The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 21

Rosey's POV,

"It's been almost two weeks," Connor said after he chucked his beer can across the lawn. "Cannon is not talking and Cody still hasn't returned. The fucking police in this town are pieces of shit."

"Calm down Connor." I snapped.

"Rosey, don't you get it. She is probably dead. She is your best friend." He whispered to me. I looked over at Cannon who was sitting in his car. He wasn't looking at anyone or anything. He was just sitting there. I knew trying to get close to Cannon was going to be very tough, but I needed to try. Cody was my original choice, but he took off after a week of them finding nothing. He said he knew some people who could help find April and even though I tried to convince him not to go. He took off the next morning.

"Hey, would you like some company?" I asked Cannon when I took a seat on the ground next to his car.

"Not really." He said.

"Come on Cannon, I know were not super close, but I'm still your friend. Let me help." I asked. He looked over at me.

"Help with what? Help find her? Help bring her home? What are you actually going to help with Rosey? Because all I see you doing is showing up where ever we are. I don't see you out there doing a damn thing to help her." He snapped and closed his door and took off. Fuck, I said to myself. Connor walked over and took a seat next to me.

"Don't pay him any attention Rosey. This is killing him." Connor said.

"I know it. I didn't mean to upset him." I said trying to sound hurt, not that I actually gave a shit. I don't give a shit about any of these boys. What I wanted was their father.

"My family is offering their help to the Blooms. They want April's family to come to dinner and talk about helping to find April." Connor said. I looked over at him with wide eyes.

"Really?" I asked. He nodded his head.

"Yeah, you look just as surprised as we all did. Cannon was the most shocked." He said. "I'm actually headed over to talk with April's dad here in like five minutes." I needed to think fast.

"Connor, do you think I could join you all for dinner that night?" I asked. "I just want to know what's going to go down. She is my best friend and all." He looked at me for a moment.

"I don't see why not." He said. Inside I was jumping up and down.

"Thanks, Connor, your a good friend." He smiled at me and then he got on his bike and left.

"This is perfect," I said in the phone.

"I don't see how the Taylors getting involved is perfect," Melinda said.

"I'm telling you, this is my way in and once I know what their plan is we can kill her and dump the body."

"But your going with Connor?" Melinda said.

"Yes stupid, it was my only way in. Trust me I want nothing to do with your precious Connor."

"Just watch your ass Rosey. Don't let them know your behind this."

"Oh please, they're not on to me. How is the little bitch?"

"She is not talking anymore."


"Becuase she has chosen not to, I guess. I don't know Rosey we just need to hurry up and do this. I'm tired of hiding. Once she is dead I can come to Connor and he will take me back. Just hurry up and get a move on with it." Melinda said and hung up the phone. Bitch, I don't care what your worried about. I said to myself. Connor offered to pick me up the night of the dinner. Only April's parents were going. Her grandmother wasn't up to go out. I just showed up in a sexy black dress. I was going to shock Mr. Taylor when he would see me on the arm of one of his sons. I trusted it would get him to talk to me.

Connor was right on time. I walked out the door and met him on my porch. "You look good Rosey." He said. "You didn't need to dress up." He said. I looked at myself for a moment.

"I can go change if it's to much?" I said to him.

"No, it's fine. I didn't mean to sound like a dick." He said. We walked out to a car I didn't recognize.

"Wheres the bike?" I asked him. He smiled at me.

"You like the bike?" He said. I smiled back at him.

"It's just that's all I have ever seen you drive," I said.

"Yeah, well I don't think that dress of yours would be good on my bike. This is my car I just never use it." He said and he opened the door for me and I took a seat inside. We pulled up in front of his home and he got out and let me out. Everyone was here including Cody. I took a deep breath and followed Connor in. The first person I saw was Cannon. He walked over to us.

"What the hell is she doing here?" He asked Connor.

"She wanted to be here Cannon. She is her friend too." Connor said.

"She shouldn't be here," Cannon said and walked off. Connor gave me a sympathetic smile. We continued to the dining room. That's where I saw his father. He looked up and saw me. His face said it all. I just smiled at him and kept my arm around Connor. We all took a seat around the table.

"Connor, I don't think it's appropriate for your friend to be here tonight." Mr. Taylor said. Before Connor could answer him. Aprils mother spoke up.

"It's okay she is April's good friend." Mr. Taylor just nodded at her. They started to talk about how Mr. Taylor was going to front the money for a private investigator.

"This is the worst thing to happen to our town and she needs to be found safe and sound." Mr. Taylor said. April's parents were more than grateful and I was just watching Mr. Taylor. He was so fucking sexy and I couldn't wait to feel him against me again. I knew me being here was going to get his attention whether he liked it or not. I knew he still wanted me. His wife was old and she wasnt even attractive anymore. How could he not want me? I could do for him so much more then his wife could.

After dinner, I excused myself to use the restroom. I gave Mr. Taylor a glance. As if to say follow me and I walked out of the room. I found a bathroom and walked in and closed the door behind me. I waited for a few minutes and then I headed back out of the door. Only to be grabbed and pushed back into the bathroom. The door was closed and Mr. Taylor had his hand on my mouth. "What the fuck are you doing here Rosey?" He asked me.

"What do you think I'm doing Greg? I came to see you of course. You don't return my calls or text. You won't even talk to me." I said to him. He took a step back and looked me up and down. "You still want me don't you?" I said as I took a step closer to him. "What's going on Greg? Is she not filling your needs? You know I can satisfy you baby." I said as I moved my lips closer to his. He didn't move so I made my move. I crashed my lips to his and he grabbed me and slammed me against the bathroom wall. He hiked my dress up and I felt his fingers dip deep inside of me. "I knew you wanted this," I whispered into his ear as I bit down on his neck. He growled loudly and the next thing I knew he was inside of me. It took only a few minutes and then he took a step back away from me.

"I don't want to see you again Rosey." He said as he was buttoning up his pants.

"Oh no, you don't. Your not going to push me away again." I said to him.

"Rosey, I can't do this with you. You think I'm going to give up my wife for this. Your crazy if you think that." He said.

"I didn't ask you to do that, Just don't give up me," I said and I could feel the tears sting my eyes.

"Don't cry Rosey, Just give me time to think about this." He said. I just nodded at him and we fixed ourselves and headed out of the bathroom. I stopped him in the hall and kissed him.

Cannon's POV,

I came walking around the corner only to find my father and Rosey kissing in the hallway. I backed up so they couldn't see me. I watched as my father didn't stop the kiss and then when they were done and started walking towards me. My father smacked her ass. I fucking knew you had something to with this Rosey. I'm going to kill you. I said to myself as they walked by without seeing me standing there. My father is a lot of things, but is he involved with April? I was fucking furious and I needed to get out of there before I lost it. I'm on to you now Rosey. I walked out and found my brothers. "Come here I need to talk to you," I said to them both. The three of us walked out onto the front porch.

"What's going on?" Cody asked me. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down.

"Rosey has something to do with April's disappearance," I said. Connor rolled his eyes.

"Come on man," Connor said.

"I just caught Dad and her kissing in the hallway." I blurted out. Both Cody and Connor's mouth fell open.

"What?" Cody asked.

"It's true, they didn't see me but I saw them. I don't know what the fuck is going on and I don't know if dad has anything to do with April, but that's what the hell I just saw." I said and I backed up some. I knew my anger was getting out of control.

"Okay calm down, let's try to think about this," Cody said.

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