The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 22

"This needs to stay between the three of us. No telling the police or our parents or April's parents. If Rosey is behind this then so is Bradly." Cody said.

"Do you think dad could really be involved?" Connor asked.

"I don't know, but what the fuck was he doing with her. If they are fucking then who knows what the hell is going on, but why take or hurt April? What the fuck could she have to do with Rosey and dad?" I asked.

"Who the fuck knows, but I thought our family was fucked up before this?" Cody said while shaking his head.

"You do know if dad is behind this in any way. I will take him down." I said and both my brothers nodded at me. "So what's the plan? What are we going to do about this? Where do we start?" I said.

"I'm going to start stalking Dad," Cody said.

"And I'm going to start watching Rosey," Connor said.

"Then what do I do?" I asked them.

"You need to start going through the house and seeing if you can find anything that ties dad to this," Cody said. I nodded my head at them and took off back to the house. My mother was away in New York for the weekend and I had no idea where my father had run off to. I started in his office.

Rosey's POV,

"So you got Mr. Taylors attention, now what?" Melinda asked.

"Now we get rid of April," I said.

"So you really want to kill her?" Melinda asked.

"Uh yes, that's always been the plan," I said. "Why? Do you not want to kill her now?" I asked.

"I just don't know if we should. I don't think I can do it." Melinda said.

"Really? Do you not want Connor back?"

"How is killing her going to get me, Connor, back?" She asked.

"Well, I don't know, smart one. Let's just let her go so she can tell everyone who took her and then we all go to jail and none of them will want us." I snapped at her.

"I mean I get it, but kill her? Isn't there something else we can do?"

"Oh my god, like?" I asked her.

"I don't know, but I don't want to kill her." She said. I looked at Bradly who was sitting in the corner of the room. He just shrugged his shoulders at me. I turned and noticed the large knife sitting on the table. While Melinda was still crying about killing April. I grabbed the knife and ran right for her. I stabbed her twice in the stomach and she fell to the ground.

"That should shut you up," I said as I watched the blood come out of her mouth. Then she started to make wet noises out of her mouth. "No?" I bent down and stabbed her two more times. She closed her eyes and stopped moving. Bradly was now standing and he looked scared. "What? What else was I suppose to do?" I asked him. "She was going to get us caught. I just saved us from going to jail." I said. He just nodded at me and sat back down. "We didn't need her anyway. You need to go dump her in the ocean tonight." I said.

"Why do I have to do it?" He asked.

"Because I have a date," I said.

"What about April?" He asked.

"I'll deal with her later," I said and walked out of the room.

Cannon's POV,

I found Rosey parking at a shitty motel on the outside of the town. Then I saw my father get out of an unknown car. I can't fucking believe this. We all knew my parents weren't exactly in love with each other. They haven't been in years, but a high school student? Besides Rosey is not even hot. She is very plan and can be dull. I at least thought my father had better judgment than this.

I sat there and watched the place for almost two hours. Then Rosey came walking out of the room and got in her car. I waited until she was down the road some. I then started to follow her. She wasnt heading home. She was headed down a country road that leads away from town. Come on Rosey, if you have her. Take me to her. I said to myself. I think she was on to me. Because it looked as though she was going to turn down a dirt road but then she took off like a bat out of hell. I tried to follow her but she was driving to fast and crazy for me. She disappeared into the night and I turned around and headed back home to my brothers.

"I'm telling you something is down that dirt road," I said to Cody and Connor.

"Did you check it out?" Connor asked.

"No, I didn't think it was smart. Only because if she is down there and Rosey is the crazy bitch behind this. I wasn't prepared to deal with that yet." I said.

"Smart," Cody said.

"Let's prepare ourselves and check the place out tonight?" Connor said. We all agreed. I knew what we were going to find down that road. I just prayed that she was still alive. After it got dark. We all climbed into Cody's truck and headed out to that dirt road. Cody stopped the truck on the dirt road.

"Okay, we have no idea what we're walking into down there." He said and then he opened his glove box and pulled out three guns. We each took one.

"You think this is necessary?" Connor asked. I just shook my head at him.

"We have no idea how nuts she is Connor. I'd rather be safe than sorry." Cody said. I agreed with him.

"Maybe we should have told the police about this," Connor said.

"I didn't want to take any chances. They are fucking idiots and if they get her killed. I will kill them all." I said and my brothers just looked at me. I mean it's true. Our law enforcers are dumb as shit. We turned the headlights off and slowly started to make our way down this dirt road. The road was very long. It must have been at least two or three miles long. We finally came upon a small cabin looking home in a clearing. Of course, Rosey's car was in front and so was Bradly's. "I knew that fucking asshole was involved," I said quietly. "This is why I don't trust anyone," I said. Cody took a deep breath. There was a third car parked out there, but none of us knew who it belonged to.

We parked a ways back and started to walk towards the house. That's when the front door opened. Rosey came walking out first. Then Bradly was right behind her. He held onto a black blanket that was obviously covering something. I knew right away that it was a body. I went to take off towards them, but Cody grabbed me and pulled me back. "What the fuck?" I said to him. He just shook his head at me. I stopped and turned to look back at them. Bradly laid the body down in the back of his car. You could tell Rosey and him were arguing about something, but you couldn't really hear them. Then Bradly got into the car and started it up. We took off back to Cody's truck. He tucked it back so we wouldn't be seen.

Bradly drove past us and we waited and then followed him. I was sure he would see us, but Cody seems to be pretty good and keeping us hidden. Bradly drove up Dead Man's curve and stopped on the side of the cliff. He got out of the car and grabbed the body. I looked at Cody. "We can't just." I started to say as Connor got out of the truck and took off towards Bradly.

"Stop him!" Cody shouted. I jumped out of the truck and chased Connor.

"Stop right there Bradly!" Connor shouted and Bradly froze. Connor had his gun pointed at Bradly and Bradly looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Put the body down!" I shouted at Bradly. Connor stepped closer to him and then Cody also had his gun on Bradly. Bradly laid the body on the ground and took a step back with his hands in the air. I took a deep breath as I made my way over to the body. I looked at Bradly. "How could you?" I said and he said nothing. Cody already had the police on the phone as I bent down and started to open the blanket. That's when I saw her. "Connor, you should see this," I said and Connor lowered his gun and walked over to me.

"What in the fuck?" Connor said as we both looked at the dead body of Melinda Cove, Connor's ex psycho girlfriend. I jumped up and shoved Bradly into his car and he hit the ground.

"Start talking, Where the fuck is she!" I yelled at him.

"I don't have to say shit, Taylor." He snapped and spit on the ground.

"You fucking piece of shit. I know you and Rosey are behind this and I'll kill you both if she is dead." I said.

"You should blame your father. It's all his fault." Bradly said.

"Is he a part of this?" Cody asked. Bradly looked over to Cody and we could hear the police sirens coming up the mountain.

"It's his fault." Was all Bradly would say. I ran back to Cody's truck and took off in it leaving my brothers standing there. I knew the minute the cops knew what was going on that Rosey would find out and kill April. If April was still alive. I drove past the cops and down the mountain. I made my way back to the dirt road and parked the truck. I took off towards the house. I pulled my gun out and started to walk around the house. Some lights were on, but I didn't see anyone. That's when I noticed a small window close to the ground. I knew then that there was a basement to this place.

Quietly I bent down to look in the window. The sight I saw almost made me puke. The place was a dirty mess. There was a small twin size mattress on the ground and a puddle of blood on the ground. I didn't see anyone at first, but then I saw her. Her tiny body was in the corner and she was holding onto her knees. That's when Rosey walked up to her and kicked her. She cried out in pain and all I could see was red. I got up and rushed into the house.

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