The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 28

The next evening I was in the bathroom getting ready for this party. I pulled my hair through a straightener and then added big curls. I placed it up with hair falling all over the place. I placed on little makeup and slipped into my heels. I stood in the mirror and made sure I was completely done. I walked out into the main living room and Cody came walking around the corner. He was simply gorgeous. His suit was tight-fitting and his muscles were very visible. He had a black on black tux with a white tie to match my dress.

He stopped and just looked at me. "Damn, I wish you liked me more." He said. I looked at him funny. "April, your going to own the place tonight. You so sexy." He said. I just giggled to myself. I did a little turn for him. "I'm going to need you to stop that." He said. I had to admit I was really enjoying his attention. I dont know if it was just because I was lonely or if I was actually liking it. I mean Cody was a well together man. He was what every woman would want in a man. He was good looking and rich. He also had the best personality and was loyal. He could also be the sweetest person when he wanted to be. Plus he was very sexy. Sex on feet as I would put it.

He took my hand and we left the hotel room. The event was a lot bigger than I had thought. There was a ton of people there. I stepped out of the limo and Cody stayed by my side as we made our way inside. There were a lot of people staring at us. I knew they were looking at Cody. Probably wondering who the hell I was on the arm of this good looking man. "Stop that." I heard Cody say. I looked up at him confused. "I know what your thinking, trust me there are looking at you because your beautiful." He said. I smiled and looked away from him. We made our way over to the bar and Cody ordered us both white wine. We made some rounds around the room. Cody stopped and talked with a lot of people. I just stayed quiet by his side. I did a lot of people watching.

Cody spoke French and even though I took it in high school. I still wasnt able to keep up with the conversations. "Would you like to dance?" He asked me. I nodded at him and we headed out to the dance floor. He took me softly into his arms as if he was worried I would freak out when he touched me. I pulled myself closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. "You really look beautiful tonight." He whispered in my ear.

"Thank you," I said. He moved me around that dance floor like he had been doing this for years. I started to feel confused by the feelings I was having for Cody. Were just friends yet I felt so much closer to him. I felt his fingers playing with my hair and I laid my head on his chest. I hoped I wasn't using him for comfort, but I felt like that was what was happening. He spun me around and it felt like we were on that dance floor all night long. I wanted some air and Cody escorted me outside. There was little people out there and It felt good with the cool air on my skin.

"What's on that mind of yours?" Cody asked me. I could see the Eiffel tower lite up from where we were.

"I dont really know at the moment," I said. My mind was all over the place at that moment.

"Cannon?" He said softly.

"You know what, no he wasn't. It's you I'm thinking about." I said. I didn't mean to come out and say it like that, but it just came out. Cody moved closer to me.

"What are you saying?' He asked me.

"I dont know Cody. I'm just having all these feelings and I don't know if its because I really like you like that or if it's just because I need you to keep helping me feel better. The last thing I want to do is hurt you in any way. You so good to me." If there was anything that I could do for Cody. The least I could do was be completely honest with him. He smiled at me and reached out his hand and ran his fingers down my cheek. I just sighed and look in his eyes. He bent down and kissed my lips softly. I kissed him back and then Cannon flashed in my mind. I pulled back away from Cody. "I'm so sorry," I said and I walked off. I walked out of the building and headed down the street. I needed to clear my mind.

I ended up by the waterside and stood next to the railing. I just took a deep breath and stared out at the water. I felt arms go around my waist. I smelled his colon before he even touched me. "You dont have to run from me." He said in my ear.

"It's not you, I'm running from," I said softly. "It's me I can't get away from." I felt his lips touch my neck and my body betrayed me. I laid myself against his chest. I felt his hands come around the front of me. I had only known Cannon's touch for so long. This was new and exciting.

"Your driving me crazy April." He said to me. I couldn't help myself as I turned to face him. I took a deep breath and pressed my lips to his. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be in his arms. He wrapped his arms around me. We both got lost in the kiss. His lips were soft and large and they fit perfectly with mine. "Let's go." He said when we parted. I nodded at him and we made our way back to the hotel. As soon as we were behind closed doors. We were all over each other like wild animals. Our lips were locked together as we were removing clothes and they were hitting the floor everywhere. We made it to the bedroom as I pushed Cody back some. I stood in front of him and pulled the zipper of my dress down. His eyes were locked on my body as I dropped the dress to the ground. I backed up against the bed and sat down. I started to crawl back onto the bed. I was in nothing but my bra and panties.

Cody moved closer to the bed as he was removing his tie and shirt. His body was amazing and rock hard. Once he was down to his boxers. He climbed onto the bed with me. His fingers ran up the side of my leg as he made his way closer to my face. As soon as he reached me. His lips came to mine. He kissed the sides of my mouth and then kissed down my neck. I took a deep breath. He felt amazing with skin to skin contact. I moaned a little as he brushed his lips on the inside of my legs. He was doing wonderful things to my body with just his lips.

The next morning I woke up in Cody's arms. Last night was wonderful. We made love well into the morning. I opened my eyes and watched him softly breathing. I then wondered if I had made a mistake. Cannon played a part in my head and I knew after last night there was no hope left for Cannon and I. I knew when he found out about Cody and I. It would be over between us no matter what. It was a choice I knew I was making last night when this all started. I still choose to go through with it. I needed it and I took Cody with me. "What's on your mind beautiful?" I heard Cody say. I was taken out of my train of thought as I smiled at him. He brought his lips to mine.

"You need a toothbrush," I said and giggled. He looked at me funny.

"And you don't?" He said. I grabbed the sheet and started to run to the bathroom when I was grabbed in mid-air and tossed back down to the bed. "You not going anywhere." He said as he climbs on top of me and we got lost in each other once again. I was sitting at the table eating some toast watching Cody walk out of the bedroom in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. I took a small deep breath. "What are you looking at?" He said eyeing me.

"You," I said.

"You like what you see?"

"I do," I said back to him.

"Well, I like what I see as well." He said as he started to eye me. I just sat there naked in the hotel robe. Before he could say another word. His phone started to ring. I watched him pull his phone out.

"Hey, brother... Calm down whats going on Connor? I can't understand you. I need you to calm down." My heart started to race as I went to Cody's side. "What do you mean dead?" I felt faint.

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