The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 34

We all set in the living room trying to figure out what to do next. "I left Torrie a text telling her I was sorry I didn't get back to her and that I was busy. I asked her what she needed." Cody told us.

"What did she say?" I asked him.

"Nothing, she hasn't text back yet," Cody said. I was laying in Connors's arms and Cannon just looked more stressed out. I got up and walked over to him.

"If you want me to leave, I will," I said to him. He shot his face to mine.


"I dont want to. In fact, it's killing me to go, but I dont want to add to your stress." I said. "I'll do what you need me to do Cannon. I love you." I said to him. He wrapped me up in his arms. So the plan became to take me home. "If I dont hear from one of you on a daily. I will come looking for you." I said to all three of them. We were all sitting on the runway at the privet jet waiting to take me home. I was a fucking mess and they knew it. I couldn't help the tears falling down my face. I was in Cannon's arms as they walked me on the jet. Each one kissed me goodbye. I laid back in my seat and just held myself as I was now completely alone and completely worried.

A month later...

I haven't seen the guys in over a month. I talk to them daily. Some times I will hear from each of them. I applied with the police department here at home and have been working with them now for two weeks. I was looking for an apartment of my own. The plan was to make sure I looked like I had nothing to do with the brothers and I was doing a pretty good job of it. My mother was with me today as we started to look at apartments. My family was also left with the impression that I was done with the Taylor brothers. I needed to keep up appearances as best as possible and the last thing I wanted was to put my family in any danger.

The last thing I knew was that Cannon had returned to New York and the twins were still in Chicago. Torrie still wasnt letting Cannon know what it was that she wanted. I felt like she was just playing head games with Cannon. I took the last apartment me and my mother looked at. It was a little more then I had wanted to spend on rent, but I was by the water and that's what I liked about it best. It was a two-bedroom and the back door facing the ocean.

My grams filled my freezer full of her home cooking and my family helped me get my place all set up. I promised to do Sunday dinners at home with them. I was finally left alone and I took a deep breath when I heard my phone buzz. I picked it up and there was a message from Connor. I opened it and he sent a picture of him and Cody and under the picture said, we love you. I smiled and set my phone down. I actually hadn't heard from Cannon today. Sometimes Cannon gets busy and I will hear from him every other day. I warned him when it took him three days to check-in and he made sure to not let that happen again.

It was only three am when I was woken up by a sound. It sounded like someone was trying to get into my apartment. I had my gun next to me in my nightstand. I jumped out of my bed and grabbed my gun. I kneeled down behind my bed and pointed the gun towards my bedroom door. I then saw a figure coming down the hallway. "Stop or I'll shoot," I yelled out. The figure reached for the light switch. When the light came on. I saw Cannon standing in the hallway. "Cannon," I said and dropped my gun.

"Your really sexy with that gun there baby."

"Are you crazy Cannon? What are you doing here?" I said as I flung myself into his arms.

"I just couldn't stay away. I had to see you."

"Does anyone know your here?" He just shook his head. My lips crashed to his and he carried me back to my bed. We were all over each other. No words were spoken as we made love. I held him in my arms and played with his hair. Your brothers dont know your here?"

"No, it was a last-minute decision I made." He said. "I missed you so much. I'll be gone by morning." He said and it broke my heart.

"How much longer are we going to have to live like this," I said through tears.

"Please baby, dont cry. This is rough on all of us. I'm sorry." He said. I fell asleep with him in my arms, but when I woke up he was gone. I didn't even want to get out of bed. This was killing me and I was almost fed up with waiting around. I decided I needed to do a little shopping and since I was close to town I just decided to pull myself out of this bed and walk off my pain.

I was coming out of a little corner store when I all of a sudden heard someone call out my name. I stopped and turned to see Torrie across the street. She was waving her hands at me. My heart fell in my chest. What the fuck was she doing here? As she made her way across the street to me. I saw that she wasnt alone. In her hand was a smaller hand. I looked to see the prettiest little girl walking with her. I almost passed out. She came walking up to me and I couldn't take my eyes off the little girl. There was no denying it. She looked just like the Taylors. She was beautiful. I felt the anger start to radiate all over my body. I looked Torrie right in her eyes.

"Hello, Torrie how are you?" I said in my most convincing voice I could get out. All I wanted to do was grab Joy and run.

"I'm doing good April, I didn't expect to see you hear. I was sure you and Cannon would be married by now." She said. Calm down April, I said to myself.

"Yeah, things just didn't work out," I said.

"Yeah, I understand that." I bet you do you bitch. I said to myself.

"Who is this little beauty," I said as I looked at joy. I saw Torrie's hand squeeze Joy's hand.

"This is Joy, she is mine." She said. I almost lost it. I bent down closer to Joy.

"Hello princess, I'm April," I said and she smiled up at me.

"Hello," I reached my hand out to her. She took it and I shook her hand. My heart was beating so fast.

"So what brings you here?" I asked Torrie.

"Family, hey would you like to have lunch?" Torrie asked me. For some reason, I had to say yes. We walked down the street some and stopped in a cafe. We took a seat and Joy was watching me.

"Are you hungry Joy?' I asked her. She nodded her head at me. I smiled at her. Torrie ordered her food for her and then she started asking me questions.

"So do you talk to any of the Taylors?" She asked and I looked up at her.

"I did for a little while but I haven't in a long time. How about you?"

"No, not really. I have been trying to talk with Cody, but he thinks I cheated on him and won't talk to me."

"Yeah, I heard something like that.”

"I didn't cheat on him." She said sounding a little upset. I dont know what came over me but my mouth overrode my brain.

"Who is her father?" I asked and Torrie shot me a look. I sat there and waited.

"He is no longer in the picture." I was wondering if she was playing me waiting to see if I knew anything.

"That's a shame." Yeah, its a shame I'm going to punch your face in. I said to myself. We ate and Torrie did nothing but fish for information the entire time and I did my best to throw her off. I was pretty sure I had her convinced. "Are you going to be around for a while?" I asked as we stood on the street.


"Heres my number, call me," Joy was still eating the ice cream I got her. "Goodbye Joy it was nice meeting you.” She smiled and let go of Torrie's hand and gave me a hug.

"Thank you for the ice cream April." I smiled at her. She looked so much like Cannon. I took a deep breath and pushed myself to walk away. When I turned the corner and was out of their sight. I ran like the wind all the way to my apartment.

Cannon's POV,

My phone started to ring and I pulled it out. I saw that it was April. I took a deep breath and answered it. She sounded out of breath. "April, baby are you okay?" I asked her.

"Cannon, Torrie is here. I saw her Cannon. I touched Joy." My phone dropped into my lap.

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