The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 23

I ran into the house not knowing where the basement door was. I started searching doors and finally opened the one to the basement. I crept down the stairs as quietly as I could. I could hear Rosey bitching about Bradly being gone so long. All I could hear was April's cries. I had my gun in my hand as I stepped further into the basement. I peeked behind a wall and Rosey was pacing back and forth. "Rosey, what are you going to do with me?" April asked.

"I have already told you I'm going to kill you."

"But why? I'm not standing in your way and you have Mr. Taylor back. Why do you have to kill me?" I could hear Rosey start to laugh.

"Do you think I'm dumb April? If I let you go you will run right to the police."

"I want to live more than that." I hear her cry again.

"Just shut up!" Rosey snapped. "Where the fuck is Bradly?"

"Please Rosey." I heard April plead again. I watched as Rosey walked over towards April once again. She was ready to kick her again as I came around the corner.

"Get the fuck away from her you crazy bitch!" I hollered out and pointed my gun at her. April's eyes widened and Rosey was in shock. Rosey pulled her gun out and pointed it at me.

"What the fuck Cannon?" Rosey yelled.

"I swear to god Rosey put the gun down and back away from her," I said.

"Oh, you mean her?" Rosey said as she turned the gun on to April.

"Don't do it. I'll kill you if you kill her." I snapped. That's when we could hear police sirens coming towards the house.

"If you kill me your little girlfriend here will go with me, Cannon. Think about it Cannon, think real hard." She said and I could see tears forming in her eyes. We could hear my brothers shouting upstairs.

"Rosey, it's over. Put your gun down." I said to her. She just stood there with her gun on April and you could tell she knew she was done, but she was a fighter and she was trying to figure out a way out of this. We heard the basement door open and sets of feet coming down the stairs.

"What the fuck?" I heard Connor say behind me.

"Back off man. She has a gun." I said to Connor. I kept my eyes on Rosey. She kept her eyes on me. "Back off Connor," I said.

"Don't do anything stupid Connor." I heard Cody say.

"She has a gun on April," Connor said.

"Yeah, I can see that," Cody said. April was just laying on her side crying. I could see the tears running down her face. My heart was breaking to hold her. Cody walked up beside me.

"Rosey, you need to think about this. The house is completely surrounded by cops. Your never going to get away with this. Do you really want to kill her and have more chargers against you?" Cody said trying to reason with her. I still kept my gun pointed right at her.

"This is all your father's fault!" She shouted.

"I know Rosey, my father never should have started anything with you. He is a piece of shit." Cody said. By now Rosey was crying so hard. It was becoming hard to understand her.

"All I wanted was for him to love me." She kept saying. April moved to sit herself up and it caused Rosey to flip out. She grabbed April up and held her against herself like a shield.

"Don't do it Rosey." I hissed out. April's eyes were on mine. "You need to get dad here," I whispered out to Cody. Cody nodded at me and headed back upstairs.

"Where is he going?" Rosey snapped. Both him and Connor left. I just kept my eyes on Rosey.

"They're going to have the police back off. Rosey let's talk about this. What can I do for you?" I asked her trying to sound calm.

"There's nothing you can do for me, Cannon." She snapped.

"Then let April go. She hasn't done anything to you." I said.

"I can't do that Cannon." She said.

"Why?" I asked her.

"The minute I let her go. You will kill me."

"You let her come to me and I won't give a shit what you do Rosey. I just want April." I could tell she was thinking about what I was saying. "Listen to me for a minute Rosey. You love my father, right?" I asked. She nodded her head at me. "And there is nothing you wouldn't do to be with him, right?" She nodded again. "I feel the same way about April. Please give her to me." I pleaded this time. Rosey started to look around the room. Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked so lost. I almost felt sorry for her. My father really did a number on her.

That's when we heard the door open once again. We heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. I could tell Rosey was starting to get upset. Then my father came into view.

"Rosey what the hell are you doing?" My father said.

"What does it look like? I'm doing all of this for us. Can't you see that?" Rosey snapped.

"By hurting people?" My father said. I kept my gun on Rosey. She looked at my father like she couldn't believe what he was saying.

"But?" She started to say.

"Let April go and come to me Rosey." I looked at my father like he was crazy. Rosey looked at me and then at my father and then she looked at April. "Come on Rosey what are you waiting for? Let's get the hell out of here." My father said to her. I could see the confusion all over her face. I took a deep breath and kept my gun on her. She pushed April to the ground and ran into my father's arms. He looked at me as I ran over to April.

"Baby, are you hurt?' I said as I started to check her body. She looked at me and smiled and that's when she passed out in my arms. I picked her up bridal style as my father was leading Rosey out of the house. Rosey was apologizing like crazy to my father. He had ahold of her and as soon as we stepped onto the porch. The police had their guns on my father and Rosey. I stepped aside from them and took April over to the ambulance. The paramedics took April from my arms and I looked back over to see what was going on with Rosey and my father.

All the police had their guns pointed at them and Rosey looked scared. My father let go of her and started to step away. Rosey looked at my father like he was nuts. Right there at that moment, I knew this wasnt going to end well as I saw the look on Rosey's face. She then realized that my father lied to her. In one fast movement. Rosey lifted her gun and shot my father. I watched him fall to the ground as the police opened fire on Rosey. I don't know how many bullets Rosey took, but it was enough to slam her against the wall and by the time she hit the ground. She was dead. My brothers and I ran over to our father. He had blood coming out of his mouth and he was looking up. "Dad," I said and he looked over at us.

All my life all I had ever wanted was his approval. I had worked hard on trying to make him proud of me. At this moment none of it seemed to matter. I just didn't want him to die. The paramedics came rushing over and it was too late. My father had passed away. The ambulance with April was already headed to the hospital. "Come on, let's go to the hospital. Connor will go to mom." Cody said. I did not know what was up or down at that moment. I just nodded at him and followed him out to his truck. I got in and sat down.

"I need to call April's family," I said and pulled my phone out. I stared at it blankly not knowing what to do next.

"Don't worry Cannon. Let's just get there and I'll call them for you." Cody said. I nodded at him and just looked out the window. I knew I was in shock, but I just couldn't snap out of it at that moment. We finally pulled up at the hospital and once we located April. Cody went and called her family. I sat alone in the waiting room. All the events started to play out in my head and the next thing I knew. I had tears falling down my face. I had no idea if April was okay, my father was gone and left us with a horrible mother. I just couldn't hold it back any longer. I felt an arm go around my shoulders. I looked up at Cody. He smiled down at me. All I had was my brothers and my girl.

April's POV,

I opened my eyes and my Grams was holding my hand. "Hello, beautiful." She said to me. I smiled at her. I was alive and I felt like crap. "Just one second." My grams said as she left the room. I looked around and saw Cannon sleeping in a chair in the room.

"Cannon," I said in a cracked voice. He opened his eyes and looked at me for a moment. The next thing I knew he was in my arms. I ran my fingers through his hair and I knew he was crying. "Hey," I said and he looked up at me with tears falling down his cheeks. "I'm okay baby," I said to him. He smiled back at me and laid his head down on my stomach. I continued to run my fingers through his hair.

The door to my room opened and my mother and father came inside. Cannon moved away from me as my mother threw her arms around me. I watched as Cannon started to leave the room. "Don't go," I said to him.

"I'm not leaving I'm just going to my brothers. They are waiting in the waiting room." He said. I nodded at him. My mother was crying and so was my father.

"I'm okay," I told them. After everyone left the hospital. Cannon stayed behind with me.

"Do you need anything?" He asked me.

"What happened?" I asked him. He took a deep breath.

"My father saved you. He convinced Rosey that he was going to help her. Once Rosey let you go and I got to you. You passed out. I got you out of the house and away from her. When Rosey realized my father wasn't helping her. She shot and killed him and the police killed her."

"Oh my god, Cannon I'm so sorry," I said and I started to cry.

"Don't cry, baby," Cannon said as he climbed into the bed with me and pulled me into his arms. "What matters is your okay. I have you back and I love you with all my heart." He said. Here he was comforting me when his father was just killed. I knew they weren't close, but it still had to hurt. I would wait until Cannon felt like talking about how he felt before I asked him. I felt horrible for him and his brothers.

"I love you to Cannon." I said to him and I felt him hug me tighter.

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