The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 35

"Listen to me April, you have to stay away from her. She is up to something." I said when I remember the phone was in my lap.

"Yes Cannon, I know and I'm going to play her game."
"The fuck you are. You stay away from her." I snapped.

"Look, I did as you all asked me. I came home and moved on like nothing was wrong, but now this bitch has brought the fight here to me and she has your daughter. Did you ever meet her Cannon? Did you even get to touch her? Because if you did you would realize this is about Joy and no one else." She said to me. I took a deep breath.

"Does she look okay?"

"Yes, she is beautiful. Cannon, she looks so much like you and your brothers, but she is definitely your daughter. She seems like she is good. Happy and outgoing, but she is with a crazy woman who is not her mother. She needs you and I'm going to be the one to get her back."

"April, I beg you, please. Let me and my brothers get there first. We dont know what she is capable of doing." I had to try and do something to get April to listen to me. She is very strong-willed and I know she is not going to listen, but I had to try.

"Then I suggest you guys move your ass. I dont know what she is up to, but I also dont want her to leave."

"Will you at least sit back and give us the time to get there before you make any moves?"

"Okay, but if she contacts me before you show and wants to meet up, I'm going." I took a deep breath.
"Goodbye baby, We will be there soon. I love you."

April's POV,

I hung up my cell and tossed it on my bed. I was so damn excited that I was going to get to see my guys, but at the same time, I just wanted all of this bullshit to be over. I needed to know what it was that Torrie wanted. I almost just wanted to flat out ask her, but I also knew she has threated mine and Joys life. I wasnt to sure just how crazy she actually was. She had also told Cannon she had people watching. How true that was I didn't know, but I wasnt going to be a victim this time. I'm sick and tired of something always standing in my way to just be happy. My cell phone started to go off and I picked it up. It was a text message from an unknown number.

"April, This is Torrie. I really need someone to talk to. Can you meet me tonight In the old shipping yard?"

I knew the minute I read the text that it was a trap. There no way I was going to get caught in her bullshit. I was a detective for god sake. I texted her back and told her yes and asked her what time. Of course, she wanted to meet at midnight. I had thought twice about texting Cannon and letting him know what was about to go down, but instead, I chose not to. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and strap myself down with two guns. I put a coat over myself to hide my weapons. I grabbed a few things and headed out. I wanted to leave early and try to see something before I showed my face. I had no idea what I was walking into.

I parked far from the old docks and headed the rest of the way on foot. I wanted to make sure I saw her before she saw me. Just as I thought. It was twenty minutes until midnight. I snuck down as I watched Torrie talking two men. This bitch thinks she is slick. I sat there and just watched. I didn't see Joy anywhere. I was glad she wasnt stupid enough to bring her here. Not tonight Satan, I said as I pulled out my phone and sent her a text message. I came up with a lie telling her I was sorry but I couldn't make it. I watched as she pulled her phone out and then she slammed it on the ground. I just shook my head. There's no way your getting me Torrie. I said to myself. I also didn't want to shoot anyone tonight. I snuck back out of there and headed home. I locked my house up good and tight and slept with my gun under my pillow.

I needed to figure out what this bitch actually wanted. I woke up the next morning to knocking on my door. I pulled myself out of my bed and went to the peephole. I saw my boys right on the other side. I opened the door fast and all three smiles were looking back at me. I stepped aside for them to come in and when I closed the door. I ran to three sets of arms. I felt kisses all over me and I was so happy to be in all of their arms. "Hello, Beautiful," Cody said as his lips met mine. I then felt arms around my waist. I was removed from Cody's embrace and pulled into Connors.

"Hello, sexy," Connor said as his lips came to mine. I pulled away and looked over to Cannon. He had a smile on his face. I walked into his embrace and I pressed my lips to his. All there of them looked so hot. Standing here in my apartment in three piece suits. Of course, Connors had a leather jacket on.

"So what's our plan?" I asked. "I can tell you she is not doing this alone." They all looked at me.

"What makes you say that?" Cannon asked.

"Because she tried to play me last night," I said and all three of the boys tensed up.

"What does that mean? How do you know this April?" Cody asked.

"Now dont get upset, but she text me last night and tried to get me to meet her out at the old shipping yard. I went but I saw her with two men so I turned around." I had three sets of burning eyes on me. "You guys fail to remember that I'm trained for this. Hello, I'm a detective for fuck sake."

"That's not the point April, we can't lose you and you doing this alone is not smart. I asked you to wait until we got here." Cannon snapped.

"And I told you if she contacted me, I was going." I snapped back. Cannon just shook his head. Connor had a smile on his face and I couldn't really read Cody's expression. We all heard Cannon's phone start ringing. We all turned our heads and watched him pull his phone out.

"It's Torrie." He said. We all got quiet has Cannon answered the phone. "Torrie?"

"Cannon, I want the four of you down at Dead Man's Curve this evening. Or I'm killing Joy, I know you are all here with April and tonight I end this. You all got my cousin killed in cold blood and now you will all pay and your daughter will watch." I saw the color drain from Cannon's face. I got up and went over to his side.

"Why are you doing this Torrie? We didn't kill Melinda." He said into his phone.

"And I can't get to those people that did."

"Rosey killed Melinda and Rosey killed my father. It's done Torrie why are you doing this?" Cannon yelled into his phone.

"Just be there tonight at midnight." She said and hung up her phone. We all looked at him.

"We have to meet her at Dead Man's Curve at midnight tonight or she is going to kill Joy," Cannon said.

"This is over tonight. I'm alerting the authorities and we are ending this." I said crossing my arms.

"No, no cops. We handle this ourselves." Connor said standing up. I looked over at Connor. "This all started because of me. It was me that Melinda was obsessed with. I'm getting Joy back tonight and you are all going to help me." We all looked at him. I nodded my head and so did Cody and Cannon. I was able to give all three boys a gun and then we waited. We didn't have a plan. We were just going to go and see what she wanted. We all knew she wasnt alone, we knew someone was going to get hurt. We knew if we involved the cops that something could happen to Joy.

We sat quietly as we all watched the clock. It was almost midnight when we loaded into the car. We drove in silence as we made our way out to Dead Man's Curve. We park the car and started to walk until we saw a woman and a child standing at the cliff's edge. "Torrie!" I yelled out. I heard the sound of guns behind us as she turned around with Joys hand in hers. I turned to see two men with guns pointed at the four of us. I then turned back to look at Torrie.
"Walk." I heard the men behind us say. We all started to move closer towards Torrie and Joy. I could see the anger on all three of the guy's faces, but Cannon's eyes were on Joy's. Joy looked scared. I tried to smile at her, but she had tears in her little eyes.

"Torrie, just let her go and we can forget all about this. Think about it. Do you really think this is what Melinda would have really wanted?" I tried to reason with her. She just looked at me.

"Shut your pretty little mouth April, this has nothing to do with you. These guys are nothing but trash. They treat women like trash, they use them like trash and then toss them aside when they're done." She looked back at the guys. "You Connor used her and then dumped her. You Cannon, you came around and then you stopped coming and she was broken because of you. She had her daughter alone in the mental Hospital. I was with her while she carried your child. I was there when Joy was born and she couldn't even look at her for the first two months. I was there when she tried to take her own life. It was me who had to see her pain. Where the fuck were any of you?" Torrie spit out.

"This is not our fault Torrie. How were we to know?" Connor yelled out at her. That's when Torrie pulled out a gun and pointed it at Joys head. Joy started to cry.

"Dont cry Joy, daddy is here. Dont show her your scared Princess." Cannon hollered out. Joy took a deep breath and kept her eyes on Cannon. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I moved to touch my gun.
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