn't tell you about the Taylors?" She asked me. I just shook my head. We started to head towards the beach.

"The Taylors own almost the whole town. They are a very rich family, in fact, they are the riches family here in Rockland. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were also blessed with three of the most gorgeous sons you will ever meet. First, there's Cody and Connor Taylor. They are seventeen and the twins. Then there's Cannon Taylor. He is the younger brother, but only by a year. He is sixteen and was smart enough to skip a year in school. All the boys are seniors this year. Cody is the coolest out of the three of them. Very laid back and friendly. Cannon and Connor are a little more on the wild side. They can also be the biggest jerks when they want to be. Try to stay out of their way as much as possible. Connor is the oldest by like three minutes, but he thinks he runs the show. He has also been dating Miss Layla Keeps for the last two years. She is that tall blond girl you see playing volleyball over there." She pointed to a group of girls who were acting like they were playing a game of volleyball, but in actuality, they were just showing off their perfect bodies to all the guys that would look at them.

The blond girl Layla. Was a very pretty and stuck up looking girl. You could tell right off the bat, that this was just a rich, popular girl. Who was probably a huge bitch to everyone. I mean I hadn't even said a word to this girl yet, but I was sure I was right. "So what makes them so special?" I asked Rosey. She sort of just looked at me. She looked like she had the wheels in her head-turning.

"I guess I don't really know. They just act like they own the school and everyone just sort of falls in line." She said. I just sort of snorted to myself. They might rule over everyone else, but they won't rule me. I said to myself. Rosey dropped me off about three hours later and I walked into my mother and grandmother moving the house around some. The moving truck would be here in the morning and they were preparing for it.

"So tell me about the Taylors?" I said to my grandmother. She looked over at me and then at my mother. They both smiled at each other.

"Don't start mother." My mother said to my grandmother.

"Start what?" My grandmother said with that devil smile of hers.

"Okay, start talking," I said to my grandmother.

"Your mother over there dated Mr. Taylor in high school." She said. My mother rolled her eyes.

"I went on like five dates with the guy. I would hardly say I was dating him." My mother said. I smiled at my mom. She was a very pretty woman. Even in her age now. My mother could win any beauty contest.

"You dirty dog mom," I said and we all laughed. "You mean dad wasn't the only man in your life?" I said sounding sarcastic. She just eyed me.

"He was a nice guy and he liked me. I went out with him a couple of times, but nothing ever came of it." She said.

"Yeah except that he was in love with you." My grandmother said.

"Aren't you like a hundred years old? How the hell do you remember everything?" My mother said to my grandmother and I laughed.

"A hundred and one, thank you very much. I remember everything. That poor boy chased your mother around for months." My grandmother said.

"Awww, that's so sweet," I said.

"Not really, he was so very sweet, but I just didn't feel anything for him." My mother said.

"I bet your kicking yourself now right? I mean from what I've been told they're almost richer than god." I said. My mother just smiled.

"That's nothing new. Christopher Taylor has always been rich." My mother said. "His family has always had money." She said. "I bet they still live in that old mansion up on Sunny Beach hill." She said.

"That's the one," I said. She just shook her head.

"Chris always felt like money was everything. It was one of the reasons why I really wasn't impressed with him." She said to me.

"I can understand that. I guess his son Cody inherited his nice side because the other two are jerks. At least that's what I've been told. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them yet." I said.

"Three boys, that's got to be a handful." My mother said. My grandmother was busy humming to herself as she was moving things around. Over the next week. Rosey and I got to know each other well. My father started his new job and my mother was working on her new little business she wanted to open up in town. The high school was actually a lot bigger then I thought it was going to be. I went down with my mother on a Friday to get myself all set up. The old woman in the office let us take a walk around so that I could familiarize myself with it. It was two stories and had a large football field and a large gym. I guess football is a very big thing here. I don't really care for sports much. Where I came from baseball was a big deal and I just thought it was the most boring thing ever created.

Monday was the first day of school and I had to admit. I was just a little nervous. I was also glad for Rosey, at least I would know one person. Rosey offered to pick me up on Monday and I could ride with her to school. I set my clothes and things out for the next morning and had a hard time falling asleep the night before. I just knew I was going to be a wreak for school the next day. I pulled myself out of the bed at six am. "Why the hell did school have to start so damn early?" I hollered out. I dragged myself into the bathroom and started the shower.

"Grandma, why are you so happy this early in the day?" I said while I ate a piece of toast at the kitchen bar. Here she is just humming to herself while I've got to go out and get an education.

"I love mornings sweetheart. Plus I'm very excited to see how your first-day goes." She said. I just eyed her for a moment and then I heard Rosey's Jetta beep at me.

"Well here goes nothing," I said. I got up and kissed my grandma on the cheek and headed out.

"Your going to do great!" My grandma hollered at me as I closed the front door. The school was buzzing to life with kids everywhere when we pulled up.

"Wow, I didn't think there was that many kids," I said. Rosey just smiled at me.

"Yeah, there is a lot of us." She said. Rosey was nice enough to show me where my first class was. It would have been nice to have her there, but sadly she wasn't in this class. We stood outside of it and talked as we still had like five minutes before the first bell went off.

"Hey, Rose? Who's the new girl?" A cute boy came running up to us. He was tall and muscular with light blond hair and brown eyes.

"Morning Bradly, this is my new friend April Bloom," Rosey said. "April this is Bradly Jones. He has been my best friend since kindergarten." Rosey said.

"April Bloom, nice name." He said. I just smiled.

"Yeah, thanks. It's nice to meet you, Bradly." I said.

"Why the hell would you move to this shitty little town?" He asked me.

"She is Judy Dawn's granddaughter," Rosey said.

"Oh that's right, your grandmother was telling us about you." He said.

"Is my grandmother cool or something?' I asked them. They both laughed.

"We love your grandmother," Rosey said. "We have lunch with her almost every Sunday." She said.

"Yeah, we like to help her with the gardening," Bradly said.

"Gardening?" I asked. "Okay then," I said and they both laugh. The bell rang and Bradly and Rosey started to walk off towards their classes.

"I'll see you later April," Rosey said.

"Yeah, it was nice meeting you," Bradly said. I waved to both of them and then turned around to walk into my class when I bumped right into something hard. "Ouch," I said and started to rub my head.

"Why don't you watch where your going." I heard a deep voice say. I looked up into two of the greenest eyes I had ever seen. The face attached to this deep voice was amazing, but what an ass.

"Excuse you," I said and walked around him. He just looked at me like I was crazy. The jerk, I said to myself. I found an empty seat and the jerk took the seat right behind me. I watched the door as two more very good looking and very much looked like the jerk behind me came walking in. One of them had their arms around the same blond girl Layla, I saw at the beach. It then made perfect sense to me. The jerk behind me was Cannon Taylor because the other two looked alike so they must be the twins Cody and Connor Taylor.

Cody and Connor were hella fine. Both tall and muscular with dark brown hair and super green eyes. Cannon, on the other hand, had lighter brown hair with the same green eyes and had freckles like me on his face. But they all had their differences. Connor was a tad taller than his twin brother and had two arms full of tattoos. He dressed in ripped black jeans and a red teeshirt. He looked like the bad boy. Whereas, Cody was in a pair of blue jeans and a nice white polo shirt and sneakers. Cannon was dressed like the laid back boy who looked as though he spent most of his time studying. He also wore glasses when he took out his books. They only made him look even hotter then he already was. This was not going to be easy. I said to myself.

The guys walked in and they all took the seats right behind me. Cody slowed down his walk and was looking at me. I looked up at him and he smiled at me. Wow, was all I said to myself. I smiled at him and looked away fast. "Who's the new girl?" I heard Layla say quietly behind me.

"I don't know someone who doesn't watch where she is going." I heard Cannon said. Jerk, I said to myself.

"Hey, new girl, what's your name?" Layla spoke up. I just rolled my eyes and turned around.

"My name is April and you could have watched where you were going, jerk." I snapped at Cannon. He just looked up at me and Cody and Connor both laughed out loud. Layla crossed her arms and gave me a dirty look and Cannon just rolled his eyes and went back to his book.

"Fire, I like it," Connor said and Layla punched him in the arm. Cody was just smiling at me. I just turned back around and faced the front of the class. This was going to be a fun year. I said to myself.

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