The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 25

Five years later...

The Taylor mansion was put up for sale after we graduated high school. It was a decision made by all three boys. When they all decided to leave for college and understood no one would be around to take care of it. It also left a bad tease in all of their mouths. Nothing but bad memories for them. Cody and Connor both got accepted to Harvard. Of course, Cannon had his choice of some of the top Colleges in the world. Decided where to go was the hardest thing and took a toll on mine and Cannon's relationship.

My family didn't have the money to send me to an Ivy League college. Plus my grades were nowhere near what Cannon was capable of. Not that I didn't have other choices to go to school as close to him as possible. The biggest problem was Cannon was willing to give up his rights to college for me and I wasn't willing to let him do that. He was also insisting on paying for my schooling and I wasn't willing to allow him to do that either. It caused large fights between us. I will not allow him to mess up his future for me. Things calmed down between us when I agreed to follow him to Princeton in New Jersey.

Let me make something clear. I was not going to Princeton. I would be going to a small college near Princeton. Cannon also talked me into living with him in a home he purchased in New Jersey. For the last four years, Cannon and I have been living and going to school in New Jersey. Things between us are going strong. I graduated from college a year ago. I have honers in criminal justice and want to become a forensic detective. After everything, we had gone through. I wanted to be someone who could help. I fell in love with every aspect of the job.

Cannon, on the other hand, was going to be richer then he was now. The man was amazing at everything he touched. He was already starting his own company that had to do with Technology and helping other businesses run their companies better. He had just graduated from college this year and already had four investors to start his business running. I was always so proud and amazed by him. Cannon chose New York to open his company. I agreed thinking New York would be a great place to start a job in law. We have been in New York for almost a year now and I'm not happy.

I don't know where things have gone wrong between Cannon and I. I love him, I love him so much, but we never see each other. He is always so busy and to tell the truth, so am I. My family all still live in Maine and I see them maybe once a year. Cannon gave over all rights to his father company to Cody and Connor. We haven't seen them in over a year. Connor just announced his engagement to his college sweetheart named Kimberly that he truly fell in love with. The wedding is back home in Maine in a month and Cannon said we would not be going to his brother's wedding. I was hurt and pissed off that he wouldn't make time for his own brother's wedding.

Cannon has changed over the last year. His demeanor has gone cold ever since he started his company. He is in boss mode all the time and he brings it home with him. I also think he has been cheating on me, but I have no proof. All I know is, I'm not happy and I'm thinking about leaving him. It's slowly killing me inside, but the spark that was once there between us is gone. The hopes and dreams we once had. Hasn't been discussed between us and there was a time when it was all we talked about.

The only thing I have left is a promise ring Cannon gave me the night of our high school graduation. I'll never forget that night. We sat together on the bleachers alone. We were talking about our future and what our plans were. Then Cannon pulled out a little red box and haded it to me. I looked at him like he was crazy, but when I opened the box he said to me. "This is my promise to you April. I will love you forever and always. You will always be my number one priority and when we are ready. I will marry you and we will be in our own home filled with love and the laughter of our children." I cried a long time that night and promised to be there for him and agreed to our future together.

Sadly that hasn't been the reality for a long time. I gave up a lot of my own choices to be with Cannon and help him succeed in everything he could, but now I feel like I don't even know him anymore. I have decided if he comes home tonight. I will finally tell him how I feel and his words will tell me what I need to do. I sat at our dining room table around nine pm and just waited. I sent him a text over an hour ago asking him if he would be home, but he still hasn't text me back. Something I'm very used to.

I looked over at the clock and realized I had been sitting there waiting for him for almost two hours. I started to give up and when I stood up. I heard the front door open. I peek around the corner and sure enough. Cannon came walking in. He looked at me and then started to head down the hallway. "Cannon!" I yelled out. He stopped and turned around and looked at me. I was now angry. Angry at the fact that all he did was look at me and walk off. This was it, I couldn't do this anymore. "We have to talk," I said to him as I crossed my arms at him. He took a deep breath and came into the dining room.

"What is it April, I'm very tired." He said to me.

"I don't give a fuck how tired you are!" I snapped at him. "You know what Cannon? I'm tired too. Tired of us!" Cannon's face dropped. His mouth fell open and he just stood there. I could feel the tears start to sting my eyes. It hurt me just to say the words I said. "What happened to us?" I said through tears. Cannon pulled a chair out and took a seat.

"I don't know April." He said without looking at me.

"Are you cheating on me?" I asked him. He shot his face up to mine.

"No, I would never do that." He said. I didn't know if I believed him or not. "April, it takes a lot to start a million-dollar company. I'm a very busy man." He snapped at me.

"To busy for us," I said. He looked at me.

"What are you trying to say?"

"What I'm saying is I'm tired of being your roommate. I love you Cannon, but I can't live like this anymore. Your cold and I feel very alone. When was the last time you touched me? Or better yet, when was the last time you wanted to touch me? Your own brother is getting married and your not even going? Not only have you pushed me away, but you have pushed your brothers away as well. Is all this worth it?"

"I have worked so hard to get to where I am now. Don't you understand that?" He said to me. I kind of cocked my head at him.

"Is it worth losing me?" I asked. He looked at me for a moment.

"If you asking me to give up my work for you." He stopped talking and looked away. Oh my god, I said to myself.

"Are you crazy? I would never ask you to give up what you have worked so hard for, but where do I stand in all of this Cannon? Because to me, it looks like you have given up me for your work." He didn't say anything to me. I took a deep breath and felt the tears run down my face. He wouldn't even look at me. "It's true isn't Cannon. You gave up on us." I waited and he said nothing. It was all I needed to know. I walked out of the room and headed to our bedroom. He didn't even follow me.

I spent most of the night packing what was important to me. I called for a flight home to Maine. It was around eight am when I finally came out of the bedroom, Cannon was gone. My heart broke into a million pieces. I wrote him a note and left it on his desk. I told him I loved him and that I was leaving him. I stopped at the front door and took a look around. It was a shell of a life I thought I wanted, but didn't turn out that way. I wiped the last tear off my cheek and closed and locked the door behind me.

I ran into the arms of my mother. She hugged me closely as we made our way to baggage claim. "I'm so sorry April." She said as she held me close. My mother was the one I had spoken to the most. She knew what was going on between Cannon and myself. All I wanted to do was get home and see my grams. She always knew the right things to say to make me feel better. I hadn't been home in almost four years. The drive home was long and I had checked my phone over a hundred times. My heart was praying that Cannon would have tried to call or even left a text, but sadly there was nothing.

We pulled in front of my grandparent's home. My grams was waiting on the porch for me. I got out of the car and walked up to her. I just sighed and fell into her lap and cried. "Sh, baby girl. It's all going to be okay." She whispered to me and stroked my hair.

"He doesn't want me anymore," I said. Feeling your own heartbreak is the worse feeling in the world.

"Give him time. He will come for you." She said. I wished I could believe that was true.

I have been home now for over a week. I still haven't heard a word from Cannon. I also haven't left my bedroom in a week. I looked like hell and I hadn't even had a shower. All I do is lay in my bed, feeling sorry for myself. My bedroom door flew open and my mother and my grams were standing there. "Okay, that's it." My mother said as she came into my room and threw open the curtains. I covered my head with the blanket. "Time to get up and start to figure out your life, April Blooms." She said. I tossed the covers back away from me. My grams was picking up my mess all over the room.

"Not today," I said.

"Oh yes, today and your going to start by going to the grocery store and grabbing the food your grams needs for dinner tonight." My mother said.

"But that requires me to move and get in the shower," I said pouting.

"And if you don't shower, your moving outside with the animals." She said. I stuck my tongue out at her. "Move you ass April." She said as she left the room. I stomped out of the bed and went into the bathroom. After I was dressed I met everyone down in the kitchen.

"You look better baby." My father said.

"Well, looks can be deceiving," I said. My grams just smiled at me. I walked over to her and laid my head on her shoulder. "If it wasnt for you needed me to do something. I would have protested longer." I whispered to her. She just smiled and handed me her list. I got to the store and grabbed everything on her list. As I was making my way out to the car I heard my name.

"April? April is that you?" I turned to see the familiar voice.

"Cody? What the hell are you doing here?" I said with a huge smile.

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