The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 31

The next morning I woke up and I felt arms around my naked body. After Cody told me how he felt last night. Something had come over me and I needed him. I knew I was getting deeper feelings towards Cody after the first time we slept together. I tried to make sure the way I was feeling had nothing to do with how I was feeling towards Cannon, but I wasn't thinking about Cannon last night. I only had Cody on my mind at that moment. That had to mean something, right?

I sat up and crawled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom to do my morning business. After I showered I walked back into the bedroom and Cody was still sleeping. I left him be and went in search of Connor. I needed to talk to him as well. I needed to know how he felt in all of this. At the moment all I actually cared about was coffee. I made my way down to the kitchen and started the coffee. I heard footsteps as I watched the coffee start to brew. Connor came walking around the corner. "Good morning." He said. I looked up and smiled at him. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Watching the coffee brew," I said. Connor eyed me for a moment.

"Does it make faster if you watch it?" He asked with a smile on his face. I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Not really, but if I dont get some coffee in me. You might witness a breakdown." I said and he laughed a little. After the coffee was finally done. I poured a cup for me and Connor. I met him sitting out on his back porch. "Penny for your thoughts?" I said as I handed him a cup and then took a seat.

"You." He said and looked over at me.

"What about me has you so quiet?" I asked him.

"I'm just wondering if I'm on your mind?" He asked.

"Yes Connor, your on my mind," I told him everything just like I had told Cody. I was completely honest with him. He sat there quiet for a moment. I could tell he was thinking.

"I loved Kimberly and it still hurts. It hurts a lot. I had also thought for sure that my feelings toward you were gone. I mean you were my best friend of course, but I thought I was over you. I was so in love with you in high school. When you picked Cannon. Yes, I stepped back for respect for my brother, but it fucked with me. Cody has always been the better twin. Hell both of my brother's heads were always on better than mine. I was mostly the screw up one. Then I met Kimberly and this sounds bad, but she reminded me so much of you. She was real and honest. I fell in love with her. She made me a better man. Just the same way you had made me feel." All I could do was smile at him.

"And how do you truly feel now?" I asked. He took a deep breath.

"I'm in love with you. I knew it the minute you kissed me." He said softly. "But April, I want for you to understand something. I had a long talk with my brother last night. We know your still in love with Cannon and your broken. We don't want to push you into anything right now. There's no pressure on you." He said. Yeah right, I said to myself. I knew I had feelings for Cody and with the way, I acted with Connor the other day. I knew there had to be something I was feeling for him as well.

"Let me ask you something, Connor?" I said. He looked over at me.

"You can ask me anything." He said.

"Your arrangement that you guys made in high school. Does it still stand?" I asked and then I felt like a fool. Of course, they are going to say no, I mean their grown-ass men now. Not kids anymore.

"Yes." He said. I looked at him shocked.

"Really?' I asked.

"Do you want us both April? Is that what your trying to say?" I wanted to shout, I want all three of you, but I knew one of the Taylors didn't want me. How could I be so selfish and want them all? I said to myself. "April?" He said again. I looked up at him and he came walking over to me. He kneeled down in front of me and reached out and touched my cheek. "It's okay if you do." He said. I nodded at him.

"I just wish I knew what was going on with Cannon," I said.

"I wish I knew, but something isn't sitting right with me about him," Connor said.

"I tried to talk to him again, but he wasnt giving me any answers." We both heard Cody say behind us. I turned to face Cody.

"When did you talk to him?" I asked him as he walked out and took a seat with us.

"Right before I got home. He didn't say much and wouldn't answer my questions. Maybe I should just go to him. Because I'm telling you something is not right." I started to feel worried.

"Maybe we should both go to him?" Connor said.

"I think that might be a good idea," Cody said.

"What about me?" I asked them both with my arms crossed.

"April, I think it would be better if we went and spoke to him on our own." I knew they were right, but it still hurt.

"We can't go out to him for at least a week. Connor and I have work to do until then." Cody moved a little closer to me. "April, What do you want to do?" Cody asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked him confused.

"Would you like to go home or stay here with us?" Cody asked and Connor was watching us. I looked at Cody and back at Connor.

"I'd like to stay with both of you," I said softly. Both sets of eyes got big.

"Are you saying both for a reason?" Cody said.

"Are you okay with that?" I asked him.

"Yes, I am." He said and Connor nodded his head at me.

"Then that's my choice," I said. "Wait, Do I stay with Connor or you?" I asked Cody, knowing they both had their own homes.

"Actually Connor asked me to move in with him. He didn't want to be in this big house all alone and I agreed. We will all stay here. Are you moving in with us?" Cody asked me.

"Is that what you both want?"

"YES!" I got a big response from them both. Cody picked me up in his arms and hugged me. The next thing I knew I was handed over to Connor and his lips came to mine. It felt a little awkward at first, but by the time it was time for them to go and see Cannon. It was like we had been doing this all our lives. I woke up almost every morning being wrapped in both of their arms. I never thought I'd be in this position, but I crave them both so much now and they never disappoint me. It has only been a week and things couldn't get any better, but I still felt like something was missing.

We were all tangled up together on the couch. The day before Cody and Connor were leaving to go to New York. The one thing I did learn about the twins. They looked alike, but they were so different at the same time. They both loved in two very different ways. Cody was all about the romance and took his time to make love to me. Where Connor liked it rougher and more animal-like, but what they did have in common was they loved with all they had. It only took a little time to see that about them. I was happy, I had to admit that to myself and I felt it was okay to feel that way. No matter what anyone thought.

"What you thinking about beautiful?" Cody asked. Something he liked to ask me a lot.

"About how happy you two are making me," I said as I touched his lips to mine. He kissed me softly and deep. I felt Connor's arms go around me and pull me back to his lips.

"Sharing is caring brother." I heard Connor say when our lips parted.

"Is that right? Then hand her back over, she is mine too."Cody said. I started to laugh when Connor tightened his grip on me. Cody got a look in his eye. I knew what was coming. Cody jumped onto both of us. I felt kisses happing all over my face.

"Stop it, you both are drooling on me," I yelled out while giggling. The torture wasn't slowing down.

"Jerks!"I yelled out. "I'm going to get away and you both will be kissing each other if you don't stop." They both stopped and looked at each other. I had to laugh at the look on their faces.

"That's sick," Cody said moving away. I was laughing so hard because I knew it would work. Connor was just shaking his head.

"You know she only said that to make us stop," Connor said as I was getting up. Cody stopped and turned to look at me with that look in his eyes. I started to make a run for it when Cody tackled me to the ground. I let out a yell as we both heard the front door slam open. All our eyes were on Cannon standing at the door.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" Cannon snapped.

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